kaori saeki


I know I’m late (well, im late in pretty much everything so this is no surprise) BUT HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE GOOD MOTHERS OUT THERE

So here are the mothers of Oresama Teacher:
1-2. Mafuyu’s mother (Mafuyu’s arm looks like her mother’s legs and I cannot unsee it)
3. Takaomi’s mother
4. Tiny Takaomi with his grandmother
5. Hayasaka’s mother (sorry I forgot her name)

as much as i thirst and die every time mafuyu gets closer to or has a moment with one of the guys, i don’t want her to get together with anyone.

I just want everything to stay the way it is, happy and silly, everyone goofing around and having fun together. Everything is perfect the way it is.


(2016年1/1号花とゆめ)Calendar and card.

[From twitter]花とゆめ1号発売中です。俺様ティーチャーも載ってます。あと今回の付録はカレンダーです!



[From twitter] 毎年恒例の直筆年賀状プレゼントもあります。よろしかったら応募して下さいねー!