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So, let's talk about Taylor Swift. 🐍

With the release of the video for “Look What You Made Me Do”, people have been noticing some… Things.
It all started with people hinting that the albums release date for November 10th was a subtle reference to the anniversary of the passing of Kanye West’s mother, Donda West. Although Taylor’s publicists insist it’s all a coincidence, some fans aren’t buying it.
Later on at the VMA awards, Swift unveiled the video and publicly released it to YouTube, where more “coincidences” were quickly called out. The first being when Swift lies in a bathtub full of jewelry, admiring her ring while singing the line “I don’t like your perfect crime”, which many people thought was a nod towards Kim Kardashian’s 2016 robbery, where she was gagged, put in a bathtub, and held at gunpoint while her jewelry was stolen.
Although it’s supposed to be a reference to a quote from Swift, talking about her character in her last album who “jet sets around the world collecting men”, gets left, and sits “crying in a bathtub full of pearls”, many people still think it has a double meaning.
Soon after that scene, Taylor cuts in with a scene depicting a car crash, with the car door opening to reveal Swift lying back in her seat holding a Grammy award. This is almost unquestionably a reference to Kanye West’s violent 2002 car accident(the same year that he won a Grammy), where he nearly died, was put in the hospital with severe injuries, and had to have his jaw rewired. What’s more is that this scene is furthered by the fact that later in the video, the same car explodes as she walks away from it. I wonder if she’s telling Kanye to crash and burn?
Finally, Swift is seen in the video holding a chainsaw on top of the wing of a jet airliner. She saws off the wing, and it falls to the ground, where later the same jet is seen in full view behind her and her alter-egos. In that shot, it appears that the jet in the video is also the same as Kanye West’s private jet, just painted gold. Once again, she’s subtly sending the message that she wants Kanye to crash and burn.
Even though some people think he deserves the drag because of his video for “Famous”, in which he showed a nude figure of Taylor Swift in his bed, calling her “that bitch” and saying “I still might f*ck Taylor”, others think she’s gone a bit too far in response, especially because of the mention of the robbery and hinting towards the anniversary of the death of Donda West.
All of that aside, it’s hard to find the humour in someone mocking someone else’s near-death experience, violent robbery, and possibly someone’s mother’s death, as well as numerous fans speculating that she’s copying Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and “Formation” in several scenes.
When you consider that her problem with the Kardashian/West family is over a speech interruption, video gone wrong(that she apparently knew about beforehand), and a lyrical disagreement, it becomes clear that she’s gone a bit too far in mocking their robbery, violent car accident that nearly resulted in death, and tragic death of Kanye’s mother post-surgery, all for a video.
But hey, she broke the Vevo record.

Why Taylor Swift Spent 6 Months Out of the Spotlight: ‘She Felt Like Her Personal Life Was Spinning Out of Control’
“It was draining her and she needed to disappear to reinvent herself,” a source close to Swift tells PEOPLE exclusively



For most of 2017, Swifties wondered where the superstar was hiding and what she was up to, and now after dropping her first solo single in three years all their questions have been answered.

Between a messy breakup with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, a subsequent high-profile fling with Tom Hiddleston and a very public feud with the Wests, “she felt like her personal life was spinning out of control,” a source close to the star, 27, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It was draining her and she needed to disappear to reinvent herself. It was time to change things up and take another approach.”

The Grammy winner’s scathing pop track, “Look What You Made Me Do,” satirizes her public persona and hits back at her haters, including famous ones like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West.

“Taylor is very excited about her new album. This has been her life for the past few months,” says the source.

Swift is now “ready to come out of hiding” and is looking forward to sharing her album Reputation (out Nov. 10) with her loyal fans. The star smashed records with her dramatic music video for “Look,” racking up more than 40 million views in 24 hours on YouTube.

“Taylor is very talented and wants the focus to be on her music,” says the source of the entertainer, who’s been quietly dating actor Joe Alwyn, 26, since late last fall. “She is a master at reinventing herself.”

All I’m saying is: Taylor Swift’s best friend is Karlie Kloss who is dating Joshua Kushner, who’s the brother of Jared Kushner, who’s the husband of Ivanka Trump, who’s the daughter of Donald Trump. *looks into camera like I’m on the office*



Part One

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Break ups, Make ups??

