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Live Action Rurouni Kenshin 2nd OP: ½

I used to cosplay movie version Kenshin by myself, but I got the chance to collaborate with fellow dedicated RK fans to form a group based on the second RK film, Kyoto Inferno! And with the talents of Red Ricochet Films, we did a live action version of the 2nd opening of the Rurouni Kenshin anime! Watch the video here!

More photos of our Ruruoni Kenshin movie cosplay: []


Women of Ruroken Week

Day 1 | Decision

Love is different for everyone. Among a hundred different people, there would be a hundred different forms of love. 

There’s hopeless love and there’s bitter love, there’s sacrificial love and there’s determined love. There’s the kind of love that doesn’t work out in the end, there’s love that’s twisted and confused, and there’s love that’s steady and patient. The women of Ruroken show their love in a myriad of different ways, but one thing remains the same–When they decide to love, they love deep and they love true, and in their own way boldly stick by their decision to love no matter where it leads them. 

Favorite Character Thingy

Rules: List top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms <– no (in no particular order) and then tag 10 people. i gots taggalagged by @mysteriouslysaltytragedy. i’m gonna list my fave rk chars.

01. Saito

01. Sano (they’re both ranked as 01 because i could never choose between them)

03. Princess

04. Kaoru

05. Kamatari

06. Yumi

07. Misao

08. Cho

09. Katsu

10. Taicho

aaaaaand special mention goes to Okita D:

tagging: @cohobbitation, @scifikimmi, @kaitenkenburokuren, @rurilelith, @lookuptotheinfinite, @sumi-ya, @mr-fujita, @anreg, and anyone who wants to do this here thing <333

RuroKen Pack #3   by  みのり(Minori)

DISCLAIMER: Feel free to view and download the artwork this links to, but please do not repost! I am sharing a direct link because the artist has forbidden reprinting of any kind. 

This is a more humorous 24 image bundle of artwork by  みのり(Minori) featuring most of the cast (including Kamatari!). 

I have to give it extra bonus points for images 15-16. Kenshin finally loses his patience with Saito & Sano’s constant bickering. There are plenty of serious portraits, too. This image stack has a little something for everybody. ^_~

glibray  asked:

Hey miya, I'd actually super love to know how you talked with 酸味! I did a few translations of some of their pixiv comics a couple years ago, but didn't post when I didn't hear from them. Did you message them on twitter? -animaniacal

It obvious that this is your passive aggressive, attention whoring way of taking issue with my pixiv permission process @animaniacal.  You don’t have to violate Tumblr Community Guidelines by using your primary blog to contact me by the way. I unblocked @animaniacal​ some time ago.

If you think there’s something inappropriate about the way I’ve posted  酸味’s art, use the following template to contact them directly and leave me alone. If you really have any interest in advocating for artists, stop pestering me via chat and ask. Follow the proper procedure and send a message to  酸味 with the following template courtesy of @raspomme​ It’s been posted for ages for all to see! 



[url of the tumblr post]


連絡はここ:[url of ask box]

連絡しても削除しないなら、直接tumblrに報告ができます。tumblrはこのポストとポストのすべてのリブログを削除できます。 https://www.tumblr.com/dmca



[your name]


I saw that your art was reprinted. It seems like they didn’t have permission, so I thought I ought to notify you. The post is here:

[url of tumblr post]

If the person gets a message from you I think they’ll delete the post.

Ask box here: [url of ask box]

Or you could file copyright claims to tumblr. tumblr will delete the post and reblogs: https://www.tumblr.com/dmca

These are in English, so if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me.

That is all. Sorry for bothering you!

[your name]

The sentence by sentence meaning should be discernable, so if you feel a sentence is unnecessary (namely, the dmca and ask box) it’s fine to remove them, and the mail will till sound okay.

I’m sure an “expert” and “advocate” like you who apparently knows every RuroKen artist in the world on a personal level also knows that taking this approach is counterproductive harassment according to Tumblr’s Community Guidelines. 

I will be reporting this and any other messages I receive from you or see on any of your blogs as harassment! Your obsession with my posts is rather odd. I highly doubt you contacted @mr-fujita about this post, but you have a disturbing habit of pestering me about artwork I’ve taken the time properly cite and request permission to post. You’re not the hero you seem to think you are my dear.

Do NOT contact me about this issue again! If you’re uncomfortable with liking or reblogging something I’ve reposted from pixiv, don’t like or reblog it! Make good use of that encyclopedic knowledge about the pixiv world and report me to the artist. 

Goodmorning, Kenshingumi!

Originally posted by kylse

As promised, @otsucottage​ is going to be my top priority today. I’m not leaving my other blogs out in the cold entirely, but the RuroKen fandom has top billing today! 👉😎👉

That’s why you’re getting the Hanekawa gif instead of something RuroKen related. She’s an official “@miyamanga​ in for business” mascot, regardless of the blog. It means I’m taking this seriously as a priority.

 As for the neglect of my cozy little cottage of late… in addition to the usual being swamped with too many projects with too many ideas, I was dealing with some issues regarding a current friend I met on Tumblr who I was worried about and related  thoughts to a very dear friend from my early college days that I lost to Multiple Sclerosis a few years ago.

<  / misty eyed rant about Jamal River >

Apologies in advance to anyone who’s already seen a few of the meme responses I’ll be posting today. I really want to encourage followers to be more interactive here! I’m going to post some askbox memes with no expiration dates and provide examples of what the final product would look like.

Anyway, that’s enough chatter. It’s time to start getting down to business and contributing to @rurokenweek​, de gozaru!

anonymous asked:

I am sorry I have offend you - for the record, I meant it as a hope to open communication with you, and see if you would be interested in talking to the artist for me, as you have an open line of communication ^^ but yes, I clearly have crossed a line with you, and I apologize, and will leave you be! Claim no encyclopedic knowledge whatsoever. -animaniacal/glibray

Duly noted @animaniacal. I’m not sure what you expected, but as long as you refrain from doing what you just did here, the hatchet is buried.