kanye twitter game

How Ye doin’? That’s for you to decide, at your desk, right now.

The 5 Most Utterly Insane Games You Can Play at Work

#4. Life in the West

The best way to describe Life in the West is with the words of the game’s creator, Davey Wreden, who also recently released the higher profile and even more absurd PC game The Stanley Parable. He said it’s “the psychological collapse of Kanye West seen through his Twitter account.” Yep. That’s about right. You take control of Kanye West’s Twitter profile and send out Kanye-esque tweets about the extravagantly mundane lunacy that is his life. With every fake tweet, you collect Kanye Points (a currency I’m sure the real Kanye West actually thinks he has), which can be put toward fake following the fake Twitter profiles of Barack Obama, a spambot, and the Pokemon Bulbasaur, among others.

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