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Recognize the Armenian Genocide

On April 24, 1915, Ottoman Turkey began the annihilation of the Armenian people, killing 1.5 million Armenians, and creating the first genocide of the 20th century. Turkey has attempted to keep this genocide forgotten, however, the blood that runs in the veins of the descendants of the survivors has not allowed that to happen. While some countries have recognized it as a genocide, we still have struggled to obtain complete worldwide recognition. The Turkish government continues not to take blame for what their forefather have done. They deny any and all of those actions, despite the outstanding amount of evidence.

Tumblr, what I ask you today is to please reblog this to educate your followers, so that they may pass it on as well. Within this month, do something small. Maybe, post something on your social media having to do with the genocide, so that the people you know may be educated and pass the word on. If you are really wanting to get involved, there will be marches all over the world to get recognition. I know this is a website full of people who stand for activism. Please, help educate the world on this matter. It would mean a lot to me, who lost ancestors during that time, and other Armenians who share the same story. Thank you.

What You Want

baby i got it

Words: 1616

Prompt: “You keep trying to set him up, and somewhere along the way, you realize you’re in love with him.”


“Come on, it’s just one date!”

“I said I don’t want to.”

You sighed, crossing your arms as you put on your “Best Friend Voice.”

“Come on, Lin, please? For me?”

His expression wavered then, softening around the edges, and for a moment it almost seemed sad, eyes soft and pleading.

“She’s a really great girl, I promise,” you said quietly, stepping forward to wrap your arms around him, fingers digging into the fabric of that damn gray sweater.


The response was soft, woven into something you might have called bittersweet, and you barely caught what came next.

“But only for you.”


“That bad, huh?”

He slinked in the doorway, shoulders slumped and posture heavy, as if his body could barely hold itself up.

“Its three a.m.”

“Then it can’t have been that bad.”

He looked at you then, sharply, but you could see his mouth begin to twitch at the corners, threatening to pull itself into a smile.

“She wouldn’t let me leave.”

“You’re a grown man, Lin.”

He threw himself on the couch at that, body seeming to melt into it, exhaustion melding his body to the faux leather.

“She just kept talking. I didn’t want to be rude.”

“Her boobs were great though.”

You heard a small huff at that, and his laughter seemed to seep into you, lessening the tension in your shoulders.

“Not as great as yours.”

And, all right, he really had that slap coming.


“Come on, Lin, I swear, they wont all be that bad.”

“She kept rubbing my legs with her feet underneath the table!”

“She seemed so nice at work!”

You threw your arms in the air at that, and he couldn’t take it any longer, dissolving into giggles as you huffed, trying to maintain your composure, but one look at him and you lost it, shoulders shaking alongside his in the dim light of your shared apartment.

You wiped your eyes with the pad of your thumb, laughter fading as you watched him, braced against the kitchen counter, cheeks pink and eyes bright.

When you finally spoke, it was soft, so quiet you were hardly convinced you had spoken at all.

“I just want you to be happy.”

His response wasn’t immediate. You felt the silence between you, thick, one beat, then two. He never spoke. Just turned, slowly, and grabbed his jacket, unfolding it from the back of the chair and shrugging it on.

“Don’t wait up for me, honey,” he joked, but you heard the exhaustion in his words, quiet resignation, and you don’t know what you wanted, but this sure isn’t it.

You wonder when it started to feel like this. Sending him off, almost, instead of letting him go. He’d stay if you asked him too. Part of you wonders why you’re so afraid to ask him to. Another part of you, the part that knows heartbreak all too well, the part of you that could tell someone, by perfect memory, the exact brand of toothpaste he uses, the smell of his shampoo, whispers back, “he’s the only person who’d break you if he left.”


“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” he muttered as he slipped his tie on, nimble fingers working quickly as he spoke.

“Lin, come on. The last one wasn’t so awful!”

He shook his head, mouth quirking downward slightly, arranging itself carefully into a pout.

“It wasn’t great either.”


He looked up at you then, and you stepped forward, grabbing his suit jacket and holding it out for him. You saw it then, the moment it appeared, the quiet resignation in his eyes, and you hated it. It burned, slipping down your throat to nestle in your chest, hot and bright and blinding, and you shifted.


You cleared your throat.

“Maybe we could stay in tonight. Dust off those old West Wing dvd’s, huh?”

You were floating, drifting, a million miles away, and then he smiled, and you felt it, the shift in your chest, like everything had aligned, right here and now, in this perfect moment. He smiled at you, and you wondered when it started to feel like coming home.


From: Lin


Your phone dinged from across the room, chirping softly in the darkness. You sat up blearily rubbing your eyes.

To: Lin

Seriously? What’s wrong with this one?? I went to BED.

It took a moment for him to reply, and your eyes fluttered close, relishing the silence, before-

Two chirps, the sound echoing in the quiet of your bedroom. You groaned.

From: Lin

It’s like ten o'clock, why are you asleep.

From: Lin

Whatever, I need you to get me out of here.

You let out a low moan, cursing life, before you stumbled out of bed, hands fumbling in the darkness for a sweater.

To: Lin

I’m on my way.

To: Lin

You owe me. Big time.


You pulled up to the restaurant, rubbing your eyes tiredly, before you stepped out of the car, shuffling into the darkness. The wind bit at you, sharp and cool, and you tugged your sweater around you tightly, wrapping your arms around your waist before you stepped inside.

Moaning at the sudden warmth, you scanned the room, arms dropping back to your sides, before you spotted him.

Oh, god, poor Lin. He looks miserable.

Your eyes catch on his frame, tracing his silhouette, before you shake your head, feet dragging you towards their table.

“What the fuck, Lin?”

The words roll off your tongue, sharp and angry, and you hardly have to dredge up any heat before you’re tense, shoulders pulled tight and back ramrod straight. Something about the sight of him, body curled around her like that, tucked close in the same side of the booth, sets your blood boiling.

“Hey, what are you-”

You turn to the girl then, gaze sharp as she watches you, wide eyed and beautiful, and if that doesn’t just make what you’re about to do so much easier.

“That’s my husband, you bitch.”

The words seem to fall from your lips before you can think, and you grab Lin’s arm.

“Oh my god, I had no idea, I-”

“Of course you didn’t. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

You caught sight of him then, face red, lip between his teeth as he tried desperately to hold in his laughter, and you feel your lips twitch.

Laughing time later, you remind yourself. Lin needs you.

“Get the fuck out of here,” you say, voice cold, arm shooting out to gesture at the door as the other curled loosely around Lin’s wrist.

She scurried from the booth faster than you had thought humanly possible, eyes to the floor, and then she’s gone, slipping into the night without a glance behind her.

You plop into the seat beside Lin, grabbing a french fry off his plate.

“So. Whatcha wanna do now?”


Good things don’t last forever.

“I’m sorry, what?”

Lin swallowed, voice thick with confusion.

“This one… wasn’t so bad?”

Your heart stuttered in your chest, and you took a deep breath, inhaling shakily through your nose.

