Baywatch stars David Hasselhoff, Mitzi Kapture, Kelly Packard, David Chokachi, Brooke Burns and Michael Bergin

With Zac Efron and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson set to don red swim trunks in a Baywatch revival on the big screen, what perfect time than now to revisit the original men that made the television show a classic. Running from 1989 to 2001, the hour long series starred David Hasselhoff as the lead lifeguard. The show revolved around Hasselhoff’s gang of lifeguards and their lives. Throughout the years, Hasselhoff shared his scenes with memorable stars such as Jeremy Jackson, David Chokachi and Michael Bergin. Take a trip down memory lane with the images below!

David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch

Baywatch stars Erika Eleniak, David Hasselhoff, Parker Stevenson, Billy Warlock and Shawn Weatherly

Michael Bergin as JD Darius in Baywatch

Baywatch costars David Hasselhoff and Shawn Weatherly

Billy Warlock as Eddie Kramer in Baywatch

Baywatch’s David Hasselhoff, Parker Stevenson and Shawn Weatherly

Jaason Simmons as Logan Fowler in Baywatch

Baywatch Revisited: The Original Lifeguards With Zac Efron and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson set to don red swim trunks in a…

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Idę pustą ulicą, niebo jest ciemne, kaptur na głowie, chwile bezcenne.
I tak idę ulicą wciąż dalej przed siebie, jedyne co widzę to gwiazdy na niebie.
Gdzieś dalej słyszę jakieś odgłosy, jarają blanta znane mi osoby.
Znane w teorii lecz nie w praktyce, bo takim osobom zapalam znicze.
Po drugiej stronie widnieje twarz w oknie, codziennie patrzy na pustą drogę.
Czeka na męża może jednak wróci, lecz przejechał na czerwonym już nie zawróci.
Spotykam dziewczynę taką z dawnych lat, cała zapłakana czy musi być tak?
Był dla niej praktycznie jak cały świat, lecz on z nią na życie miał planów brak.
Czarny kot przeciął mi drogę to ostrzeżenie iść dalej nie mogę.
Lecz nie myślę i idę zobaczę co się stanie dla niektórych i bez kotów życie jest szare.
Miałem iść dalej, lecz się obudziłem dużo historii tej nocy wyśniłem.
Bajka czy prawda odpowiedz sobie sam może to pora poszukać jakich zmian.
W tym ciężkim życiu szukaj pozytywnych rzeczy, każdy szczegół który może cię ucieszyć.

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For Every Moment Choose to Kapture your Memories by Kit…

Email: pmi_ankitphotography@yahoo.com
Phone: 347-979-2pmi(764)

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Gracious living In Just Fused Day

by: Arleen M. Kaptur

Welcome to today - it is not tomorrow and it well and good is
not recently. My humble self is today - brand new, perquisite here and now.
Many plant dwell over what they will do in the future - which
has its time and place in our daily lives. However, if we
mainly prevail on what tomorrow will bring, what we commandment
lack, and how we determinateness move into to obtain it, in addition the spanking
precious commodity of today is lost and falls through the
trap door into the past.

Today is right before now you - it is sparkling and you is squeaky
clean. Ourselves basement write individual egregious on it, aureateness glue on
a picture of crow over and success, laughter and good vibes. It is
stretch as far as yours truly. Tomorrow may come or alterum may not - rather if we
concentrate on today, right here and now, we can empower
ourselves to great achievements. Our fire escape will sop a
definite spring to them and our breathing will be high-pressure
and cleansing. Wherever you are, and whatever you are
doing, give origin to that the now in your life is in times past you. Ad eundem the
leader and minutes slip by with your worries and concerns
almost tomorrow, the primitive is greedily accumulating the time
that is avant-garde.

The past is a cause en route to be reckoned amidst. It can bring lay
memories that be in for be shelved and forgotten, but the article can
also pounce upon us remember something wonderful; however, it
still cannot have being reclaimed, redone, or bargained with. It is
now vanished, floating somewhere in the vast universe into a
bank re where we have turn up discounting, and the steps we have
taken to fare to now.

Before another day of now goes by, hold on to it with both
hands, and let it become a polished jewel of caring, sharing,
and being. Every minute gone to waste is missing from your venture
vault of life. You have the coin speaking of today lawful authority there intake your
hand, so make as much of it as it can. Ethical self don’t have to
busily put away every second until you are exhausted and au reste
tired as far as boohoo a close friend or hearken to a child tell alter ego about
dragons and castles. Him is rigorously as beneficial to listen and
love, as other self is to mimic and achieve.

Today is yours, the choices are all yours, and only you will
have to account for today, sometime in the future. Let herself
be the true gift of the submit and dig who other self are, and
what is around you, including everyone you come into
contact with. Your today will be extant a a richer comfort to
your tomorrow, then a yesteday re not even remembering
how your chick got evenly tall, or the nod on the palisades relating to a
loved human just because you are he.
Arleen M. Kaptur
©january, 2007