Imagine an Alice In Wonderland spinoff in which you’re Alice, Sherlock is The Mad Hatter, John is the White Rabbit; and Moriarty the Cheshire Cat.”

Sherlock: And why am I wearing this stupid head! this is nonsense…not to say riddiculous!

John: Why do you complain, Sherlock!? I have rabbit ears! …and why do I have the constant feeling that I am too late for something?

Y/N: Guys, are we just going to ignore the fact that I am suddenly wearing this stupid dress! And what in Joves name happened to my hair!?`

Moriarty: *sitting on a near tree with a big smirk on his features*

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Lestrade aka “the Caterpillar”

Anderson and Donovan aka “Dee and Dum”

Irene Adler aka “The Heart Queen”

Mary Morstan aka “The white Queen”

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Molly Hooper aka “Dormouse”

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Mycroft Holmes aka “The March Hare”

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Mymy is the Hare because he drinks tea and is basically done with all the mad hatters shit.


Imagine falling asleep while leaning on sherlocks shoulder and he does not know what to do and so he tries awkardly to pet you.

Y/N: Well, I don*t know, Sherlock…*yawns*

Sherlock: Of course you don’t know! What bothers me, is, that I don’t know! How is it possible, that…Y/N… …Y/N, what are you doing? *watches in horror as you snuggle up to his shoulder* John, she doesn’t answer me, why doesn’t she answer me??

John: Maybe, Sherlock, because you have been dragging her arround for this case for three days, while giving her barely an occasion to rest, yet even sleep?

Sherlock: She is asleep? How can she fall asleep during such a case and HOW can she fall asleep on my shoulder? What am I supposed to do?? 

John: Well, you rather not wake her up, or I’ll personally hurt you.

Sherlock: But, I…. *panics slightly, before awkwardly attempting to pet you*

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