“She, uh. She was nice,” he continued, “Funny. I had a good time.”

“That’s. That’s great!”

You smile, but it doesn’t quite reach your eyes. Jesus, you wanted this. You thought you wanted this, why don’t you want this?

“Are you… gonna go out with her again?”

Your voice shook then, just slightly, wavering for half a second, and you wanted to slap yourself. God, get it together. You wanted this.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Just peachy!”

You wanted this, you wanted this you wanted thi-

“Tell me not to.”

When he speaks, his voice shakes too, low and desperate, and it’s the same face that begged you not to make him leave, that holds you when you cry, that shows up at three a.m. when you can’t sleep with a Kanye CD, declares an “emergency dance party”, makes you dance till you cant anymore, till your limbs go shaky and your breath turns ragged.

You squinted, eyebrows pulling together as you peered at him, standing in the kitchen with bare feet and tousled hair, and you can’t help but think you’ve never been more in love with him.


“Tell me not to.”

You stared on, his voice tinny in your ears, eyes trained on the way his throat bobbed when he swallowed. Has he always been this beautiful?

“Give me a reason to stay.”

It’s soft when he says it, voice cracking in the middle, both hands fisted in his pockets, but you hear all the things he isn’t saying, things he’s never said, and then you’re crossing the kitchen in two long strides before he can blink, hands reaching forward to fist in his hair, and your mouth is on his, and he isn’t kissing you, he isn’t kissing you back, oh god, why isn’t he-

He’s crying.


Maybe you were wrong. Maybe he has said it before. Maybe you just never heard.

“I love you,” you say, softly, and you reach forward to brush your lips against his cheek.

“I love you.”

You don’t leave an inch untouched, the freckle on his nose, the hollow of his throat, the crinkle of his eye.

“I love you.”

His ear, his collarbones, the corner of his lips catch on yours, and you’re breathless, dizzy, drunk on exhilaration and too many kisses.

“I love you.”

It’s not you who speaks this time. He’s still crying, but it’s quiet, beautiful, and his mouth is stretched wide, teeth showing through, and you want to kiss him again.

God, do you want to kiss him again.

So you do.

Then one more time. For good measure.

… Maybe you were wrong

Maybe, all along, this is what you really wanted.

AU List

Oh. my. god. Huge ass AU list done with byrdboiv

Part 1 | Part 2


  • ‘I’m a student teacher at your school and you’re a senior who keeps on trying to ask me out in your free periods – I mean, I would because you’re only younger than me by like, five years ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM, and you’re kind of totally my type? But hey, I’ve got to keep some sense of professionalism’ AU
  • ‘I’m a basketball coach in the year above you from your brother/sister school, and you’re that kid who can’t ball for shit, has friends in the team I’m coaching, and told me that I was really short and had really pretty eyes, you’re distracting me my team, fight me in the PIT, motherfucker’ AU
  • ‘I’m part of the IT at the school you work at, and you’re a drama teacher – you keep asking me for help with the sound and lighting even though we both know that’s the job for the deputy principal’s sound and lighting kids’ AU
  • ‘I’m your best bro and you’re my best bro, we used to have broners for each other but now I have a romantic boner for you, bro, and I don’t know about you. I’m sorry, bro. All the homo’ AU
  • ‘I’m in your Mathematics class and you sit next to me, whispering words of encouragement after my teacher verbally bodyslams me for my epic math fails’ AU
  • ‘I’m a 500% troublemaker and you’re a 500% goody two-shoes and we’re both in the Student Representative Council – who will come out on top? (Not in the sexual way, oh my God is this really happening I had no idea you had it in you, we’re both minors but I don’t think either of us could care less; so much for you being good.)’ AU
  • ‘I’m really hungry and I forgot my lunch and I have no money to buy food at the canteen, and you just passed me a $10 bill, I am 10000% willing to become you sex slave right now, bless the ground you walk on, O Benevolent One’ AU
  • ‘I’m walking past the basketball courts and you’re just lying in the centre of the courts. Staring into the sky. I’m going to join you’ AU
  • ‘I’m in your P.E. class and you’ve been doing a plank for 5 solid minutes, are you an Olympian or something??’ AU
  • ‘I’m a VA student and I fucking hate basketball to the nth degree but my teacher wants me to paint a basketball hoop and backboard for my assignment and fuckyou you’re playing on my reference, move aside bitch’ AU
  • ‘I do Latin and so do you, but you’re in a year below me and ask me for help a lot because your pronunciation may be great but your grammar is not’ AU
  • ‘I’m working part-time at a fast food joint and holy fuck, you and your friends just came to order stuff and oh no I have this huge fat crush on you because you’re always so nice to everyone and to me, I hope you don’t notice the fear in my Customer Service Smile™’ AU
  • ‘I do notifications over the PA every morning and you like my voice??? You want to ask me out for coffee????? Like, right now?????? School has already started???????You’re in Year 9 and I’m in Year 11 and I do NOT want you to skip school just for this?????????????’ AU
  • ‘We’re both in a school volleyball team and we’re the only ones not here for the gay volleyball anime (well, maybe)’ AU
  • ‘We’re both in a school basketball team and we’re the only ones not here for that one gay basketball anime (well, not really)’ AU
  • ‘We’re both in the same swimming squad and hell yeah are we here for the gay swimming anime’ AU
  • ‘I’m a VA student and you’ve been bringing me food for the past month after school when I’ve been working on my artwork, even though we’re in brother/sister schools and I only really get to talk to you at our interschool vocals club and/or on Facebook (which is really rare, to be honest), I really need to pay you back, does my eternal love and devotion (or dedication of my artwork to you) suffice?’ AU
  • ‘We’re married teachers in the Science faculty and the students keep on making jokes about us having chemistry, please bury me’ AU
  • ‘I have a TAFE account and you’re begging me for it – are you really willing to give me what you’re offering, I mean, an entire cake, your virginity and your first born child is not something that should be bartered for something you could Google at home’ AU
  • ‘We just snuck into the movies together because our friends dared us to get in, watch a movie and get back out without getting caught, hell yeah, this isn’t a date by the way what are you saying, fuck, this movie’s sad, fuck, I’m not crying, fuck, you’re holding me in your arms and it feels right, fUCK’ AU
  • ‘I’m part of the IT at the school you work at, and you’re a drama teacher – you keep asking me for help with the sound and lighting even though we both know that’s the job for the deputy principal’s sound and lighting kids’ AU
  • ‘I’m a basketball coach in the year above you from your brother/sister school, and you’re that kid who can’t ball for shit, has friends in the team I’m coaching, and told me that I was really short and had really pretty eyes, you’re distracting me my team, fight me in the PIT, motherfucker’ AU
  • ‘I’m a student teacher at your school and you’re a senior who keeps on trying to ask me out in your free periods – I mean, I would because you’re only younger than me by like, five years ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM, and you’re kind of totally my type? But hey, I’ve got to keep some sense of professionalism’ AU
  • ‘Your notes are the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever been graced with, and what the fuck, how can you even do this when our history teacher talks rapid-fire’ AU
  • ‘I leaned over your shoulder to see the creative writing piece you’ve been working on for the past hour, and oh my gosh????? You’re that writer in the school magazine with the mysterious alias, and I admire you so much???? Did you sell your soul to the devil to reach that level of eloquence tell me your sECRET’ AU


