kaori jessop

People of the Pacific Rim Fandom, I present to you…*drum roll*…KAORI JESSOP! Yes! THE Kaori Jessop that piloted Tacit Ronin! From what I can understand, the writing at the bottomis in Japaneses, and from what we know, Tacit Ronin, Echo Saber and Coyote Tango were the only Japanese Jaegers. Tasmin Piloted Coyote with Stacker and I doubt they would put the pilots from Echo Saber in the movie since there is like no info on them. Also after this image is shown, Tacit Ronin is Shown. So I defiantly think its Kaori. To figure who this really is, Everyone should send this pic to Travis Beacham and ask if it is Kaori

Kurago: Kaori Jessop

Kaori is—willowy. Short. Long glossy hair in a high ponytail and charmingly solid upper arms. Smile like a floodlight. Smells like talcum powder and sunshine, and Dana definitely tells Duc that later. His laughter thuds through her chest like the club music’s bassline.

Kaori is arguing Ronin’s superiority to Kurago. She’s using blueprints, pipe-cleaner models and shitty little pencil sketches on a grease-smeared notepad to do it; Dana’s almost convinced. But this is Kurago they’re talking about. So she sets aside a fuzzy yellow pin-lock and, trailing her fingers over the blueprint of Ronin spread on a J-Tech workshop table with something like reverence, demolishes the weak points of Kaori’s dissertation. Kurago’s an improvement here, here and here. Misstepped here. The Jessops let Dana talk (but this is a mentoring session from one Glass Bruiser to another, so not for long.) Kaori’s fingers flatten paper: faster reactions if they loosen the tension here (does Dana mean to note that Kaori’s nails are shorter than her own but beautifully neat?) but they run the risk of slipping gears and wearing out joints faster.

I might have a little bit of a girlcrush on Kaori Jessop and her kickass Jaeger. Fortunately Dana does too, so I get to indulge that.