• <p> <b><p></b> <b>what she says:</b> i’m fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> what determines whether or not animals in animal crossing are civilized? you can have bird villagers, and blathers and celeste are owls, but there are also regular birds and owls that sit on the bulletin board or hop around on main street but don’t talk at all. does it depend on size? you can catch octopi in the sea but there are also octopi villagers. does it run in families? have the octopi advanced to no longer needing water to survive? is it based on evolution? but instead of the weaker species dying off, the stronger species simply becomes civilized? kapp’n and his family are turtles, and you can have frog villagers, and yet you can fish and catch turtles and frogs. how do the villagers perceive their smaller, uncivilized counterparts?<p/></p><p/></p>

for my first attempt at minecraft pixelwork more complex than an compass, i consider this a decent success, though i’ll probably go back and mess with the top of the head to try and complete it

about three hours of work, over 40 minutes of which were just the letters because i’m picky about it

framed from:


Women On The Road

“Together We Roam” Jenelle

Jenelle Kappe met her travel partner on Instagram and they set off in his Chevy G20 within a couple of months of dating. Learn how Jenelle navigates a new relationship, caring for her dog, Emma, and finding the fun in photography on the road.

Interview with photographer Jenelle ->

Photos by Jenelle Kappe

One of five done. Finally.

About five or six hours of work, definitely six if you count having to undo numerous screw-ups. A little over 17,000 blocks used. The goal originally was to have all five done by the 13th, but because school that’s not going to happen.

Eventually going to look like this

after this i am not working on a scale larger than 70,000 total blocks ever again holy shit this large a scale is difficult