kaplan new works series

9 days until “The Kaplan New Works Series” and our season begins!

Today’s photo theme is mystery!

Dancer: Janessa Touchet

Performance: “Modulus of Elasticity” featured in “The Kaplan New Works Series” 2010

Choreography: Victoria Morgan

Photography: Peter Mueller

Did you catch last night’s performance of “The Kaplan New Works Series”? Tell us what you thought! If you missed it, you have 9 more chances to see it. Visit us at cballet.org or call 513.621.5282 for tickets.

Dancers: Danielle Bausinger
Performance: “La Belle Danse” featured in “The Kaplan New Works Series” 2012 
Choreography: Jessica Lang
Photography: Peter Mueller

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Dancers: Sarah Hairston and Danielle Bausinger
Performance: “I Think Of You Often” featured in “The Kaplan New Works Series” 2012
Choreography: Amy Seiwert
Photography: Jennifer Denham

You still have one more day to receive a FREE glance at “The Kaplan New Works Series”. In order to attend our event, Ballet and Beer, give us a call at 513-621-5282, to reserve your tickets now!

Dancers: James Cunningham and Dawn Kelly
Performance: “To The Fore” featured in “The Kaplan New Works Series” 2011
Choreography: Adam Hougland
Photography: Peter Mueller

Are you going to our “The Kaplan New Works Series”? You can catch both a Cincinnati Ballet performance and a Foto Focus’s exhibit at Cincinnati Ballet Center. Peter Mueller, who photographs the majority of our performances, will have his photos in the exhibit as well!

Cincinnati Ballet Dancers
Performance: “The Sammy Project!” 2010
Choreographer: Darrell Grand Moultrie 
Photography: Peter Mueller

Only 10 days left until “The Kaplan New Works Series” begins! Join our celebration of the new season, call 513.621.5282 or visit cballet.org for tickets.

Our photo theme of the day is desperation!

Dancers: Danielle Bausinger, Patric Palkens, Thomas Caleb Roberts and Zack Grubbs
Performance: “The Man in Black” featured in “The Kaplan New Works Series” 2011
Choreography: James Kuldeka
Photography: Peter Mueller

Only 3 days until our 2012-2013 Season and “The Kaplan New Works Series” begins! Few tickets remain for Opening Night. Get yours today at 513.621.5282 or visit cballet.org.

Cincinnati Ballet Dancers
Performance: “Queen City Dream” featured in “The Kaplan New Works Series” 2009
Choreography: Joy Jovet
Photography: Peter Mueller


This video is an example of Amy Seiwert’s choreography. She will be choreographing a performance for our “The Kaplan New Works Series” this September!