kapital shirt

Lately in our photos you will see us wearing either Visvim or Kapital (or both!). 

Why?! We have been most inspired by both of these brands. Stay tuned for detailed write up’s of Visvim & Kapital on our blog!

Tanawat is wearing: Visvim Grizzly Boots, Full Count jeans, Jellado shirt, Rising Sun Jacket, First Arrow necklace

Jackie is wearing: Year of the sheep Instapumps, Kapital jeans, Visvim shirt, Jacket from Japan, Bailey Nelson Sunglasses, Celine bag

Mix and Match: Stylin’ Like Pharrell

Think of style as a spectrum, not as divided tiers. Instead of deciding between “casual and formal”, think about your OOTD as infinitely adjustable in terms of how dressy it’s going to look. Need a great example of how this is done? Why, just look at the extremely talented creative by the name of Pharrell. This artiste doesn’t just do an excellent job of combining music genres, he also has a talent for mixing and matching casual selections with classic upscale menswear.

Let’s take a look at how Mr. Williams plays the style spectrum game:


Comme Des Garcons Play Jersey Shirt, Vans California Authentic in Checker, A.P.C. Slim Selvedge Jeans 

Casual, yet dressy

Mr. Kim Theo Fedora, Kapital Gingham Shirt, Wallin & Bros. Knit Cardigan

Dressy, yet casual

Aviator Sunglasses, Felisi Leather Belt, Topman Mac Coat, Ted Baker London Silk Tie


New Alber Bow Tie, Lanvin Navy Jacket, Z Zegna Vest

Don’t have time to hunt for the versatile fashion items Pharrell includes in his outfits? You’re in luck! Just check out our Pharrell Style feature to get a quick idea of what the fashionisto producer would be rocking.

Llane, 38

“Stylish revolutionaries and workers from all over the world inspire my style. I like to wear natural fabrics and try to go for timeless pieces. Now I’m wearing a Gitman Bros shirt, Kapital overalls, a Unionmade jacket, Muji tabi socks, over dyed indigo Converse shoes, and a leather bag by Eatable of Many Orders.”

Feb 16, 2015 ∙ Potrero Hill