let me set this shit STRAIGHT ONCE AND FOR ALL;

people hate Shelli because 1) she has targeted every woman of color in this house and she has proven herself to be a lowkey racist when she let CLAY and JACE have a degrading conversation about black and latina women, and then she made a comment about how latina women are colored “like a latte,” and 2) because she has taken out every source of entertainment from this season and targeted every minority, leaving the basic white mayo in the house.

people seem to hate Vanessa because she puts Clay/Shelli before anyone else in the house and it’s just plain idiotic to bring a showmance to final 3, and Vanessa has made personal attacks on several houseguests, including, in regards to Jason, “he should’ve just stuck to the typical quirky gay character and not played the game and maybe he would’ve made it farther.” (This is also ironic because she claimed she couldn’t get rid of Audrey because she was lgbt, but now she’s getting out Jason no problem?)

so do not try to make it seem like people are hating on Shelli (and Vanessa) just because they are dominating females, because that is FAR from the case

dancingmist101 asked:

How come you and Blue haven't taken any pics together? Is she embarrassed because of your family? (I love your blog!! 😊)

I was actually in this pic but she cropped me out. Blue said until this Tyga things blows over it’s best that she publicly distance herself from me. I still text her everyday and sometimes she even answers.

Kanye West could have stayed in his lane, far away from anything that could make the public at large uncomfortable; instead, he’s out here calling himself the biggest rock star on the planet (which he is), despite unwarranted criticism from rock’s aging elite. The unifying subtext is a resounding “you don’t belong here,” even though it’s been half a century since since we dismantled restrictions on where black people could and could not go.
—  Micah Singleton, “Why do you really hate Kanye West?” for The Verge

balmainz asked:

Hey Nori !! when will your mom stop with those tight dresses and trench coats ! tell her to try omething new her style is becoming boring unlike when she was pregnant with you xxx

DadYe has been really busy working on his new album. He doesn’t have the time to dress mommy during this pregnancy like he did when she was pregnant with me.