kao loves crossovers

Rythian as Auron, since I’m really thankful for Rythian’s daily playthrough of FFX. Though I’m going through it at a snail’s pace myself. AND I’m using all the cheats. But well, there’s work. And when you’re cheating you might as well go all out and fill out the entire sphere grid right >:V and that’s taking me ages and ages and ages. So yeah, really glad to be able to watch the story and rythian playing blitzball and being a commentator at the same time was so funny. Tomorrow I shall need to plug my ears for the an annoying tongue blasting through out the background. o( ´д`)o

There’s three things in early April I look forward to, two of which is shousa’s birthday (because hi fanartists, I’ve missed you, thank you for coming back to do something for shousa’s bithday), and the other is Detective Conan movies that focus on Kaitou Kid ♥.