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Understand that “Knowledge” is not enough to make changes in the black community.  Too many “conscious” people take the role of a knowledge guru and what they do is fill people up with all knowledge and history of what  past but they don’t know how to make it relevant for today. How to make the “unconscious” people to want to understand.
The COLLECTIVE GOAL should be to UNIFY the people and develop some type of power. In order for any change to happen you need workers  and you need soldiers. You cannot get “soldiers” for the movement by attacking everything “Sleep Black folks” believe. You’ll never reach people by attacking everything they believe. You’ll never reach people by overanalyzing and criticizing your own people.  Believe it or not reciting too much of that knowledge may make you lose sight of reality. You become a victim of your own philosophy/belief system and you can’t relate to the common person. You feel the need to preach and correct people of the slightest errors, It becomes annoying and they stop fucking with you. At this point you are slowly becoming a conscious elitist without even realizing it.
HUMBLE YOURSELF. Keep in mind that if you had all the right answers the black community would NOT be in the predicament it is in NOW. YOU should have found us ALL the solutions, right? No that’s bullshit. You don’t know shit. Just because you’re repeating shit that Malcolm X, Black Panthers, or Marcus Garvey dont make you “aware”. HUMBLE YOURSELF.

Quick Story for reference: I had posted something about Black MEN needing todefend black women sometime ago and this “13maa'tHighervibrationsUHURU” ass Mafugga commented on it and went on a tangent about the word BLACK and why we shouldn’t refer to ourselves as black. I was honestly in shock. Of all things about that message that is what you took from it?  He ended up writing a 4page letter about a word instead of appreciating the message. Was he that far gone? You can’t tell that there could be a more appropriate time to tell us your feelings about that word? His “supreme knowledge” couldn’t let him listen to it. Dont BE THAT DUDE!! Don’t be talking bout gov’t conspiracies during the superbowl honestly aint nobody tryna hear dat shit at that time. Pick and choose your battles. That is if you goal is to Unify the people but if it is just to hear yourself talk go ahead. YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS!!! YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS MY NIGGA!!! Relax.

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  • Kanye West: *drops College Dropout album*
  • Kanye West: *drops New Registration*
  • ME: Kanye yes
  • Kanye West: George Bush doesn't care about black people.
  • Me *whispers*: kanye yes...
  • Kanye West: *drops Graduation*
  • Me: Kanye YES
  • Kanye West: *drops 808s and Heartbreaks*
  • Me: kanye nO
  • Kanye West: *Dates Amber Rose*
  • Me: Kanye yes
  • Kanye West: *loses mom*
  • Me: Kanye no..
  • Kanye West: *snatches mic from Taylor Swift*
  • Me: kanye NO
  • Kanye West: *drops My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy*
  • Kanye West: *drops Watch the Throne w/ Jay-Z*
  • Kanye West: *dates Kim K*
  • Me: Kanye No
  • Kanye West: *gives the world North West*
  • Me: Kanye yes
  • Kanye West: *drops Yeezus*
  • Me: Kanye no?..
  • Kanye West: *makes Bound 2 video*
  • Me: kanye no
  • Kanye West: *spouts off rants about Fashion*
  • Me: Kanye no
  • Kanye West: *yells at Sway*
  • Me: kanye no
  • Kanye West: "Beyonce deserves Album of the Year."
  • Me: Kanye YES
  • Kanye West: "bashes Amber Rose [30 showers], defends Tyga, says he wants North to look like Kim, states that Beyonce aspires to be like Kim, rambles about classism, dismisses racism..."
  • Me: Kanye BYE
Our take on Kanye's recent rant on Sway in the Morning

If you’re not passionate about anything in your life…you will not understand where he’s coming from.
He is pushing the envelope for all of us that like rap/hip hop, fashion, art, sneakers, etc.
You may not like the way he does it, but if you break it down you will see that what he says and does make sense.
Every genius, from Shakespeare to Michael Jackson, from Warhol to Jobs were excentric and exagerated. The difference nowadays is, that our societies are overly media driven.
Everybody thinks he/she has an opinion even though it is just something you have alreafy heard or read. Most of the times we don’t know anything about certain topics or personalities, but of course you have to have an opinion or even worse the “common opinion”.
We don’t know on how many rants Shakespeare, Picasso or Cobain went when they felt misunderstood, under-appreciated or treated unfair. Today you have thousands of media channels and everybody and their cousin has something to say.
Kanye recently said that he wants to be the espresso that keeps you (us) going in the morning.
For instance, in this interview when he talks about the “rapgame”, he says that even though he has a label with certain signed artists…more artists that are not officially signed to him are on his label too-in his mind. He is not excluding anybody, not himself nor anybody else. On the contrary, he puts himself out there to make sure the whole thing, no matter if it’s music, fashion or whatever, gets elevated on every aspect.
He is basically fucking with the big companies and telling them…you have to make/produce/create what WE want and not the other way around! He gives the example of the dude from a big company that asked him: “How can We controll you?”. That is a prime example of how big conglomerates work. Give the popular artist, rapper, athlete some money and some free shit so that he can make US bigger and richer. But don’t let him get to comfortable.
This is not possible with people like Kanye, Jay-Z, Steve Jobs or other influencers.
They same thing goes for the sneaker thing. There is no doubt about the fact that his work with Nike has changed the whole game. Nike has been able to make soo much money in recent years, because the sneaker buzz was fed by projects like the Yeezy. He explains it in the interview and I agree 100%.
I could go on for days….all I’m saying is…don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk.
There are too many passionless and uninspired people out there already. At a certain point in life you have to choose what you want to be or become.
On that note…