Fast Food Outlet

  • I work at McDonalds and you’re the fuckface who tries to order my number with a 24pck of chicken nuggets and a large strawberry sundae every single fucking time (I mean, I’d give you my number if you bought a chocolate sundae instead, strawberry is wrong)’
  • I work at KFC, why in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, did you buy six 450ml servings of mash potato, sit down at a table close by, open each of them up and drink them all.
  • I’m a Domino’s Pizza deliveryman and you just bought 20 pizzas, there’s not even a party at your house? Are you going to eat this all yourself in one go? Are you just bulk buying so you can reheat it later and not bother calling us up again? Pizza’s way better fres– fuck, you’re crying, what do I do, they didn’t teach me this in my training.
  • I’m working part-time at a fast food joint and holy fuck, you and your friends just came to order stuff and oh no I have this huge fat crush on you because you’re always so nice to everyone and to me, I hope you don’t notice the fear in my Customer Service Smile™.
  • ‘As an employee, I shouldn’t be saying this, but it is NOT nutritionally acceptable to eat here every day. Drop by after my shift ends and I’ll cook you some real food’ AU

Convenience/Greengrocer store AU

  • ‘I’m a convenience store owner and you’re asking me whether the $2 or $3 noodles are better, I like both of them, what do I say, you’re looking at me with bigass puppydog eyes, I am fucked’ AU
  • ‘I’m your local greengrocer’s cashier and you’ve been staring at the tomatoes for over 15 minutes now, Jimmy, hold the register’ AU
  • ‘Why on earth are you holding that fruit to your ear like you can hear the fucking sea or something’ AU

Technological Store AU

  • ‘I work in JB-HiFi and you come in and ask me if I could help you find your friend who is a) missing and b) has a huge thirst for Kanye West and Jay-Z, shall we go to the CDs? They might be in the Rap genre section…’ AU
  • ‘How did you manage to fuck this up so badly’ AU

Dentist AU

  • ‘I think you look very attractive but there’s not much dignity I can muster when you’re holding my mouth open with these goddamn contraptions from hell and my mouth’s starting to fill with saliva’ AU
  • ‘I’m a dental assistant and you’re really cute, even with a bajillion black stains and mildly bad breath’ AU
  • ‘You’re not seriously going to put that in my mouth, are you’ AU

Sports Coach AU

  • ‘I’m a single parent and you’re my kid’s volleyball coach, I’m sorry I introduced them to Haikyuu!! how can I make it up to you?’ AU
  • ‘I’ve been tasked with this feeble looking teen who can’t do push ups for shit’ AU

Librarian AU

  • ‘I’m a library assistant and you’re the person who comes in every week with 100000000 kids and still manages to keep them all in check, you are amazing’ AU
  • ‘We have a self-checkout system, but ever week you unfailingly turn up at my desk and OH MY GOD IS THAT GERONIMO STILTON’ AU
  • ‘I must say your taste in books is beautiful, can I take you out for coffee?’ AU
  • ‘You’re balancing a pile of fifteen books in your arms and you look like you’re about to fall any moment now’ AU

Wedding Planner AU

  • ‘I’m a wedding planner and you’re the wedding photographer, I agree with you completely, this couple is absolutely disgusting – they need to stop with all the sappiness and frills and make out sessions in front of you when you’re trying to ask them about what they want in their actual wedding, yeah, let’s get lots of cheap alcohol at a bar somewhere, together, after this whole ordeal is done (and maybe make our own wedding a lot less cringeworthy)’ AU

Bakery AU

  • ‘I work at a bakery and you’re the person that buys a smiley face cupcake every single day, I swear to God stop smiling at me like that, like, that’s the cupcake’s job’ AU
  • ‘Do you really want to give a dick cake to your niece?’ AU
  • ‘That comes to six hundred dollars in total’ AU

Office Jobs AU

  • ‘I’m in a boring corporate business job and you’re in the cubicle in front of mine, did you just send me a paper aeroplane with the words “WASSSSSSUPPPP TURN UP BITCHEZ” written on it?’ AU
  • ‘I never usually go to workplace drinking sessions but since you’re here sign me the fuck up’ AU
  • ‘Are you seriously going to turn that poor excuse of a prototype in to the boss? You’ll get the sack’ AU
  • ‘We’re both vying for a promotion, and you’re not above sabotaging my work’ AU

leahwhiz  asked:

the kanye one omg write the kanye one im laughing so hard help

~ phil’s tired, like really tired, he’s had a long week and all he wants to do it cuddle up with dan and sleep, maybe have some slow, loving sex. but no, the new kanye album’s out, and dan will not shut the fuck up about it.

~ he’s going on and on about how amazing the music his, how amazing he is, and it’s getting to be a bit too much.

~ “he’s literally a god, phil. have you seen him? he glows. what did we do to deserve this angel of a human being on our humble planet. he’s literally my fucking dad. he’s my fucking daddy-”

~ the second the words are out of his mouth phil can tell he regrets it. and he damn well should because phil’s on him in a second, pushing him onto his back and pinning him down by his wrists.

~ “what the fuck did you just say, dan? sorry, didn’t catch that.”

~ dan practically squeaks, his eyes blown wide. “p-phil, i didn’t-” he’s cut off when phil presses his knee up into dan’s crotch, and dan’s breath hitches. “daddy-!”

~ phil just grunts, reaching down to tug at dan’s button. “say it again.”

~ “daddy, i-” he gasps, feeling phil’s hand sliding into his jeans and palming at his already forming bulge. “f-fuck, phil…”

~ phil leans over him to nip at his throat, making dan whimper and squirm as he tugs at his jeans, pushing them down his hips.

~ “who do you belong to,” he mutters while working at his own button, pausing occasionally to grind down on his whiny boyfriend.

~ “y-you, phil, i belong to you, i’m yours fuckkk-”

~ phil grabs him by the throat, pressing down just slightly and watching as dan’s eyes widen and his cheeks turn red with surprise. “then what the fuck are you calling another man daddy for, whore?”

~ “i didn’t mean it, it just s-slipped out…?”

~ “of course it did.”

~ within only a few minutes phil has both of their boxers off, his fingers coated with couch lube, pumping them in and out of his boyfriend who’s whimpering and falling apart beneath him.

~ “p-phil please, n-need you…”

~ phil tugs at his hair roughly, pulling his fingers out and wiping them on the couch. “what did you say, slut?”

~ “daddy, please, fuck me so hard oh god, need it-!”

~ that’s all it takes to get phil coating his length in lube, grabbing dan’s hips and pushing in, bottoming out immediately, drawing a loud whiny moan out of dan.

