Love Toxic 2人バカップル 年の差カップル編 (Love Toxic • Futari wa bakappuru • Toshi no sa kappuru hen)

Snowdrops has announced a new volume of Love Toxic! Keeping the Yamanaka Masahiro train going. ( • v • )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

After a long time of pining over your unrequited love, your former high school teacher, 緒方永遠 (Ogata Towa), your love was finally been realized, and you married him.

Now, three years later after your marriage, your mutual love has only grown stronger. During this time, in order to perpetuate this everlasting love between you and Towa, you two become enamored with the idea of creating your own new family*, and….!?

Without any worries or troubles, here is the lovey-dovey story of the married バカップル* that is you and your beloved husband, Towa.

*Lit: baka couple, idiot (read: extremely lovey-dovey) couple.

CV: 河村眞人 (Yamanaka Masahiro)

Release Date: November 23rd, 2016.