What looks like the first official public screening of PROMETHEUS will be held TOMORROW at 13:45 BST at the Kapow Comic Convention in London.

As a tradition, Kapow always hosts a Movie X event, a screening of an upcoming film which is unknown until the event actually starts. The official info from the Kapow site states:

Come and discover what this year’s top secret screening of an upcoming cinema release will be! Cert. 15

The only BIG upcoming 15-rated release in the UK is PROMETHEUS, so it’s most likely to be the Movie X. People have speculated it to be September’s DREDD but it hasn't officially been rated by the BBFC as of yet. Whatever they’re showing tomorrow has been officially rated.

So, get ready to dig your spoiler-proof trenches…

UPDATE: Debunked.

Movie X was IRON SKY. Decided to walk out after five terrible minutes I’m afraid!

— Josh Wilding (@Josh_Wilding)

May 20, 2012

Your fellow Investor, out.

P.S. This blog will NOT be posting any spoilers. SO you can relax now.

Casting: Alex McKay as Fletch

Alex is another one of our Kapow buddies. We got talking in a Mark Millar queue and ran into each other time and again across the weekend. He even witnessed my superhero dash from the cosplay parade, clutching Zatanna’s top hat to my head like a slutty Artful Dodger. We kept in touch afterwards, and when Andy and I started working on The Seven Stages of Geek Alex came to mind as Fletch. Amazingly, he didn’t take offence (Fletch isn’t the most socially capable of characters), and was enthusiastic about getting involved.

Alex had told me when we met that he was a drama student, so after seeing his showreel we invited him in to audition. He physically threw himself into the role. Literally. He split his lip open on a chair, and, with blood pouring down his chin, carried on with the scene while Andy and I looked on in horror. “Huh, I think my tooth might have gone straight through the lip” he mused later, remarkably calm.

So of course we had to hire him. He might have sued if we didn’t.

Seven Stages Begins: The Origin Story

This weekend the camera rolled on the first shots of The Seven Stages of Geek, the first short film from Waiting for Gibbons Productions. And as you can see we’re totally unfazed and calm about the whole thing.


A mere year and a half ago, we couldn’t have picked each other out of a line-up. Complete strangers. Andy W Clift was (and still is) a storyboard and comic book artist and a director of animated short films. As for me, Abigail Chandler, I was a struggling script writer and slightly-less-struggling film, TV and comic journalist.

Do you see the cross-over there? Comics. We’re both massive comic book geeks.

And what would be the location for our fateful first meeting? A comic convention, of course.

The first ever Kapow!, to be exact. We happened to be side-by-side in a very long queue for a Dave Gibbons signing (you didn’t think our production company name was about monkeys, did you?) and passed the time arguing over who was the best Green Lantern and coming up with queue-jumping contingency plans, most of which involved faking infirmity of some kind. Suffice to say, we got on a bit.


We started hanging out after Kapow and soon realised two things: 1) Andy was itching to move into live-action directing, and 2) I was all-but giving up on my film passion project, Fanboys, a comedy set in a comic book shop. Andy asked to read the script, zipped through it in no time, and promptly texted “LET’S DO THIS!” But feature films require budgets and what-not, so that turned into: “LET’S DO A SHORT FILM OF THIS!”

So I penned a prequel to the feature and a short 12 months afterwards (during which we realised that film-making takes a lot longer than you’d think) we’ve got a location, we’ve got a cast, and, like Limp Bizkit before us, we’re rollin’.

So welcome to our blog as we make The Seven Stages of Geek happen.

Or, as I like to call it, How to Make a Film Without Really Knowing What You’re Doing.

Comic Con is finished, now for the year wait until the next one! I had such a great time though! I think next year we’re going as V.I.P and hopefully Cosplay! Highlights: Jonathan Ross pinning a wresting for smack talking, all the costumes (especially the girls) and getting drunk/watching the football with IGN after Kapow.