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I’m pretty happy with the way this came out so I hope you guys enjoy it too!

Day 2: Road Trip

“You’re the one with the map!”

Clarke glares at him from her spot in the passenger seat asher fingers spread across the paper map they’d purchased at the gas station since both their phones had died and there was nowhere to plug them into in Bellamy’s beat up, black, pickup truck. She silently cursed herself for agreeing with Octavia’s plan to join Bellamy instead of taking her own car – the brunette pointed out that she’d save money on gas and this way she’d be able to rest while he drove instead of pulling into a ratty motel in the middle of the night alone. If it wasn’t for her final exam that took place earlier that morning she would have left with Octavia, Lincoln, Jasper, and Monty.

Bellamy was reluctant to have her in his car, she could tell. He rolled his eyes when his sister mentioned it and then had the nerve to give Clarke rules: he gets to choose the music, the windows stay down since using the AC drains the battery, and she wasn’t allowed to eat in or near the vehicle. She scoffed at that, as if she would really make such a mess while standing by his car. She did though agree to his terms as long she got to drive halfway through because nobody (not even Octavia – actually especially Octavia was allowed to touch his car) and she was damn curious to see just how well it drove. Of course he disagreed but she pointed out that he also didn’t want to stay in a motel (a different reason from Clarke’s but still) and it would be safer if she drove because eventually he would get tired. When he sighed, she smiled in triumph.

“Stop yelling at me,” she demanded, “I’ve never read these things before.”

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