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Our Song

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings:  This is so fluffy I almost threw up. 

Requested by: @ballerinafairyprincess

Can I request one where the reader sings in the shower (thinking no one hears) but Bucky listens everyday and she finds out and starts singing songs directed at him.

A/N:  The songs mentioned in the fic are Gold Digger by Kanye West, Realize by Colbie Calliat and Only Have Eye’s For You from the musical 42nd Street (which is just saw the other night :) )

You sang in the shower, no one knew or so you thought.  You happened to share a floor with Steve and Bucky, After long missions or rough nights the guys would find themselves listening to you.  You always seemed to sing the exact song they needed.  Like when Steve heard you rapping along to Gold Digger. He was dating a new girl and it hit him that maybe she was using him.  After confronting the girl, and talking to Bucky he decided that your song was what he needed to hear.  

You may not have any actual powers but your shower songs had the power to help your two favorite super soldiers all the time. There were many a time Bucky would catch Steve leaning outside the bathroom listening and vice versa.  Neither said a thing just nodded in understanding.   

Neither of them feel the need to tell you, for fear that you would stop singing.  After one particularly exhausting mission, Bucky was heading back from the kitchen only to hear you singing the lyrics to song he couldn’t identify.   As your voice flowed out of the crack that separated the door from its frame, he let your words soothe him like a lullaby.

After drying off, you pulled on your robe and open the door.  You’re greeted by the sight of Bucky sitting on the floor, his legs extended out in front of him, his back resting against the wall fast asleep.  You started to wake him, then stopped.  You just knew he had been listening to you.  Why the hell else would he be in front of the bathroom.  You step over him and walk to your room, determined to confront him tomorrow.

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VMAS, 2014

Gold Digger

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Heavily inspired by a daydream I had on my way home from work this afternoon.  I hope you like it

It was another one of Stark’s infamous parties, everyone was dressed to the nine’s.  You have never looked or felt better in a dress.  You knew your outfit was on point.   You were grabbing a glass of red wine at the bar when Nat came storming up to you looking visibly upset.  Nat never showed her emotions so you knew this had to be bad.   Thanking the bartender for your wine, you move to the corner of the bar to meet Natasha.

“Look.”  was all she said handing you her phone.   The dark of the party made the screen appear extra bright.  The photo showed Amelia, Steve’s new girlfriend, wrapped in the arms of none other than Matt Murdock.   You turn towards Nat with a look of shock.  

She doesn’t say anything but swipes to the next picture. The picture shows Amelia in the lap of Peter Quill who seems to be in the seat of a space ship.  The last picture Nat swipes to, is a slightly older picture showing an uncomfortable but happy looking Wolverine, with Amelia’s lips placed on his neck.

You couldn’t believe it. The Avengers were some of your closest friends. You had worked as a receptionist and made your way up the ladder, and that in turn, led you to working directly with the group.   Steve was your very best friend though.  You were the only one (except Sam) with the patience to answer all his questions and endless movie marathons.   When he had met Amelia you were so happy, he deserved to finally meet someone wonderful.  How wrong you had been.

“What are we gonna do?”  You ask Nat.   You couldn’t just take this information to Steve without a plan.  

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Shawn's Orlando Q&A Breakdown
  • Q: Throwback song?
  • A: Gold Digger by Kanye West
  • Q: A hard song to write?
  • A: Hold on,not because it was complex but because it was very real
  • Shawn was asked who he ships on The Vampire Diaires and he said Damon and Elena. I'd have to disagree!
  • Shawn talking about his crazy experience of jumping off a cliff.
  • Shawn talking about how he gets nervous when meeting fans
  • Shawn talking about how he wants to include sign language for the tour next year.
  • Shawn trying to name 5 makeup brands lol he looked so confident in the beginning
  • Shawn saying him and Andrew try to make sure everything on tour is "aesthetically pleasing" Shawn saying him and Andrew try to make sure everything on tour is "aesthetically pleasing"
  • "What have you done yesterday? (he had a day off)
  • -I was all day at the pool, it was so hot"
  • Shawn said he wants someone doing sign language on the side of the stage for the tour next year!
  • "Do you get nervous while meeting fans?
  • -Yes, sometimes I get really nervous"

Things Drunk Me Has Said Tonight

*Gold Digger by Kanye West comes on in the club, I scream* any non black people saying ‘nigga’ are getting swung on.

“*trying to figure out if it’s a gay club* Are there heterosexuals here?”

*two women fall into my lap by accident while dancing* WAIT I WASNT READY!

*trying to tell someone my name* Marsssarissa. I don’t know anymore.

*screaming Formation at the top of my lungs, pauses* only three people in here have negro noses, you liars.

Songs that remind me of the egos

Anti- Gold digger by kanye west

Schneep: Mrs potato head by melanie martinez

Marvin: Voodoo love by ariana grande

Robbie: Criminal (Originally by britney spears) Nicole tiffany version

Jackieboy Man: Uncontainable by set it off

Chase: Hard times (Originally by paramore) Natewantstobattle version

Dapper:  Pocketful of poetry by mindy gledhil

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