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October 2nd, 2016 10:00 AM

I’ve seen healthier looking corpses, go get some rest Jughead. -Cherry

Shouldn’t you be with your boyfriend? -Jughead

They’ve always said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and on this day y/n might as well have been the devil. No one but Reggie and Y/n will know what happened on that day, the day that lead to the breakup of the school’s most notorious couple.

”What happened this morning?” Veronica asked sitting at the table “like who was yelling?”

”Reggie and Cherry broke up, nobody knows why because Reggie and Cherry avoids the topic.” Kevin said looking up from his phone leaning into talk to the group. “But word on the street is that Reggie was with some other girl on their anniversary.”

The love story of Reggie Mantle and Y/N L/N would be one that started in the seventh grade, the couple that would be the equivalent of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian of high school. They officially started dating about a month after y/n hit him in face during a game of dodgeball in the seventh grade, it would be history from there. In highschool they managed to maintain their spot Reggie playing football and y/n being a Vixen, member of student council, on the girls softball team, being a member of the pep club, as well as taking two ap classes and a member of the yearbook committee, she had a lot on her plate. But then again if your parents ran a funeral home you would do anything to avoid going home.

”Maybe we can take her to the movie theater in the next town over to cheer her up?” Betty offered up to the table. “Ouija came out and you know how she likes scary movies.”

”Shut up here she comes.” Veronica whispered as y/n came closer to the table.”

“I know you’re going to ask questions about what happened, but honestly I don’t want to talk about it.”

That’s how the next couple of days played out, both parties avoiding each other to the point that when you were in classes with the both of them it felt like the air grew thicker until you were suffocating.

After the initial awkwardness of the situation died down and you can see that little details didn’t add up such as, if Reggie and y/n broke up why does she still have his letterman and he still have her softball hoodie, or the fact that neither of them deleted pictures of each other of their instagram accounts, and the fact Reggie was just as possessive of y/n. It seemed like they never broke up

But that weekend after the game Betty Veronica, Kevin, y/n, and I managed to find ourselves in a booth at pop’s.

”So I’m assuming that you and Reggie got back together.” I said after the waitress walked away with our orders

”I’m not going to answer that question so how about I change the topic to Cheryl’s Halloween party that’s coming up, what are you guys being?” She asked playing with a straw.”

I tuned the conversation out after that because it wasn’t relevant information to me, instead I went back to writing but even then I couldn’t do that, I was distracted, there will be a big change coming soon and who knows what that will be.

I can’t believe how far y'all can fucking reach,for real.

The bathtub scene was clearly a visual interpretation of the things she said about her “Blank Space” persona. How she is a rich woman manipulating guys and trapping “them in her mansion and then she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.” It is literally exactly that. She isn’t making fun of Kim Kardashian’s trauma. She isn’t that low.
I mean,in case you didn’t realize,the whole concept of the song and video is representing what the media said about her. "Look what you made me do” isn’t her putting the blame for her actions on others. It’s showing the roles other people made her play in their own little stories. “The bitch”,“the slut”,“the snake”.

The release date is also tied to “Blank Space”. It’s continuing the theme of addressing the myths media has been spreading about her,that she presented in the song which also came out on November 10. The feud wasn’t even on back then. She had no reason to release it on the same date when Donda West died in 2014. And I don’t think she would have done this now either.

And stop saying she lied about the lyrics because she wanted to profit from institutionalized racism,and that she knew her voice would be believed over the voice of a black man. It was literally proven that the song demo was different,and that Taylor didn’t actually lie about that. But no one gave a shit.

And,as a 19 yo girl,even the thought of being bullied by a 32 year old man makes me extremely angry. And Taylor forgave Kanye back then. But the image of seeing a way to realistic wax figure next to him in the video of a song where the same man,this time 39,degrades her and takes credit for her accomplishments must have been awful,invasive,and even traumatic. Taylor isn’t being immature. She’s being rationally angry and hurt. And don’t give me that thing about how she’s already 27 and she should have better things to do than diss people. No one said that to Kanye last year. And he was fucking 39.

So please give Taylor a break. I know you would go any distance to find a reason to hate her. But she is still a young adult and she is receiving tons of abuse of pressure from anyone for the stupidest reasons. No one asking you to like her,but at least give her a chance to grow and become better.

