kanye west to the world

“I’m learning not to judge a women by the shit that she wear, therefore you shouldn’t judge a nigga of the shit you hear”

J.Cole///In the morning


North being 3 💛☺️📚

Everything in the world is exactly the same.

Kanye West.

I think about this line a lot. As I learn different skills, it feels like the route to deeper understanding follows the same path, even if that path winds through a different territory each time. I can apply a lot of the lessons I’ve learned in the past from cooking to improving my understanding of how to draw. I can apply some of the lessons I picked up in learning how to surf to improve my understanding of Taoism. Oil painting feels a lot like sculpting with clay or some other additive medium - the push and pull of it.

Recently I discovered that the master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi was also a recognized master artist, independent of his having used swords to kill tons of dudes. Peep this rad sumi-e painting of Kobokumeikakuzu - “Kingfisher on Withered Branch.”

In addition to painting, Musashi produced acclaimed masterworks in calligraphy, sculpture, and metalwork. Plus I guess he also wrote some books which wound up being pretty popular. He never received training in these fields, explaining that “When I apply the principle of strategy to the ways of different arts and crafts, I no longer have need for a teacher in any domain.”

Everything in this world is exactly the same.

Seventeen on a daily basis probably
  • Pledis staff : so seungkwan called for a important meeting, what's so important seungkwan?
  • Seungkwan: well this morning I walked in the kitchen and I saw something horrifying...
  • Rest of seventeen: oh god
  • Carats: oh god
  • Korea: oh god
  • The world: oh god
  • Kanye west: oh god
  • Pledis staff : yes seungkwan ? What did you see
  • Seungkwan: well .. this is going to be hard to say .. but * tears up * someone in this fucking room forgot to put the tab back on the bread * looks into the distance with tear in eye*