Kappadee are always seen with their companion, its younger form Kappling. The creature has a large divot in its head, which is often filled with rain water. Kappadee has a high internal temperature for a water type, so much so that steam emanates from the pool on its head. This heat is what keeps the fragile Kappling from freezing in its infant stage. It appears that Kappadee may be able to control the single attack psychic of Kappling, but exactly how it does so is not known.

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Inspirations, Coaches, Sisters - How I ran 13.1 miles

My collegiate time in Kappa Delta, though short, was an amazing experience. And for many reasons-

First, I joined my chapter of Kappa Delta as a senior, which is nearly unheard of at a lot of schools, but the chapter was being recolonized on campus and I realized that a sorority was something that I wished I had tried. This took a lot of confidence and resilience. When I was going through recruitment and even when I first started letting people know I got in, I had to remember that Seuss saying, “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” I also had a lot of positive support from my wonderful boyfriend who was already in Greek life. I just decided, that there was nothing to lose and only something wonderful to gain, and that’s how I became a Kappa Delta. 

Once I joined my chapter, I made some amazing friends who I wouldn’t give up for the world. But what I wasn’t expecting was that they would have so much to teach me. I thought I was the senior that had it all figured out. I was often giving people advice on which teachers to take and how to deal with relationships, but I found that I had so much more to learn in only a year from these women. 

SOMEHOW, a girl who could hardly run a mile (me), was convinced by two evil (okay amazingly wonderful) vixens (Lane and Christie as seen above) that I could somehow run a half marathon! I MEAN WHAT WAS I THINKING? They were marathoners and Iron Man finishers! Anyway, after a few, “I had never run anything, then I ran a marathon” and “Anyone can do it, and I’ll help you train”’s later I paid an entrance fee and was on my way to running the first ever D.C. Nike Women’s Half Marathon! (WTF!). I had 6 months to train and it still scared me shitless. BUT it turned out that these two evil-pants-crazy-heads had also convinced like 20 sisters to run it as well! Most also had never run even a 5K (like me). 

It was from my sisters that I got the confidence to do something I never even dreamed I could do. I trained hard. Christie and Lane would send out inspiring messages or offer to go on runs. Christie was the queen of tear jerking, kind-hearted, you-can-do-it inspirational quotes and memes. And Lane would just work your fucking ass off if you let her. I worked out with different sisters, even ones not doing the ½ marathon, and learned a lot about workout routines and healthy eating and living. And after 6 months of some highs and lows, on August 28th, 2013, I ran 13.1 miles. And I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop! I had so much good will from my sisters, so much personal pressure just to finish, that I just went ahead and did the damn thing! 

This is me after finishing. I may not look like it, but I’m soooo sore. But also so proud. I made sure to wear my KD sunglasses the whole way and here I’m throwing a KD to thank all the ladies that helped me achieve something that I never believed I could. Now I know that if I really want it, I can do it. It’s so uplifting.

And I want to the biggest thanks to my boyfriend/coach, Nik, who pushed me to work harder the whole way. There were moments where he really had to tell me the hard truth, like when I was really slacking off, but it got me to the finish! 

Not only did I finish the Nike ½ Marathon that day, but it was also the day that we initiated our second class! It was a very KD, emotion filled day. You can see all the wonderful sisters and a B.O.A member that all ran the Nike ½ marathon in the collage above. I’m so proud of all their hard work, and many of them are going on to run even more.

I’ve had many more amazing times in KD, but I wanted to share a moment that made me feel confident. A moment that I really felt success. And I wanted to say that sisters can make all the difference.

So since it’s recruitment time for my chapter, and many others around the country, I made these facebook covers for all the KD ladies. Welcome to all the new KD ladies, you’re joining a GREAT thing!

Kappa Delta Facebook Covers

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Forever AOT

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