~ phil fucks into him hard and rough, just the way he knows dan likes it, trailing kisses up his jaw and biting to leave hickeys as he rolls his hips, pounding into the boy beneath him.

~ “holy f-fuck phil i’m gonna cum, fuckfuckfuck harder-!”

~ dan cums all over himself not long after, moaning “daddy” in a broken shout, phil fucking him down from it and rubbing circles on his hips with his thumbs.

~ “so pretty,” phil mutters, kissing dan’s cheek and pulling out carefully.

~ “and dan, baby? kanye can’t fuck you like i can.”

idk it’s 1 am

anonymous asked:

1/2 You didn't receive the first part. If ppl believe D&M are a couple all they have to do is look at their " home" No man will let a man live in their house with their gf while he's traveling. Gay? Maybe. Brother? Maybe. Rich friend? Hell. No. Ask any man and they will tell you no man will be in their home while they're away. Gf runs home to be with B? Ben picks her up at 3 am? This is NOT a normal relationship. A rich successful man with a gf would live with gf. Oh wait...he does!

Live in bf. Lol gf would take it to a whole new level.

*snorts* I literally had someone tell me that jamin obviously is just starting in the business and daisy is just being a great friend to help him.

😑. Legit serious.

Take a moment and let that process.

Nope gonna give you another moment to stop howling cause I can hear the laughter from here.

Let me repeat. I was told by this person that the reason jamin is there is because daisy is helping him out….. Jamin…. Who has worked with jayz, can’t afford an apartment.

some of his achievements

Q Awards 2009Q awards – Best Breakthrough Act – Won

MOBO Awards 2009Best UK Act – Nominated
Best Video “Supernova” – Nominated

UMA Awards UK & France 2009Best Collaboration ft Kanye West – “Supernova” – Nominated

Best Newcomer – NominatedBest R&B Act – NominatedMOBO Awards 2010Best Song “Playing with Fire” – Won

These were after going solo.

The stuff folks come up with to make the PR work.

Humanity really doesn’t exist. Instead of having full media covering on the genocide occurring to the Muslims, Jews, Christians, Syrians, Arabs, etc. in Aleppo, the media full coverage is focused on Kanye West and Donald Trump; steering the focus away from a genocide currently occurring on Muslim lives. The entire world is watching innocent Muslim lives die at the hands of their government without offering an helping hand, and the only thing people care about is Donald Trump, the same person who’s discriminatory and racist against minorities the most. Wake up, humanity is dead. The civilians in Aleppo have no where to run, and ZERO hospitals to go to for their injuries. The world is coming to an end. Educate yourselves, question everything, research yourselves, because relying on the media will leave you blinded by the truth. Ya Allah my heart hurts, please #PrayforAleppo


How Pusha T and Team DONDA Created the Artwork for ‘Darkest Before Dawn’

To see more artwork from Pusha T’s new album, check out @kingpush, @joe_r_perez and @fabienmontique on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Pusha T (@kingpush) is rap’s most untouchable, uncrushable and unflustered emcee. But even the newly minted president of G.O.O.D. Music can stress out from time to time.

“Those were live birds — and I have a fear of birds,” says Push, about the weathered, monochromatic artwork of his new record King Push — Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude, which features the Virginia-bred rapper in a denim jacket and trademark braids while a white dove flies in front of the frame. “Me, actually holding a bird, letting it go, letting it fly by my face, letting it sit on my shoulder, land on my head. My face doesn’t tend to show it in the pictures, but I was stressed out.”

Push knows better then anyone, though, that when you’re aiming for icon status, you have to act the part — birds in your grill or not. That means recruiting a bevy of rap’s top producers — Timbaland, Kanye, Boi-1da — for your new record, talking about how classic the album will be before it even drops and including a piece of striking artwork to help hammer it home. Having a top-notch photographer in Fabien Montique and creative team in DONDA doesn’t hurt, either.

“We researched scarification portraits of African tribes — the magnitude of that pain captured in a moment,” says Fabien (@fabienmontique), on the inspiration behind the cover and accompanying single “Untouchable.” “We set out to create a scenario where we translate the raw emotion and power of Pusha’s music juxtaposed with a visible symbol of hope and freedom.”

As for Push, his goal was simple: create something that was strong, iconic and would last a lifetime.

“Everything about the art is classic,” he says. “Everything about the album is classic. They go hand in hand.”

—Instagram @music


Hey! I’ll try to keep this as short as possible since the biggest part of my fan account is already known, but shit…..IM STILL SHOOK. I never thought I would actually be writing one of these… ANYWAY, on to the fanmeet! (fyi, I couldn’t keep it short, turn back now lmao)

I flew in from NYC the day of, and was running a bit late for a dinner with friends, so this potato *points at self* couldn’t go all out like she wanted to, but it was whatever. I got to the venue, my seat and then got to know the girls around me (they were all so nice). The guys opened up with Let Me and I filmed them, but I didn’t really feel any eyes on me till after the opening songs, little did I know, SOMEONE was watching me since the first freaking song. I looked back at my Let Me video and whenever I pointed my phone at Bambam he looked all around, but BOI, he’s in the corner when I point the camera at Youngjae, looking at me and then he tilts his head while looking some more! I also felt Jinyoung looking at me sometimes and he would look down and smile at me each time I called out his name, like seriously, each time, I have it like 3 times on camera.

During the Question portion Mark was asked about his ideal type, he said some one cute then did a dance from TT. After that he said “shorter than me” so in that moment I said, “I’m going to make them laugh idgaf” and slowly squatted to the floor so they could see me getting “shorter”. Bambam, Jinyoung, and JB laughed and pointed at me while Jackson laughed and said “Everyone is going like *imitates me*” SUCCESS! After some songs was the Song Guessing game. I was no good at this so there was no point in trying……until Jinyoung squats down in front of me to hear the clip of the song better. Tried not to freak out but then all the sudden he looks up at our little trio asking for help and mouthing “mwo? Mwo?” then looks at me goes “Mwo? What? I don’t know?” and I’m like “I DON’T KNOW. *cue big ass kanye shrug*. He laughed and said it’s okay then got up and went back to the game.

ON TO THE CLOSING SPEECHES. This was when I wanted to see if I was going crazy or not, was Bambam actually staring at me or nah? While JB spoke the crowd was silent so I took this time to turn to BB (who was already looking in my direction dafuq) and do a super small wave, you wouldn’t have seen it if you weren’t watching me. This boy, he did a wassup nod and then mouthed “Hi” at me. Bitchhhhhhhhh I turned away so slowly and my eyes were wide, I was visibly shook. This is literally the one thing I don’t have on camera, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it if I were filming him. Afterwards was the encore, got a high five from Jackson and then Bambam and I played rock paper scissors for the towel, I could go on forever about that one moment, but I won’t. I’ll just say the smirk at the end was overkill, you already killed me are you trying to bury me yourself, Bambam?

