kaoru are you holding kyouya's arm


•Tamaki: He would absolutely scream in horror and would be hella close to fainting on the spot. He’s such a pansy that he would probably gently hit your hand to reprimand you and beg you to never say such ghastly things.

•Haruhi: She would be cool about it because she herself curses. She doesn’t do it that often, and depending on the situation, she might even laugh.

•Kyouya: He would be amused by it and gently lift your chin with his curled index finger and make a tutting sound, leaning down to kiss your lips. “Don’t say such ugly things.” He would purr, and you’d probably end up doing it again just for another kiss.

•Hikaru: He would think it was rad as hell. He would be surprised but then he would tease you about it and call you naughty until he convinced you to do things your mother wouldn’t allow you to even speak about.

•Kaoru: He would stare at you in surprise and then tease you about it and ask you to say it again to try to start something like his brother would.

•Hani: He would be so cute! He’d take your hands in his and kiss your cheek. “You shouldn’t say that, (Y/N)-chan!”

•Mori: This hunk of man would look down at you and probably laugh quietly, holding you hand before leaning down and twirling with you in his arms. “That was a bad word.” He would point out in that ultra-deep-sexy voice of his.