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Eight Scenes [01/08] : Scott & Sheri Squibbles in Monsters University
Let’s hear it for the frats and sororities competing in this year’s games! Jaws Theta Chi! Phyton Nu Kappa! Slugma Slugma Kappa! Roar Omega Roar! Eta Hiss Hiss! And finally, Oozma Kappa!


Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Eta Chapter initiated two new members this past weekend. Rowdy Gentlemen, Raisin’ hell. Gettin’ down with my PFL (Pair For Life - Rowing terminology) Eric down in front. We were missing a few brothers, but this is a majority of us, 22 of which, including myself, were initiated last semester, more than doubling the effective size of the chapter. Also, pardon the crooked bow tie.


Engineering: The Challenge of the Future, a film produced in 1968 by Eta Kappa Nu to encourage high school students to undertake careers in engineering.

anonymous asked:

We always seen Oliver at a bachelor auction I think it would be awesome to see it the other way around with maybe a betting war between Ted Kord and Oliver and then Oliver winning

For goblinconceivable who suggested a bachelorette auction and this wonderful Nonnie for reading my mind, along with a couple other brilliant Nonnies asking for something similar.

This is part one. The second part-from Oliver POV and the “date” will up tomorrow.  I will post on AO3 when it is complete.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Fifty Thousand Reasons

Felicity was going to kill Thea.

No, better yet, she was going to ruin her credit. Or make a nasty meme with Thea riding a badly superimposed unicorn, while wearing a tutu-the unicorn-not Thea.

How had Thea talked her into this! Felicity resisted the urge to bite her nails, because it would ruin the deep purple polish, which then would make her look exactly how she felt-like a complete fraud playing dress up with the rich all around. Also uneven, broken nails could bring her price down. She already had so much going against her in this that there wasn’t any reason to add ammunition to her demise.

Felicity stood backstage at the elegant Starling Carlton Hotel. When Thea had come to her in a panic early this morning, begging Felicity for her help with a charity auction, Felicity made the stupid assumption, they were auction things. Felicity did not notice the gleam in Thea’s eyes until much, much too late.

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