Photo Op Time. I was in the 3rd group to go up. I blanked on my way to my seat so I couldn’t say anything to Bambam on my way down the line ugh. I literally have a blank spot in my memory cause I was overthinking lmao. BUT, I got Yugyeom!! I held his hand and he squeezed it back, HIS HANDS ARE SUPER SOFT FOR SOME REASON?? Also, he sounds like a cute little baby, I died a little bit when he said “Thank You!”. I thanked Yugyeom, and then swung my body around so quick to Jackson before anyone could push me off stage. “ThankyousomuchfortheamazingshowBYEJACKSON”, just like that, cause I was a nervous wreck. He then looked me in the eyes, smiled, and stretched his arm out and waved bye right to me. Dead. Dead. Just Dead.

TLDR: I am? Was? Jackson biased but Bambam and Jinyoung want me dead, mainly Bambam. Rude. 

PS: Also, all receipts are on my twitter ^^ @noturavgsone

Songs and Ships: List 5 Songs that you think illustrate or describe the relationship between two or more characters


Gods & Monsters - Lana Del Ray
Malibu - Miley Cyrus
Prom Night - Anamanaguchi ft. Bianca Raquel
Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift
Runaway - Kanye West


Dark Paradise - Lana Del Ray
Stand By Me - Florence and The Machine
The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
Riptide - Vance Joy
Arsonist’s Lullabye - Hozier


Can’t Feel My Face - The Weeknd
Born to Die - Lana Del Ray
Mirror - Justin Timberlake
Take me to Church - Hozier
Irresistible - Fall Out Boy


Marry You - Bruno Mars
Help Me Help You - Logan Paul
This Love - Taylor Swift
Surrender - Billy Talent
Never Let Me Go - Lana Del Ray

// I was super bored and thought I would do this for the fun of it; I don’t know if there’s a tag/meme of this (though I’m too lazy to like look around really)

I have a lot of personal ships and man, I always want to like show them off and I don’t want to come off as one of those ‘fake fan’ and I only like these characters because of their good looks and whatnot.

Anyways I’m more than happy to make more with other characters beyond this; just send a character if you want - I put a lot of thought into these things based on the characters’ personalities and how they might see or think of one another from my perspective.

Letter To The People

To whom it may concern,

I don’t want to say some cliche shit like thank you for reading this, so I won’t. Over the past 2+ years since I released a body of work, I’ve been more places, seen more things and met more people than I can remember. I had a lot of days when I didn’t think I would ever see the present day. Countless moments I asked myself, “WHY ME?” I was stuck in a vicious cycle of self-destructive depression. I leaned on drugs to give me the wings to fly away from my dark reality. “ANYWHERE BUT HERE,” I wished, as my eyes grew wide, snorting powder off of a dirty public toilet. As my relationship with myself fell apart, my relationships with people around me grew violent and volatile, full of resentment and lies. It seemed like everywhere I turned there was something to be upset with, especially when I looked inward. I knew the person that I was born to be. A fighter, a leader. A revolutionary, a channel of ideas and emotions endlessly larger than myself. But it began to all feel like a cruel joke. And I was the only one not laughing. If you’ve never experienced anxiety or depression this may all sound foreign to you. But I’m not writing this to tell you my sob story. I’m writing this to tell you that there is hope. The world is at a turning point. There are a lot of things going on that we have to either change, or die, to put it poetically. The cars we drive, the food we eat, the phones and computers you’re reading this on, are all literally killing that big blue earth we see in photos taken from the stars. And down on the ground we’ve got a lot of problems of our own, but I don’t have to tell you that. I will anyway. With the eyes of the world at our fingertips, injustices everywhere have been given the world’s stage within minutes of action. A cop shoots an unarmed black man in the back of the head in Oakland, and people will be protesting it in New York an hour later. But protests aren’t going to bring Oscar Grant back to life. or LaQuan McDonald. or Mike Brown. or Tamir Rice. Nothing we say or do can reverse the poison in the brains of the kids who drank lead from their kitchen sink in Flint, Michigan. Those damages cannot be taken back. But they can be stopped from happening again. What I’m asking you is not to give a fuck about me, my music, or my story. What I’m asking of you is to give a fuck about US. Us as a people. Us as ONE. As human beings who laugh, cry, sing, bleed and dream. As I look up at the starless night above the Chicago skyline, I can’t help but feel so small. There’s so much world around me, so many people with families and experiences I’ll never know anything about. It’s easy not to give a fuck about them. But I’ve never been one for the easy way out. Getting this far was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and lord knows I’m only getting started. I could care less about what a blog writer or music critic has to say about me or what I do. I don’t do this for them. I know that someone out there reading this is going through shit just like me. This is for you. There is always hope. Never forget that. Yesterday doesn’t define you; it doesn’t define US. We are God. We hold the power in our hands. I’ve come to a point where I realize that everything I’ve gone through up to this point was for a reason. I had to experience certain things so painful that I thought I’d never come back from them to be able to tell you about it. To know how fucking blessed I am to be breathing this summer air, killing myself slowly smoking this cigarette. I know I’m not perfect. But I think that’s what makes it so special.
To quote Cody Chestnut, “It ain’t Rock, it ain’t Roll (it ain’t HIP HOP) if we don’t disagree.” You don’t have to understand me, or see eye to eye with me; just know I’m giving you my truth. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god. But fuck the judge, the prosecutor and the district attorney. Justice will be served only if we deliver it to ourselves. All rise and face the defendant in the mirror; we’re going to need all the help we can get if we’re gonna make things right, cause’ There’s Alot Going On.

Keep Fighting The Good Fight,

Vic Mensa

markhyuck!domestic au

bc markhyuck living together makes me vvv emo

-they probably live in an apartment

-they moved in together after college these dORKS

-hyuck probably had to drag mark to every apartment to scope the place out

-mark only went bc hyuck promised he’d buy him food lmfao

-”hyuck this apartment looks fine”

-”hm…. the wallpaper’s ugly let’s leave”


-so after 47 fucking years, they finally found one they liked

-it wasnt big but it wasnt too small either

-it felt home-y and they both really liked the vibe of it

-they have two rooms for sleeping and stuff but they just share a bed bc like

-how else is hyuck gonna wake mark up at 4 am to show him a dank meme

-hyuck’s the type to stay up really late so mark usually just falls asleep without him

-so basically hyuck’s a night person whereas mark’s a morning one

-it’ll be 2 am and mark’ll be asleep on his side of the bed (the side closer to the door lmao hyuck’s not about that life)

-so hyuck was on his phone scrolling through tumblr and he had his earbuds in so he couldnt hear anything

-he had his phone on like, the lowest brightness setting bc he didnt wanna wake his lil baby mark up omg

-he was hunched over, sitting upwards and suddenly he felt mark slowly pull him backwards

-hyuck was like “wTF omg” but he realized it was just mark and calmed down lmao

-so mark pulled hyuck back until he was laying down with him

-and took hyuck’s phone and closed it, tossing it on their bedside table

-mark pulled hyuck’s head to his chest and mumbled something about “go the fuck to sleep” in his hair

-mark probably makes coffee for hyuck in the morning omg

-that or mark goes to starbucks while hyuck’s still asleep to get hyuck’s favourite drink from there

-sometimes, for some reason, hyuck will be up earlier than usual and see that mark’s gone

-so he’ll panic a lil and check their kitchen to see if mark’s there


-his voice is still raspy and deep bc he just woke up and mark’s like blushing in the middle of starbucks calm urself mark lee smh


-”hyuck it’s 7am no clubs are open atm”


-”omg im at starbucks getting coffee you fuckin nut im hanging up”

-mark probably arrives back home and sees hyuck asleep on the couch with an episode of some kdrama on

-mark screeches and almost drops the coffee bc fuK THAT’S THE NEWEST EPISODE AND HE’S GETTING SPOILED

-hyuck bolts up and screams with him



-”omg i told you not to call me by my korean name!!!”


