kapil muni

Sagar Island - India

Sagar Island is an island in the Ganges Delta, by the Bay of Bengal. This island, is a place of Hindu pilgrimage. Every year on the 14th of January, hundreds of thousands of Hindus gather to take a holy dip at the confluence of river Ganges and Bay of Bengal and offer prayers (puja) in the Kapil Muni Temple 

अहम्ममाभिनोत्थैः कामलोभादिभिर्मलैः |
वीतं यदा मनः शुद्धमदुःखमसुखं समम् ||१६||

When the mind is freed from impurities of lust and greed generated by the sense of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, it attains to purity and rests in equanimity, being unaffected by pleasure or pain.

—  Kapilopadeśa, the teaching of the sage Kapila, Chapter 1, verse 16

Kapil muni Temple

Kapilamuni (कपिलमुनि), propounder of the Sāṃkhya (साम्ख्य) philosophy is enshrined in the Kapil muni Temple at Gangasagar in West Bengal. Along side the central image of the silent sage are images of the sacred river Gangā and Bhagīrath who by means of severe austerities caused the heavenly river to descend upon earth.