Happy 1st Birthday Saint. I can’t believe I’ve been a big sister for a whole year! Where does the time go? When mommy told me you were coming I didn’t think I would be able cope with not being an only child. However, through therapy, the undying love of my fans and mommy keeping you out of the spotlight, I got through it. So while I say happy birthday to you, I also congratulate myself for overcoming the anger and insecurities that come with having a sibling. Happy birthday Saint… I hope you get to go outside today.

i had this weird dream where kanye owned this giant sand castle hotel and i kept going inside and wrecking havoc and he kicked me out but he held lots of weddings there but all the couples who went there didnt have anyone to officiate the wedding so i always ended up doing it and everytime kanye would come to congratulate the couple he found me at the alter with the couple with a bible in my hands right after i pronounced them husband and wife and lemme tell u ive never seen anyone more pissed than a frustrated little rich man chasing someone down in the sandcastle hotel like damn i was doin u a favor :/

Jay Z has been nominated for one Grammy Award this year, for his TWO BARS (ha!) on the original version of Drake’s “Pop Style” alongside Kanye West. 

They were billed as “The Throne” and have been nominated as such; but we can assume the Grammy committee will realize this soon and give Hov and ‘Ye the stat. The song has been a topic of conversation lately with 'Ye claiming that Hov left the collaboration due to his allegiance with Roc Nation artist Meek Mill. This version is still available to stream on Tidal.