-they watch kdramas together lmfao

-sometimes mark likes to FORCE hyuck to sleep early with him

-like, he knows he wont be able to but he tries

-mark tries to help by talking to him!!

-sometimes it’s like, serious but most of the time not lmao

-”yo… when we get married we’ll still have the same last name……”

-”stfu mark omg”

-”when we get a kid can i name it pablo”

-”… mark why…….”

-”kanye yo”

-”literally go fuck yourself oh my god we’re not naming our kid pablo”

-they go grocery shopping together like a bunch of parents omg

-mark keeps hyuck in check lmao

-like hear me out, like i said in my markhyuck couple au thing, hyuck grabs extremely useless things oh my god


-except he doesnt use coupons lmfao

-if he sees something on sale, he’ll buy 50 of them

-even if it’s like, cans of tuna (he hates tuna)

-”hyuck stop grabbing so many boxes of cookies, like, we can get 2″

-they end up grabbing 27 of them anyway

-mark doesnt stand a chance against hyuck’s puppy eyes ok

-they sing really loudly and obnoxiously in the car

-mark always drives lmao hyuck hates driving


-and a million other dogs and cats

-mark doesnt have the heart to leave strays on the street so he picks them up and takes em home

-they have like 3 dogs and 2 cats istg

-the empty bedroom that they dont use is for the pets

-hyuck gets ‘mad’ but he ends up loving the animals the most

-mark really likes taking pictures of hyuck omg

-he has like a fucking album in his phone made especially for pictures of hyuck

-theyre both terrified of the dark so they have a system omg

-when they close the living room lights, mark has his flashlight out from his phone and hyuck has one hand on the lightswitch

-hyuck like counts down from 3 and closes the lights and bolts to their room with mark im laughing

-their pets sleep in their room omg 

-they probably have a candy drawer in their room im

-they order ramen from this one place so often, they have their details down so all they have to do is call and tell them their order and nothing else omg

-they dont interact with their neighbours at all

-THEYRE KINDA LIKE DAN AND PHIL (ive said this before bUT)

-i can just picture those rare days where they both wake up together

-and hyuck’s just sitting on the kitchen counter and he’s rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes

-and mark’s just holding a cup of coffee, staring at hyuck and all he can think about is how beautiful hyuck is and how fucking lucky he is

-he’s like grinning into his cup and hyuck notices so he’s like

-”wtf do you want u lil shit”

-”nothing, nothing” -mark, still grinning lmfao

-so hyuck’s just like ”c’mere you fuck”

-and mark goes over sluggishly and hyuck just pecks his lips and i jUST IM

-ok so like i said earlier they watch kdramas together right

-and the latest mark can stay up is like 1 and then he fucking dies after lmfao

-so it’s like 1:30 and mark’s dozing off but he’s trying sO HARD TO STAY AWAKE

-but he ends up falling asleep

-and hyuck doesnt even fucking notice he’s too busy seeing who the hell the girl ends up with

-but then he feels mark’s head fall on his shoulder and he’s ready to shake this bitch awake lmfAO

-he doesnt have the heart to 

-whenever mark falls asleep, he has this expression that makes him look like a kicked puppy

-so hyuck just turns off the tv and lays mark down carefully

-he trudges to their bedroom to grab their huge ass blanket and a pillow and basically sets up everything on the couch lmao

-he then proceeds to wrap himself in a burrito of mark and he falls asleep like that

-in the morning mark wakes up and is like “wtf why am i here whY IS OUR BEDROOM SUDDENLY IN THE LIVING ROOM AND OMG WHO DID HYEMI END UP WITH”

-hyuck’s all grumpy and shit bc mark woke him up oh my goddd

-”hyemi ended up with the guy we hated dude omg…. let me sleep you fuckin douchebag…”


-”i can barely carry my eyebags around do you think i can carry you smh”


-”ok listen here u lil shit you knOW i cant fucking sleep without you”


-this is getting too long i gotta end iT BYE


All Dogs Go To Cabin 11 Playlist - Spotify link 

I would like to say I had SO MUCH fun during this festival and met really interesting people, especially a brand new friend whom I now hold close to my heart. Featured on the cover are the two lovable pups who helped us name our Cabin, Maya the pug (PJ) & King Louis (my baby). This playlist was picked to my taste which is perfect for a relaxing evening or something to get down to (;

  1. Round 2 - Kanye West || PJ had recently gotten engaged in which we celebrated a little bit :) I also found out Devin is engaged as well and this song shows the romantic part of our cabin to show how we all have found another piece of ourselves within someone else.
  2. Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly || Honestly this song makes me laugh so much for some reason and so I dedicate this one to Michael & PJ who made me laugh the entire weekend and to the entire cabin who made me happy with talks of our pups!
  3. dRuNk - ZAYN || This song actually relaxes me so much with how it has such a relaxing rhythm and it makes me think of the hikes I’d take with my King Louis in which we would find little flower beds! He’d smell and roll in the flowers once we made it back to my bunk, he smelled like the flowers he had rolled in!
  4. I Think Of You - Jeremih || This song most definitely has a funky beat and for some reason it makes me think of when we showed PJ how to roast smores and all different sorts of smores. It was all sticky and delicious and just all out fun :)
  5. I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd || This is my absolute favorite song! Makes me think of how we would all talk and have so much fun with each other! A really great party song honestly and a great way to symbolize the fun we had in the cabin.
  6. Hot In Herre - Nelly || I believe the song speaks for itself! Haha it was getting so hot in the cabin at times haha!
  7. Animal - Trey Songs || The cabin had a little prince and princess running around! Maya & King Louis were the cutest in the cabin!
  8. Bounce Back - Big Sean || Haha well this song is to show how we would stay up all night (or just me) from movies or little videos or just by listening to the little insects outside and once the sun came up I definitely felt like I took some L because I was so so tired but hey, I’d bounce back haha!
  9. Company - Justin Bieber || So this song is dedicated to my dear friend PJ. He was the one i honestly only talked to and he kept me company inside the cabin. Its not a romantic dedication but a friendly one in a sense we bonded over funny topics and our cute little pups! We were each others company and because of this trip, I was able to make a friend :)
  10. Touch - Pia Mia || Mmm well we had one more visitor in my cabin and he would come check on me when I wasn’t feeling all that well. When I couldn’t sleep, he’d lay next to me and make sure I was sleeping right and I loved it so much. Thank you so much, babes. This ones for you xx 

Dedicated to: PJ (@peejiepie) , Devin (@safetreehouse), Michael (@emomarsupial), Louis (@football-emoji)


It was a tables match.

