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OTBS where the boyfriend finds sexy text messages on MC's phone to and from coworker

You are texting happily with your female co-worker at home, about how it feel when both of you got erotic during sex. Your co-worker also mentioned doing it in various exciting places can get you more erotic and that makes you blushed occasionally when you are reading it. You are not aware that your guy is actually watching from his seat and he wonders who you are chatting with that make your facial expression changes so much.

Out of curiosity, he takes a peep at your message from behind and found out the content. You immediately tried to hide your phone from but it is too late. He had seen everything but he simply stare at you and not saying anything.

“Well, you are going to get what you wish on your phone. Just make sure to keep your voice down if you do not want us to get caught.” Minato smirked. He had pulled you to an empty meeting room the next day and slips off your panties. He rubs your clitoris before leaning down to lift one of your legs above his shoulder. He then kisses and sucks your virginal and then slowly inserts his tongue and fingers inside you. Your mind simply went blank and trying hard to keep your voice down.

Kaoru drags you to the rooftop in the office. He then pulls down your panties and have you faced the wall. He pulls your hips closer to him and thrust his hard member from behind. You can feel his hands slip inside shirt, groping both your breasts. “Is this what you expecting?” Kaoro smirked and you can’t help but let out a loud moan. At the same time praying hard no one is coming up to the rooftop now.

“Is this area exciting enough?” Shusei smirked while you trying to control your moaning sound. He had stripped both of you naked in the office late that night. Although everyone had left but there is a possibility that someone might be back. You are lying on your table while his member keep thrusting in and out from you, making loves with you until both of you are contented.

“So you want to try out something more erotic? I am pleased to pleasure you. Just have to grab hold of me.” Chiaki teased. He had dragged you to the male toilet in the office. He then strips you naked and wraps your legs above his waist. He keeps thrusting in and out inside you while you trying to grab hold of him and control your moaning sound, praying hard no one are going to walk in.

Akiyoshi called you into his office the next day during office hour. He locked his door behind you before pushing you against the door. He strips both of you naked and makes love with you behind the door. “Well is this excitement enough? You better keep your voice down if you do not want others to hear you.” Akiyoshi smirked and trusts hard at you while others are busy with their work outside. You are trying hard to keep your voice down while feeling his hard member inside you.

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Love your stories! Can I request where MC is dominated in bed by the OTBS guys

“Mmm…Yes, that the pace…maintain the pace…Aghh…” Minato moaned as you rock your hips up and down above him, while he is laying down on the bed griping your hips area.

“Mmm…. Mmm….” You moaned as you continue moving, allowing his member hitting all your sensitive spots inside.

Minato has requested you to take charge tonight and you can’t seem to be able to reject him since it is his birthday wish. Putting aside all your embarrassment, you are now sitting on top of him, moving your hips up and down. You are at the edge of ecstasy too and not sure how long you can contain longer. However, you can see Minato’s eyes turning white, feeling glad that he is enjoying it. Thus, you decide to tease him further by suddenly slowing down your movement. You lean forward and start kissing his nipples while you continue rocking your hips below. He gasp and moans out loud, while trying to push you away but you hold his hands back and give him a seductive look.

“I am in charge tonight.” You smirked and continue your movement, making him moan under your mercy while purposely delay his ejaculation by controlling your movement to your desire.

“Mmm…____” Kaoro moaned in his sleep and somehow waken you up. You shake him awake and he simply looks away from you.

“What did you dream about me?” You asked.

“I can’t tell you. You definitely won’t do it.” He replied but that piss you off.

“I will do anything. Just tell me what you have been dreaming.” You protested.

“I dream of you sitting on top of me. You will do it right? ” Kaoro whispered after much persistent from you and you turn bright red at his comment. He has tricks you agreeing to it.

Since you have already agreed earlier, you have no choice but to oblige and decide to tease him a little. You tie his hand behind his back, while having him seated on a chair. You blush your pussy around his tip, rubbing it nonstop. His pre cum is flowing out while your love juice is dripping down to his member, but you are showing no sign to push it in.

“This is not what in my dream.” Kaoro protested and you can feel his breathing getting ragged.

“Well, I am still taking charge. So I can do what I want.” You smirked and purposely insert a little and pull it out again, while you wrap your hands around his neck and starts kissing his earlobe.

“Yes, I finally win the game. You promise that I can do whatever I want.” You shouted excitedly and take out the sash to tie up his hand, before stripping him to naked.

“I can’t believe I lost the game but I guess I don’t mind once a while for you to take charge.” Shusei grins, waiting to see what you have in mind for him.

“I do know all your sensitive areas too.” You smirked and run your tongue down his neck, feeling him shiver under you. “And here too.” You smirk and roll your tongue around his nipple, causing him gasp even louder.

“You are doing in on purpose…Aghh..” Shusei gasped and tried to break free but can’t.

You then lick your tongue down to his thigh and slowly kiss your way up. You start kissing from his perineum, to his testicles and then his member. You move your mouth taking his whole member, thrusting in and out in fast pace. Just when you feel that he is going to ejaculate soon, you suddenly slow down your pace making him frustration.

“You are so evil. ..Mmm… You are torturing me…Mmm…. you are going to get it from…Aghh…” Shusei can hardly complete his sentences as you suddenly increase your pace again. He is totally under your mercy that night.

With handcuff lock his hands over the bed frame, Chiaki is naked on the bed. For the first time he is under your mercy and you are dominated in bed. This is for getting revenge for teasing you the past few days. With evil smiles over your face, you sat on the other edge of the bed naked, rubbing your feet over his hard member while Chiaki is gasping and moaning hard.

“So how do you like my feet rub? Your pre cum is discharging.” You teased.

“Just give it to me. Mmm…Mmm…” Chiaki moaned and twists his body in frustration but he hate to admit that it is good.

“I am not going to let you ejaculate so easily.” You teased and continue rubbing your feet over his member gently.

“Oh mine! Your pre cum is getting sticky and a lot. Should I lick or should I suck?” You purposely tease him and continue your rubbing his feet, while pretending to think of the various options. Chiaki can only gaze at you while continue to moan and twist his body under your mercy. For the first time, the whole room is filling with his ragged breathing.

“Agh…Agh…” Akiyoshi moans, as you caress his perineum with your fingers while rubbing the tips of his member with the other hand. Akiyoshi moan and twist his body in pleasure while trying to grab hold of you.

“You promise me to take charge this round, as a punishment for being neglected me for the past few days.” You reminded him teasingly while rubbing his whole member with your hand and he let out a louder moan. Akiyoshi has no choice but hold back his hands.

You can’t help but feeling proud that you are making him losing his control. You lean down to kiss his testicles, while continue your handwork with his member and perineum.

“____, I don’t think…Mmm… I can take it any longer..Agh….“You can feel his body shiver and grab the bed sheet tightly.

“It is still early to cum. You got to hold on to it.” You teased before slowing down your hand work. Just when he has calm down a little, he suddenly gasps out in pleasure. You suddenly suck his member hard, causing him to breathe hard again.

“You are going to…Mmm…. get it from me later…Aghh…” Akiyoshi gasps.