kaoru....invading my mind

you say monsters aren’t real?
oh, they do indeed exist, darling,
for they live in the shadows of my soul,
their growls thunder through my skin like a violent storm,
their sharp claws tear at my heart until it is covered in scars,
and worst of all, their cruel whispers kill me over and over again.
—  it is not the monsters under your bed you should fear, sweetheart, but the ones in your mind // k.s.

Inktober #15. Ruby and Sapphire went ice skating and Ruby obviously needs a few lessons. At least she didn’t melt the ice yet. Tried to get their designs close to the original style but I failed to keep it simple. ‘‘8T

am ded, don’t mind me *cries*

haii~!!! X33 i’m crow and i love nekos and anime!! u want to hear about me??? okee! i love maki and if it’s not kawaii or desu i don’t want it!!! my favourite food is pocky and ramune soda!!!! i hav two kitties and their names are miku and rin! i love to listen to vocaloid and watch animes 24/6, i say 24/6 because sunday is gods day. my favorite store is Hot Topic and my mom says i can’t get my hair cut the way i want because it looks “scene” or something and she thinks it’s a phase but it’s not it’s who i really am!!! >:(( i love invader zim and gir is my favorite character because he’s a robot dressed in a green doggy suit and he likes WAFFLES!!!!! X33 he’s so random JUST LIKE ME!!! anyways i hope u like my blog X3

My friends always ask me why I refer to Ed as Ed & not Ed Sheeran. Well, I tell them it’s because screaming out the full name in bed would be a mouthful. So I’m just getting in some practice trials. 


@wickedbananas are they Ryuu and Keiko from another time and life LMAO