First one to go through a table loses.

I hope everyone can appreciate this now

More people should watch WWE, to be honest. The amount of fuckery like the gif above that happens on this show, all while being live, is fucking glorious and you can’t help but keel over laughing sometimes

Like, some of these guys’ wrestling persona are just

like we got a guy who salsa’s all the time and kanye west’s people by yelling FANDANGO

a guy who never stops taking selfies (even during matches) also his phone is hooked up to the giant screen so you literally watch him take all these selfies

an old guy who goes around and propagates about illegals crossing the border and a whole bunch of racist shit but the shit he says is so ridiculous that no one ever really takes him as a serious racist, for example:

External image

i really could go on

i really cant even with this shit sometimes

but yeah, you guys should watch it

Donald Trump is going through a Jupiter transit through his 2nd house of personal possessions and income. So it is only natural that this planet of abundance and luck netted him around 13 million after the first presidential debate. I hate to say this but Donald Trump really helps me understand what it truly means to be a Gemini. Him and Kanye West. Donald has a Sagittarius moon so he is unreasonably blunt and fallacious in his signature way you will either just love or hate while Kanye has that Pisces moon so he takes things to a whole other dimension at all times. The ‘crazy’ thing about this all is that honestly even if Donald Trump loses this election he ultimately wins. He could easily run again 4 years from now, 'lose’, but still gain so much out of just running. Just think…he could actually win this election….
—  The peace dealer

Unoriginal [ listen ]

covers you didn’t realize you needed in your life until the moment you heard them.

No Angels (TLC) - Bastille feat. Ella Eyre | Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys) - Sam Smith | XO (Beyoncé) - HAIM | Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake) - Arctic Monkeys | Problem (Ariana Grande) - Hozier | Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey) - twenty one pilots | Black Skinhead (Kanye West) - Catfish and the Bottlemen | What Do Ü Mean/Often/Young God (Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Halsey) - Halsey | Don’t Save Me (HAIM) - Years & Years | Hotline Bling (Drake) - Disclosure & Sam Smith | King (Years & Years) - Nick Jonas | Stay (Rihanna) - Thirty Seconds to Mars | Rather Be (Clean Bandit) - The 1975 | Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley) - twenty one pilots

Hidden feelings //Justin Bieber Imagine

I see a lot of people liked the idea of this imagine so babes, here you go♥

“So today I was thinking that we should just hang out, away from all the paparazzi and just have a bit of us time.” you said as you looked at Kendall, Kylie and Justin.

“Yeees, I’ve missed you soo much! The four musketeers!” Kylie says and we all laugh, she hugged you, Kendall soon joined, but Justin was just standing there like a statue.

“Justin? You didn’t miss me, huh?” you say jokingly and he chuckles nervously.

“Yeah, I did.” he says, “B-but just as friends, you know.” he blurted out nervously.

“No, I thought it in the boyfriend- girlfriend way.” you joke, his face gets pale, “I’m joking dude.” you say and he laughs nervously. What the hell? you said to yourself, but pushed it aside, he was like this for the last couple of days.

“Y/N I want to show you my new lipstick shades.” Kylie said all excited.

“After that we could go and actually do something fun.” Kendall says and Kylie frowns, “I’m just joking, but really, I want to us to do something that screams adrenalin.” she says and looks in the air like she’s looking at something very interesting.

“Well there goes my plan of just staying at home, but I do like the adrenalin rush and a good lipstick so yeah, we’ll go.” You say and they scream Yes! you look over at the couch but Justin was gone, “Where did Justin go?” they looked over and shrugged.

“He’s been so weird lately, from the moment you left for Paris he’s been acting different..” Kendall said.

“I’ll have a little talk to him when I get a chance.” you say as you leave your house.

Justin’s POV

“No, I thought it in the boyfriend- girlfriend way.” she said, I froze in my spot, “I’m joking dude.” I felt relieved but also sad? I have no idea what’s been happening to me lately. I laughed nervously. I wanted to get out of this awkward situation and King Kylie has saved me.

“Y/N I want to show you my new lipstick shades.” she said and gave me a look that I knew oh too well. I took that as a sign to get into my ninja mode and get the fuck out. I exited Y/N’s house and ran into my audi r8 and drove off to Ryan’s place.


“Hey dude, I heard Y/N came back in town.” he said as we did our handshake.

“Yeah, I was just there.” 

“Then what are you doing here?” he look at me with a confused expression.

“Because..” I paused, “I think I have feeling towards Y/N.” I said and then before Ryan got a chance to speak I spoke up, “I don’t really know if I have them or not.”

“I get it.” he says, “You have feelings but you just don’t know what type or how to express them, it’s okay tho, you can talk to me I’ll try to help.” I felt relieved.

“I’m so glad you get it. It’s been really hard lately you know..”  he nodded his head.

“I’ll try to help out as much as I can.” he said and I started my rant.

*in the meantime*

You were not planning on ending up in a club but that happened, thanks to Tyga. The club was roaring like crazy singing along to Kanye West’s Famous

“We should really go home!” Said Kendall but you didn’t want to leave, you had a great time and you met someone interesting.

*back to Justin’s POV*

“And that’s when I realized I had feelings for her..” I said to Ryan.

“Bro, go to her place and tell her.”

“I don’t think that’s-” he cut me off.

“Right now or I’ll drag your ass myself.”he argued.

“It’s 3 a.m. I can’t.”

“She’s in a club with Kendall and Kylie, they left the club five minutes ago, you can still make it.”

“How do you-”

“I just do.” he said cutting me off, again, “Just go.” he was right, I can’t just hide my feelings like this, I went out and entered my audi r8, I was driving like a maniac, but I didn’t care, I had to tell her, I wasn’t going to suffer anymore, I wanted to be happy, and Y/N made me happy. I pulled up in her  driveway, there was another car, probably hers. I entered the house, I had a spare key. I was looking around but there was nobody there, I was about to go knock on her bedroom door but I heard noise in the kitchen, I entered the kitchen and there she was in all her glory wearing a white shirt without any pants showing off her Victoria’s Secret underwear.

“Hey.” I say, she looks up and smiles.

“There you are, where were you all day?” she asked me and gave me a hug.

“It doesn’t matter, I want to talk to you.” I say and run my hand through my hair, I was nervous as hell.

“Sure, shoot.” she said and leaned on the counter her attention focused on me.