Ok...ok... So Black Chyna use to date Tyga, but Tyga is currently dating Kylie who is Rob's half sister, but Rob is supposedly dating Black Chyna, and Black Chyna's best friend, Amber Rose who use to dated Kayne West, but is now married to Kim Kardashian, who is the sisters of Kylie Jenner, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney use to be an item with Lord Scott Disick, but recently Amber Rose, the same Amber Rose who had beef with Khole, just followed Scott on Instagram.


Here’s Why You Need To Feel Bad For Kylie Jenner:

2007>Kylie Jenner (then 9 years old) began appearing in reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians after the rise of older sister Kim’s sex tape.

+In the early seasons, Kylie & sister Kendall appeared briefly, often having short segments on what the two were up to

+Since KUWTK is filmed under multiple camera set ups in the home Kylie was exposed to cameras, fame, and the public very young. In the early seasons of KUWTK, Kylie is often shown trailing behind her older sisters.

Season 1 Episode 1> Kylie is seen dancing on a stripper pole that  Kim bought as gift for someone else.

+You can tell by Kylie’s body language she wants to impress Kim (who is watching and laughing) it seems childlike and innocent.

+Because Kim’s sex tape had surfaced, the family always had a light hearted way of discussing sex - dialogue between them was always open minded.

Season 1 KUWTK (2007)>Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe do a Girls Gone Wild shoot, Kim gets cover of Playboy, Khloe gets DUI, and nude photos of Kourtney leak.

+Kylie was exposed to these things. I doubt she knew the consequences because for the family, money and fame always fixed it, it seemed ok.

+KUWTK always portrayed the family to be very close. Kylie admired her sisters and wanted to emulate them. Kim was seen as a sex symbol.

2007-08>Kylie appears at age appropriate events (MTV, charity campaigns, kids choice awards)

Season 3 KUWTK(2009)>Kris & Bruce’s marriage start showing signs of stress. Bruce gets plastic surgery. Kylie starts experimenting with makeup.

(Above is a picture of Kylie posing from an old Myspace profile)

Season 4, Episode 8: KUWTK (2010)>Kylie starts showing signs of jealousy over Kendall.

+In this episode, then Bruce Jenner says to Kylie “your time will come.” In a very dismissive way. I imagine she felt very inadequate.

Season 5 KUWTK(2010)>Kim receives Botox & openly discusses it with her family. Furthering showing then 13 year old Kylie that procedure is an option.

2011>Tyga performs at Kendall’s birthday bash, probably when he first met Kylie (who was on stage)

+The body language in the video shows Kylie appearing almost star struck over Tyga while sister Kendall just enjoys the moment.

Season 6 KUWTK (2011)>Kylie, then 14, takes shift from “tween” to teen. Scott trying to become her manager.

2011-14>As Kylie gets older the focus becomes more on her personal brand, and is pictured alone more than ever.

In 2013> She was caught stealing Kim’s clothes

2013>Kylie’s clothing line with sister Kendall launches in Pacsun stores worldwide


She and Kendall launch shoe & handbag line for Steve Madden

Makes acting debut in promo for ‘Toronto' 

Launched her hair extension line with Bellami Hair

+The more limelight Kylie receives, the more blogs/ gossip sites she’s on, thus giving people a platform to bash the teen with hateful comments.

2014>It was around this time that Kylie began getting into lip liner and matte lipstick to enhance her lips.

April 2014>Kylie dismisses plastic surgery rumors with a series of tweets:

May 2014>Kylie posts “no makeup” selfies, and her lips still look fuller in comparison to older photos: public speculates she’s lying.

July 2014>Tyga starts popping up in Kylie’s Instagram photos

July 2014>Tyga starts popping up in Kylie’s Instagram photos (who is 7 years older than Kylie)

August 2014>A month after Tyga is seen on Kylie’s Instagram, him and Blac Chyna announce their breakup.

2014>Kendall starts making debuts on runways (Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Chanel)

Sep. 2014>Around the time of Kendall’s debut success, Kylie plumps her lips bigger than they ever were before that

Sep. 2014>The uneven surface of Kylie’s lips are a tell-tale sign of fillers. People leave comments on her Instagram bashing her “juvederm scars”.

Sep-Oct 2014>The more people talk about Kylie’s lips the bigger they get

+The bigger her lips get the more the public bash her. Making memes to further bash her changing appearance.

October 2014>After receiving so much hateful backlash, Kylie addresses her lips once again on Twitter.

October 27, 2014>After receiving so much hateful backlash, Kylie addresses her lips once again on Twitter.

