kanye west interrupts

Less than 24 hours in, Taylor Swift’s video for her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” had already broken YouTube records for its time span with 31 million views — but now that the final 24 hour tally is in, the numbers are even bigger.

The clip had the biggest debut of any video in YouTube history, clocking 43.2 million views in 24 hours, easily topping the previous record-holder, Psy’s “Gentleman,” which racked up 36 million views in its first 24 hours. Swift’s latest clip averaged over 30,000 views per minute in those first 24 hours, with hourly views reaching over 3 million views. A rep for the platform stressed that the view-number circulated Monday was not the final 24-hour tally.

The clip, which debuted during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, signaled the beginning of an aggressive new era for the singer. She rises from the dead, quite literally, as a zombiefied version of the pop star crawls from the grave. It then gets much more glamorous, as Swift bathes in a tub of diamonds before cutting to a shot of her on a golden throne, snakes popping up behind her.

Swift ended the video with a bit that included every iteration of herself — from her innocent first album to her infamous 2009 VMAs appearance (where Kanye West interrupted her win to talk up Beyonce) to her new, edgy self.

“There she goes, playing the victim, again,” snarks one Swift, likely playing on media criticism of herself. Another’s on her phone, “getting receipts” — probably a play on the video in which Kim Kardashian “exposed” her controversial phone call with West.

“I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative,” says 2009 VMAs Swift, before the rest yell at her, “Shut up!”


In which I rant about Taylor Swift because I’ve got nothing better to do right now.

The moment I started disliking Taylor Swift was a year after the infamous Kanye West interruption. Because instead of moving on and letting that stay in the past, she had to bring it up again and build an entire MTV performance around it, using a song that nobody remembers and painting herself as a fucking victim over something that was nothing more than an embarrassment. 

And even AFTER THAT, it was still being milked for all its worth. Kanye gets an award at the VMAs and of all people they choose to present it to him, it’s her? So they can bring up this petty bullshit again? So we can pretend this whole thing is in good taste because “they’re friends now?” Even thought Kanye apologized REPEATEDLY after he embarrassed her and has to be reminded of it AGAIN six fucking years later? 

I won’t argue that Kanye and Kim are trash. They are. Even though I can’t blame Kanye for finally being like “You know what? Fuck this.” and going all out, he DID cross the line with the Famous music video. Getting her permission on the phone to use the lyrics was one thing but to show her naked in his video (along with the other celebrities featured) was inappropriate and disgusting.

If Taylor had told him “Fuck you” on the phone when he included that line about them having sex, I wouldn’t have blamed her. If she was fucking outraged over the music video and threw a damn tantrum, I wouldn’t have blamed her. But instead she lied about the telephone conversation, she spun the story so she was more upset that he called her a bitch in the song than she was about a married man talking about fucking her, and she was called out for lying about it. 

She lied when she literally had no reason in the world to. She could’ve said “Yeah he called me up and I said the lyrics were fine but I am NOT okay with this video” and that would’ve been perfectly reasonable. But she didn’t. She painted herself as a victim because she knew she’d get away with being innocent and classy and mature despite being bullied by this asshole, and now she’s huffy because she was caught lying.

And now she’s here again, a year after that fucking circus, bringing up old irrelevant bullshit instead of shutting the fuck up and moving on from it.

She’s ridiculous. 

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💖the signs as iconic celebrity moments💖

aries : lana del rey smoking weed backstage with a fan

taurus : beyonces superbowl performance

gemini : kanye west interrupting taylor swifts acceptance speech

cancer : jennifer lawrence tripping on a set of stairs at the oscars

leo : kim kardashian posing naked for ‘paper’ magazine

virgo : 2014 oscars selfie

libra : katy perry dressing up as a cheeto for halloween

scorpio : miley cyrus bringing her homeless friend to the vmas and letting him except her award

sagittarius : miley cyrus’ whole ‘bangerz’ tour

aquarius : orlando bloom throwing a punch at justin bieber

capricorn : lady gaga having a fan puke all over her on stage

pisces : ariana grande getting hit in the face by a victoria secret models costume

The signs as 2000′s pop culture moments

Aries: Vanessa Hudgens going to church after her nudes leaked.

Taurus: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s friendship.

Gemini: The Miley Cyrus not wearing a seat belt scandal.

Cancer: Charlie Sheen’s mental breakdown.

Leo: Britney Spears shaving her hair off.

Virgo: The Olsen Twins reuniting with Bob Saget on the set of New York Minute.

Libra: Amanda Bynes bashing Miley Cyrus on twitter.

Scorpio: Kim Kardashian myspace fight with Haylie Duff.

Sagittarius: Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin’s relationship.

Capricorn: When Paris Hilton tells Kim Kardashian not to talk while she’s talking.

Aquarius: Linsday Lohan’s mugshot when she got arrested.

Pisces: Kanye West when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

my theory on whats going to happen in the wedding in 1x12: alec is going to walk down the ailse, i haven’t made up my mind if he has kissed magnus or not yet but i think it will have happened already. then when it comes to saying his vows hes going to get super hesitant and in his moments of hesitation a portal will appear. Out of that portal will step kanye west who will interrupt the wedding and reveal that he is in fact a warlock (& good friends w/ vampire david guetta) and he will initially be like ‘imma let you finish in a minute but malec have the greatest romance of all time’ and then he will get sidetracked talking about how awesome beyonce is and how wise he is and how hes basically jesus. in these moments where everyone is distracted, valentine will attack.

Did Kanye West seriously almost interrupt another speech because he thought the award should go to Beyoncé? Shit dude, she can stand up for herself. Are you her spokesperson or something? Also, other people are allowed to win awards.