EXCLUSIVE: Unseen before 2013 Kanye West Interview


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Three Dimensional Scan of Kanye West (2013) 

This image of Kanye West was created from a 3D scan. My interest in 3D scanning started in 1999, when the technology was nascent. The first piece I worked on, titled Sleep, can be seen on SHOWstudio and I have continued working with this developing technology ever since.  I have used 3D scanning to create statues of Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Daphne Guinness and Naomi Campbell from materials ranging from Titanium to Porcelain and have also employed it in my film making.  
3D scanning has literally brought a new dimension to image making and has opened up new possibilities and will become increasingly important in all our lives. - Nick Knight

Signs as Most Epic VMA Moments
  • Aries: Michael Jackson Epic 15 minute Performance (1995)
  • Taurus: Michael Jackson/Lisa Presley Kiss (1994)
  • Gemini: Madonna Makes out with Britney/Chrisitna (2003)
  • Cancer: Beyonce Reveals Pregnancy (2011)
  • Leo: Britney falls on Stage (2007)
  • Virgo: Lil Mamas crashes Jay Z performance (2009)
  • Libra: Minaj calls out Miley Cyrus (2015)
  • Scorpio: Kanye announces Presidency (2015)
  • Sagittarius: Britney performs with live Snake (2001)
  • Capricorn: Lady Gaga Wears Meat Dress (2010)
  • Aquarius: Miley Cyrus/ Robin Thick Performance (2013)
  • Pisces: Kanye Interrupts Taylor (2009)

Paris Organized Neatly—Plan Voisin, by Corbusier, 1925.

Le Corbusier, the Kanye West of Modernism (says Kanye), created this architectural plan, which never came to fruition. He wanted to redesigned Paris into a symmetrical grid and buildings that ‘float’ on glass. 

References: Foundation Le CorbusierBusiness InsiderArchetizer& This Kanye West interview from 2013.