kanye west music video

If you want to know double standards, it is Taylor Swift causing uproar for putting her own naked body in her music video but Kanye West being applauded. She is twenty-seven, an empowered female and has every right to her own body whereas Kanye West had no right nor her consent. The general public is outraged by Taylor using a bodysuit and special effects to portray a visual image that goes hand in hand with her art but when Kanye West commissioned a realistic wax work of her naked body, it was acceptable? Why can a woman not use her own body how she wishes? Why can’t she be naked without it being seen as wrong, slutty or negative? Taylor Swift is one hell of a badass woman that, after years of being bodyshamed, is confident. Embrace the empowerment of somebody’s own body rather than encourage the obejctifation by a man.