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Television: Walking zombies and sashaying drag queens.

Miraculous Ladybug makes an astounding appearance at No. 1.
Fear the Walking Dead debuts because of The 100. Seriously. Be on the look out for Elyza Lex.
RuPaul’s Drag Race skids into No. 13.

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Movies: Maybe he’s John Notsogoodman in this one.

Captain America: Civil War returns to No. 1 after our heroes participate in an Answer Time.
10 Cloverfield Lane debuts at 19. Or does it? It does. Or does it?. Yes.

Music: When Grandes go big and Wests go South.

Ariana Grande channels pop stars past and present on SNL, jumps to No. 3.
⬇︎ Kanye West goes south, drops to No. 20.

Celebrities: #TeamBoyega, tbh.

Kim Kardashian is back at No. 2 after preaching self-love for the entire internet to see.
John Boyega is #TeamCap and No. 7, if you’re wondering.
⬇︎ Gigi Hadid may live a blessed life we can only dream of, but she still fell to No. 16.

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Games: Is it possible to win Neko Atsume?

☆ Indie game Stardew Valley debuts at No. 11.
☆ Blizzard’s newest game, Overwatch, storms in at No. 16.
⬇︎ Neko Atsume falls to No. 15. Fear not, cat games have 9 lives.

Web stuff: Hey, friends are nice. Let’s all be like Edd Gould’s friends.

Eddsworld debuts at No. 14 after creator Edd Gould’s friends followed through with their promise to continue his series after he passed.
Critical Role rolls a natural No. 20. It’s not that great in this case.