Trailer for “Tabidachi no Shima-uta: Juugo no Haru”.

Ayaka Miyoshi stars as a folk singer who lives on a tiny, remote island called Minami-Daito. Because the island has no high school, teenagers have to move away from their families around the age of 15.

The film will be released nation-wide in Japan in May.


Here’s the new trailer for Kazuyoshi Kumakiri’s “Natsu no Owari” (out August 31, 2013).

The film stars Hikari Mitsushima as a divorced woman named Tomoko who is torn between two lovers - the older man who has a wife and children on the side (Kaoru Kobayashi) and the young man she originally left her husband for (Go Ayano).


Here are cut scenes from the Yuko Oshima Documentary, where we see members of the Original Team K, current and graduated, recording Kyou Made no Melody. (Unfortunately we don’t see Sae, Umechan and Meetan here.)

It sure is wonderful to see and hear the 2nd gen members singing together again after such a long time. Several of these girls still have such beautiful voices like Sayaka, Yuka, Tomomi, and Kaorin. Amazing how we see this Team K gather so much, whether outside work in their private time or for special AKB events.

And in the end we see Yuko listening to everyone’s voices put together in the PV’s finished form…which just sounds beautiful. Yuko commented how amazing it is hearing Team K’s voices altogether. She even commented how she can hear and recognize Sayaka and Nontii’s voices the most.

Ah I just love this Team K’s kizuna.