Look 1.


@leahlillith hair

@elliesimple top

@missfortunesims jeans

 @kaoz-sims shoes


@hallowsims hair

@pralinesims earrings 

@elliesimple top

@lumy-sims jeans

@pralinesims bracelet 

@blackmojitos shoes

Look 2. 


@hallowsims hair

@missfortunesims earrings

sims2fanbg top

@waekey pants


@aveirasims hair

@sims4-marigold top

Rusty  jeans 

@ikarisims shoes 

Look 3.



@serenity-cc necklace

@simplyking dress

@theslyd shoes


@antosims hair

@theslyd earrings 

Rusty dress

@theslyd shoes 

Uniforms by ~Chami-ryokuroi

They all go to the same highschool. 
I took the idea of the uniform from my own highschool. As long as your T-shirt has the school emblem you can wear anything else you want… public schools are the best.

Kyo wears the black vest with the school emblem and underneat the t-shirt also has it.
Kent wears the t-shirt but always wears a sweater or jacket over it, He’s always cold.
Kei is really relaxed with the white t-shirt.
Kaoz prefers the black version of the school t-shirt uniform.

Also height ref….kent’s so small ~♥


Gay Rapper Kevin “Kaoz” Moore: Awareness Love Sex Music Inspiration (PT1)

Adopted Connection (AConnectionTv) is an online series dedicated to showcasing the differences between people and yet acknowledging the similarities as well. We all Adopt our Connections with the people in our lives, so lets explore that a little more.

ACONNECTIONTV = “adopting similar connections despite our differences”