kanye west i am god


When I completely bullshit my way through a lesson but it goes amazingly.

i know a charm. | a two-part american gods playlist.

part one. old gods

tracklist: tranquilize, the killers; house of the rising sun, the animals; the war dragons on, donovan; hard traveling, woody guthrie; where did you sleep last night, lead belly; atlantic city (choir tempo), bruce springsteen; awake o sleeper, the brothers bright;  blood of the lamb, billy bragg/wilco; olde time religion, parker millsap; will there be enough water?, the dead weather; the dogs of water, pink floyd; ballad of a thin man, bob dylan [listen]

part two. new gods

tracklist: charger, gorillaz/grace jones; venus in furs, velvet underground; i am a god, kanye west; i give you power, arcade fire/mavis staples; electioneering, radiohead; on the run, pink floyd; oscillations, silver apples; burn the witch, radiohead; sacrilege, the yeah yeah yeahs; neon bible, arcade fire; personal jesus, depeche mode; in the year 2525, zager & evans [listen]

nadehzdia  asked:

i want to find him in a wellness center during meditation and sipping on a naked smoothie drink in flowing white clothing and glowing skin. santi as a god basically

santi in hot yoga then returning to his wellness chamber (because idk what you would call your personal quarters in this hypothetical place but “room” sounds too ordinary) in a fluffy white bathrobe blasting “i am a god” by kanye west: a concept