kaoru no dokugen

  • Q: What have you heard about the time you were born?
  • Kaoru: I was told I was mistaken for a girl a lot. When I was born, my father was a man of certain age for having children so it seems I was really loved. My father was a common company employee. Even if we weren't particularly wealthy, when I look to the pictures of those times, every time we were wearing different clothes in them.
  • Q: What about the name 'Kaoru'?
  • Kaoru: I had a relative whose name was 'Kaoru" who was a scholar. It seems like my parents wanted me to be as smart as this person and graduate from an first-class university and become an elite person. It didn't turn out like that at all (laughs)
  • Q: It is an unusual name for boys, right?
  • Kaoru: Thats why I hated elementary school. I was told a lot “that's a girls name~”. At that time there was a CM for green tea that said “Kaori chan”, they would sing that CM song at me saying “Kaoru chan♪”.
Memories: First love and girls
  • Q: What about your first love and relationships with girls?
  • Kaoru: My first love was at the kindergarden, I liked a teacher. At Elementary school,I hated to flirt with the girls I liked. Usually when I liked a girl I tried to talk to her casually but it was impossible so flirting seemed like bullying*-(As he was bad doing it, it looked more like teasing than actual flirting)-*. That was the feeling.
  • Q: What about middle school? Did you manage to do it?
  • Kaoru: No way, I couldn't do it. There was a feeling of embarrassment that won over me, anyhow I hated getting involved with women. I got love confessions from the other side too but I also hated that. I was really amazed by naughty/mischievous girls and got involved and so on. But it was always with the feeling that "this is bad" (laughs).


DIR EN GREYの薫さんへ次号表紙特集hideさんのインタヴュー。著者『読弦』でhideさんがいたからギターを始めたと告白する薫さんが、深く優しさに充ちた言葉で語るhideさんと魅力。11/10発売本誌にて掲載します!
We showed special interview with hide from the next issue of Rollings Stones JP to Kaoru from DIR EN GREY. With Kaoru who said in his Dokugen that he started playing guitar because of hide, we talked very gently about hide’s charm. It will be published in the next issue that goes on sale on November 10th!