kaponz and spinoza

anonymous asked:

Do you know any French music? I'm learning the language and I would love some recommendations so I don't end up listening only to Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel (absolutely nothing wrong with that, tho).

Interesting question, ahh Idk I personally like Fréhel, Coeur De Pirate, Fauve, Zaz, Carla Bruni, Noir Désir, Yves Montand, Christophe, Joe Dassin, Manu Chao, Kaponz & Spinoza, Vive La Fête, Indochine etc. etc…I mean if you’re into the 60′s and such you might wish to check out Hardy, Birkin/Gainsbourg, Bardot but yeah Piaf & Brel imo could wrap all these in a blanket and easily toss them out of some Parisian street with a single note or sth