On the night side of day, on the day side of night, at the night market, a man selling duck necks under an image of Adolf Hitler. I tried to eat 24 quail eggs for my sister’s birthday, but I only got to 6. Red beans and ice cream. The bed is hard and I sleep on my back. I can see a cat’s face in the ceiling. The buildings are hollow. My legs are hollow. I drink Pocari Sweat. My dreams are brownish. B is reading all the badly translated tshirts. I don’t eat lucky charms. I don’t have no arms. I met Vincent Fu. I met Brenda Su. I met Jane Yang. I met Jenny Chen. I met Derek Huang. I met Ellen Tsai. I met Rita Yen. I met Tiffany Yu. We’re all going to tweet together. You should follow us. Oh, and Shelley Sun told me her hamster’s name is Fat Balls.