Happy 1st Birthday Saint. I can’t believe I’ve been a big sister for a whole year! Where does the time go? When mommy told me you were coming I didn’t think I would be able cope with not being an only child. However, through therapy, the undying love of my fans and mommy keeping you out of the spotlight, I got through it. So while I say happy birthday to you, I also congratulate myself for overcoming the anger and insecurities that come with having a sibling. Happy birthday Saint… I hope you get to go outside today.

babyboyramos  asked:

hi! first off i love your drawings so much - i'm usually crying over your drawings of the de la vega boys. I was wondering, if you weren't busy/had some free times, if you could draw any sonny/pete and pete/vanessa friendship doodles? Thanks for your time and please never ever stop drawing these

ahhhh thank you so much! 

i have so many thoughts about a pete&vanessa friendship, but i will limit myself to two because its nearly 1am 

FIRST theyre like super lowkey friends like,, most people dont even realise they even know each other but they enjoy sarcasm, complaining and being a lil bitchy together, and they get stuff done

BUT ALSO they love to dance and thats like usnavis only idea that they’ve ever met, like a “ uhhh maybe they dance at the club once?”  BUT NO if they ever need a partner they’re gonna dance or on the steet and stuff idk i just like the idea of them dancing 

and because this was maybe the nicest most politest ask ever, heres a lil pete/sonny because this just made me super happy when i got it :) :) :)