Feminist thoughts on a Balenciaga ad~

I really love this ad because even though the woman is looking down at her hands (submissive?), she still exudes a sense of being incredibly powerful, which isn’t really something you see that often in ads. It would normally be a woman portrayed in a very vulnerable state {because of course, all women are weak/vulnerable} and they’re valuable to the media when portrayed like that. But the stark monochromes and angular design of the clothing radiates power and control; [Marina Diamandis/ Power and Control: The human inability does not mean that I am weak.] But why must women look weak? Chimamanda Ngozi: “I have chosen to no longer be apologetic for my femininity”. You never see the model’s face, and therefore she could be incredibly beautiful, but it doesn’t really matter because power is not dependent on beauty.

Kanyinsola A.

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