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52 Reasons 2015 Will Be The Best Year For Music Since Ever

13. Marina and the Diamonds, Froot

You’d think, in 2015, no one would dare put out a song called “Happy,” and especially one as lilting and haunted as this, but then Marina and the Diamonds continue to surprise. The voice of Marina Diamandis has always been the secret weapon of the group — she can hit notes other singers could only hope to, and you get the impression no producer has ever used the words “We’ll fix it in post” while working with her. We just got her fantastic new album Froot, which sees an official release on April 6, here at BuzzFeed Music HQ, and it has been in constant rotation since.

When Buzzfeed compares Taylor to JT for bringing up his relationship with Britney going on 13 years after the fact. 😠 If anyone continues to use anyone for press YEARS after the fact it’s Kanye West. So @buzzfeed please keep Taylor’s name off your lame ass site and while you’re at it stop stealing others’ work and claiming it as your own.