The microKORG that I ordered a week ago finally arrived!!! Took it out for a quick test run with the KPQ, and I am already in love.


Official Korg Kaoss Pad Quad Demo Video

My Thoughts: I’ve read a few posts from people who do not understand the purpose of the Quad. It is not a KP3 replacement. It is simply another way of processing effects. With the KP3 you have at any one point, one effect. Sure you can bounce effects, but you can’t have access to both, say, a reverb and a decimator. The Quad allows you to stack 4 effects - that’s like having a chain of 4 mini-KPs. I’m constantly trying to figure out where to put my KP3 in my flow. Do I add it as a send in my mixer? What effect is going to where - and since I only have one to work with - that’s a big question. And it changes from project to project. The Quad will replace my planned second KP3/mini-KP purchase. I hope that Korg puts out a future KP5 that has the best of both products.

While I applaud Korg for putting out these videos, the choice of Kaossilator loops in this video is atrocious. When you have both products in a video, you still want to make sure that both shine in the most positive way. I also can’t stand hitting effects off-beat. This is akin to having an awesome synthesizer in a demo and the person starts mashing the keys. It’s cringe inducing. And I’ve seen it in too many KP3 youtube videos.