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Kyokao first Valentine's day together?

“I just…”

Kyoya raised his eyebrow, staring at Kaoru, who was standing in front of him, his eyes downcast and a blush rising on his cheeks. 

“This is..?”

Kaoru sent Kyoya a quick frustrated glance, and then pouted. “You know what this is, senpai!” He mumbled shyly, his hands holding out a small red box.

Kyoya smiled. Could his lover be more cuter? “I don’t know, Kaoru. Why don’t you tell me?” He teased.

The younger one grumbled. “Urgh, just forget it.” He began walking away, when Kyoya pulled him back, and hugged him close to his chest.

Kyoya chuckled. “Alright, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” 

Kaoru burrowed his head in Kyoya’s neck. “I hate you sometimes, you know?”

“Uh-huh, now let’s eat what you’ve made me, together, okay?”

“No, you eat it yourself.” Kaoru replied, pouting. 

“Okay, how ‘bout we eat what I made for you, then?” Kyoya asked.

And he realized, the hours he spent trying to make chocolate and the burns in his hand from touching the oven accidentally, became all worth that huge smile Kaoru gave him.