October 2014>Kylie and Tyga grace each other’s Instagram’s. On Halloween the two celebrate together, dressing as chuckie and bride.

September 2014>Kris and then Bruce Jenner announce their divorce.

2014>Then Bruce starts making changing to appearance and has gotten rid of his Adam’s apple. The public scrutinizes.

+Kylie’s parents are now divorced and Dad undergoing a series of changes. Thus giving the public another thing to speculate. Imagine what it felt like for Kylie to watch her parents be ripped to shreds by hateful onlookers + gossip blogs.

November 2014>Kylie is asked directly about her lips for the first time ever during a red carpet event.

+Kylie says the comments/ hate towards her lips has become “too much”. Mind you, she’s 17 at this time.

Late 2014>Kendall is gaining more notoriety as a high fashion model, while sister Kylie is only Recieving attention from Tyga and continuously changing lips.

December 2014>Kylie uploads selfie to Instagram showing the increase of fullness in her lips.

December 11, 2014>Kylie takes to twitter again to bash rumors or being pregnant with Tyga’s child.

Dec-Feb 2014>Tyga and Kylie are pictured everywhere together (charity events, backstage, and Grammy parties)

>Somewhere around this time Khloe openly admits she supports her sis. Thus giving a 17 year old validation that surgery is ok. 

January 2015>By this time Kylie’s lips had increased in size yet again.

January 2015>In an episode of KUWTK, Kendall and Kim tell Kylie she may have gone “overboard” with her lips and that they looked too big.

January 2015>Kylie tells Cosmopolitan magazine she “didn’t get plastic surgery”. Despite obvious signs. Why was a 17 year old on COSMO? Anyway…

+By Feburary 2015 Kylie’s lips had increased in size again:


+Drake drops “6pm in New York” throwing shots at Tyga for dating underage Kylie

+Amber Rose does interview for The Breakfast Club disapproving of the relationship

-Although Amber was focusing on Tyga’s role as the adult in her interview, but Khloe steps in on Twitter: 

February 17, 2015>Tyga does interview w breakfast club stating he is not dating Kylie.

February 20, 2015>3 days later Kanye tells breakfast club Tyga was “smart for getting in with Kylie” thus putting them under more speculation.

February 20, 2015>The same day as the Kanye interview, Tyga posts pic of Kylie to his Instagram. The public was convinced.

March 6, 2015> New ring on Kylie’s finger sparks engagement rumors.

March 13, 2015> Tyga professes love for Kylie on Instagram: “certain things catch your eye, but only few catch your heart”

April 13 2015>Kylie tells Grazia magazine that she denies plastic surgery rumors, despite obvious increase.

April 2015>Caitlyn (once Bruce) Jenner comes out as transgender. Kylie and Caitlyn receive praise…but scrutiny too.

>At this point Kylie is undergoing a lot of emotional trauma. Public relationship with older boyfriend, parents split, dad comes out as transgender. As a means to tuck away all of her distress, Kylie probably started focusing solely on her personal appearance. It is easy to get lost in yourself and become obsessed with your appearance, but this often times means someone is hiding emotional suffering.

>The more Kylie’s personal life became unraveled, the more her face changed.

May 2015>Clips for an upcoming KUWTK are released. Kylie admits to having lip fillers.

>Following the release of the clips, plastic surgeons from all over weigh in on what other work Kylie may have received:

July 26, 2015> “I Am Cait” premieres in E! Documenting Caitlyn Jenner’s gender transition.

+Following the release, critics weigh in saying it appears “scripted” or “fake”. Fans say Kylie doesn’t appear happy.

August 2015(now)>Kylie will be turning 18 on August 10th, (2 days away from this original blog post date) Whose to say where her transformation will go.

After reading this thread I hope I portrayed Kylie’s life in a relatable way. She is still so very young. I hope to change the narrative. 

taylor swift’s album releases on the anniversary of donda west’s death aka kanye west’s mother & yeah, to insinuate that was a conscious decision on taylor’s part is wild especially considering it apparently coincides with the dates of her other releases. but i refuse to believe a literal diss album largely aimed at kanye went through however many levels of label approval & pr without one person maybe going “uh……guys?”. considering the anniversary was the sole reason for kanye’s breakdown last year which was a highly publicised and recognised fact so….however you wanna look at it the whole thing is beyond abhorrent