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Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater

Ultralight Beam
Kanye West ft. Chance The Rapper
Ultralight Beam

Hey, cause I know that you’ll make everything alright
And I know that you’ll take good care of your child
Oh, no longer am afraid of the night
Cause I, I look to the light

  • Bruno Mars: *writes songs comparing his ex to the devil and telling her to go to hell and how he would've violently died for her*
  • Everyone: ....
  • Ed Sheeran: *Writes songs saying he'll never get over his ex at least 2-3 years after they broke up and another one accusing a woman of cheating on him when she says she thought he was a one night stand and never actually committed to him*
  • Everyone: ...
  • Nick Jonas: *writes a song about being possessive of his girlfriend to the point of rage and wanting to control her sexuality*
  • Everyone: ....
  • Drake: *opens one of his songs with saying that if your girlfriend goes to the opening game of a basketball season then she must be fucking one of the players and writes a song saying that his ex shouldn't be having fun or have her own sexuality and should be still upset over him leaving her and how this doesn't make her a "good" girl*
  • Everyone: ....
  • Kanye West: *writes songs about how women are his objects, how he's god, description of being violent to women, accusing all women of being gold diggers and evil, and how women owe him sex because he was rude to them and how he thinks they'd wouldn't have been successful if he hadn't been rude to them*
  • Everyone: ....
  • Taylor Swift: *writes songs expressing regret for having dated someone and blames herself for not following her own advice*
  • Everyone: Thiiisss...BITCH!!! This WHORE!!! SHe is the WOrST thing to HAVE EVER HAPPENED!!! WHAT A FAKE ASS BITCH!! She needs to move on and stop being such a slut!!

I love Remy Ma and yes that “SHEther” track was CRAZYYYY….but why is everyone so quick to write Nicki off as if she hasn’t consistently out-rapped almost every male she has shared a song with or has been featured on for almost a decade?

Did y'all REALLY forget how hard her now iconic verse was on “Monster” was? Her verse completely eclipsed KANYE WEST on his own song while simultaneously out rapping RICK ROSS and JAY-Z! Or “Roman’s Revenge” when she held her own with the likes of EMINEM, who is arguably one of the greatest to ever do it.

Like let’s not jump on the “Nicki is wack” bandwagon right now just because Remy’s diss was fire lol. Bitches acting like Nicki really didn’t have them constantly screaming “In the islands of Wakikiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” or “Maybe it’s time to put this pussy on ya sideburns”

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A Summary of Power Rangers

- Good use of Kanye West songs
- Bumble Bee (transformers reference)
- Original Power Rangers theme
- Altogether good soundtrack
- Alpha the sarcastic droid

Trini - Yellow Ranger (aka unkillable lesbian aka badass dork)
- Hates people
- Casually gay
- Could kill everyone in the room
- Loves with all her heart
- Doesn’t die like wowowow
- Pure
- Loves her new family of misfits
- A real badass angel who deserves kisses from girls

Kimberly - Pink Ranger (aka sinamon roll aka my bi baby)
- Best friends with Yellow
- More than likely bi
- Loyal and friendly
- Awesome hair cutting skills
- Has done bad things but is trying to make up for it
- Cutie pie
- Awesome and brave
- Will fight anyone for her new family (especially Blue)

Zack - Black Ranger (aka edgy emo boi aka a real softie who loves his mom)
- Emo af edge lord
- Sarcastic and reckless
- A sweetheart really who’s not afraid to cry
- Loud but kind
- Loves his lesbian bff
- Takes care of his mother and loves her to bits
- Loves innuendos and being the class clown
- Scared to be left alone but finds a place with his new family

Billy - Blue Ranger (aka badass angel aka pure badass angel who blows shit up)
- On the spectrum and very open about it (thank you Power Rangers for doing that)
- Has an inside joke with Red
- Good and pure and wholesome
- Extremely smart and amazing
- Loves country music.. like really loves it
- Thanks people all the time for being his friend
- Cares deeply about everyone (including his mother)
- The actual human representation of all things good in this world

Jason - Red Ranger (aka likes slapping bad guys aka loves and cares about everyone even cows)
- Has a connection with Beefcake the cow
- Not possibly straight
- Loves Twenty One Pilots
- Selfless and honestly does love his dad even if his dad can be a dick
- Actually pure and tries to help his loved ones
- Best friends with Blue
- Slaps people for his new found family
- Protective and won’t take your shit

Altogether Power Rangers was awesome, wholesome and deserves all the awards. They didn’t kill there lesbian and they were respectful with everybody differences. 100/10 would recommend.