“This has been going on for a while now,” I started, “and I have finally came to accept my feelings.”

“Yes…” she said and took a step closer to me.

“Y/N, I have–”

“Y/N, babe?” I heard a male voice interrupt me, I felt my whole world tumbling down.

To be continued…

I AM SO EVIL OMG… I just wanted to see if you guys liked it and don’t worry I’ll make part two, you’ll just have to be patient, and the second part will be longer of coursee, love you ♥ 

anonymous asked:

Wait what happened with Taylor? I watched the video but couldn't understand anything

Basically, Kanye came out with his song Famous a while ago, and it had these lyrics:

For all my Southside niggas that know me best
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous (God damn)
I made that bitch famous

After it came out, Taylor faked outrage about him claiming that he made her famous and even indirected Kanye in her Grammy’s speech:

I wanna say to all the young women out there, there’s gonna be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. But if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you’re going, you’ll look around and you’ll know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. And that will be the greatest feeling in the world.

Months later, Kim Kardashian did an interview with GQ where she revealed that Taylor had helped with the song and was aware of it before it came out. Kim was pissed that Taylor painted herself as a victim and Kanye as a villain when she was in on the song in the first place. Kim stated that she had a recording of Kanye and Taylor Swift talking about the song,.

Tonight (Sunday night), the Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode aired from around the time that Kim did the GQ interview. I haven’t watched the full episode yet, but she had a conversation with Kourtney about why she was upset with Taylor and why she had decided to speak the truth to GQ.

It was also National Snake Day on Sunday, by the way. Kim then decided to release the recordings of Kanye and Taylor’s conversation on Snapchat.

As you can tell from the Snapchat videos, Taylor was, in fact, aware of the lines about her and even approved of the sex comment. Here is a transcript of the conversation if you can’t hear well enough from the Snapchats.

In response, Taylor jumped onto Twitter to post this:

She’s now changed her story and is trying to act like she was offended by use of the word “bitch,” which she claims to not have been aware of. Except in the Grammy’s speech when she quite clearly slammed Kanye, she was NOT up in arms about the “bitch” thing, she was upset about the implication that he had made her famous…and we now have proof that she approved it herself. Whoops!

   t e e n  t i t a n s  m o v i e  s o u n d t r a c k

001  exogenesis symphony, part 1 // muse
002  don’t worry, we’ll be watching you // gotye
003  you know i’m no good [cover] // arctic monkeys
004  no church in the wild // jay z & kanye west [ft. frank ocean]
005  teenage crime // adrian lux
006  million dollar man // lana del rey
007  love love love // of monsters and men
008  teenage icon // the vaccines
009  in for the kill [alex giudici remix] // la roux
010  supremacy // muse
011  we will rock you // queen
012  let’s go! [chiptune remix] // teen titans theme song

                                                    listen here

Some of you may or may not know about this but I need to share. The unicef tap project is amazing. For every 10 minuets you don’t touch your phone unicef will donate water to someone for a day. They are trying to show how hard it is to go without something. It’s a really easy way to help other people. When you are doing homework or even sleeping just google unicef tap project and start. You can help so many people.

Made In The AM


“Won’t you stay til the am? All my favorite conversations always made in the am. Cause we don’t know what we’re saying. We’re just swimming round in our glasses and talkin out of our asses like we’re all gonna make it.”

I laugh loudly as Harry stumbles back onto the couch beside me. We were just playing charades, and I couldn’t help but to laugh. His impression of Kanye West nearly had me in tears. I sigh. “I should get going… It’s getting late.”

He pouts, hulling me into his chest. “Nooo. C’mon, you have to stay with me. It was just getting fun.”

“Harry, it’s one in the morning. I’m getting tired.”

“Well, won’t you stay here tonight? We can just talk until we fall asleep.”

He closes his eyes, still holding me there. I let go and embrace him back, cuddling into his chest. “Fine.” I mumble sleepily. “You have to find something to talk about though, babe.”

“Chicken cutlets.”

He and I both sputter out laughs. I can’t help but to start crying as I guffaw into his chest. “Oh my god. I think you’ve had way too many pints. What the hell are you going on about?”

He grins down at me. “You said talk about something, and that’s what came to mind.”

I shake my head with a wide smile plastered on my face. He may have been wasted, but moments like these were my favorite. He and I could share a few drinks and illogical conversations at the dawn of a new day. There was nothing that made me happier than listening to his raspy voice speak…even if it was about chicken cutlets.


“Feels like this could be forever tonight. Break these clocks, forget about time. There could be a world war three goin on outside.”

I felt nostalgic as we lay beside the warm fire, the sound of his guitar echoing through the small vicinity. Our legs were tangled together with the warmth of his chest supporting my body. He strummed his fingers delicately across the body of the instrument, and I felt at ease.

“You know, I wish we could stay like this forever.”

I peer up at him and smile softly. “Me too. I love when you play your guitar. It makes me sleepy.”

“It is almost midnight, princess.” He laughs. “If you want to sleep, I’ll stay right here with you. Just you and me.”

“Really?! Oh, shit. I almost forgot. I’m not keeping you up, am I?”
He laughs. “It’s alright. I’d rather just lay here with you.”

We were oblivious to the world outside of these walls as he continued to play. Nothing else seemed to matter but the two of us in this cozy hut, curled up together while the strong winds blew outside.

I kiss his cheek and smile. “Me too. Any time is better when it’s being spent with you.” He nods in agreement, and I relax back against him.


“You and me were raised in the same part of town. Got these scars on the same ground. Remember how we used to kick around just wastin time?”

The street lights were the only thing to illuminate the path as Liam and I jogged down the street. I laugh when he nearly trips over the crack in the sidewalk. “Be careful, Li. You’re gonna get a bruise just like when we were in grade school.” I put my hands on my hips as I try to catch my breath. “I swear this is the same exact street…”

He looks around, hunched over a bit. “I think it is.” He laughs breathlessly. “Would you look at that? I mean, what are the odds after all these years we end up in the same spot?”

“You always were the clumsy type.” I grin. “I knew I liked you then even though everyone else laughed at you.”

He comes closer to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. “You were the only one to actually step and help me up. I’ll never forget that. It was the first time we met.”

I nod, pressing a soft kiss to his head. “Now look at us. Still wreaking havoc on this very street.”

When I looked at him, I could see everything that we had been through. All of the memories shared and moments had together were permanently engraved in my mind.


“Feels like this could be forever right now. Don’t wanna sleep cause we’re dreaming out loud. Trying to behave, but you know that we never learned how.”

Some who I barely recognized were pouring into the party just as stealthily as thieves. I didn’t mind though. Just as I poured the alcohol into a cup for Louis and myself, I heard loud shouting coming from the direction I just came from. I knew the voice before anyone made a path.

“Fuck you! Yeah, whatever. Keep talking shit, you cunt.”

I suppressed my laughter and left the drinks where they were. Of course he would get into a scuffle. I wouldn’t expect anything less, but I had to break it up before anything got too serious. I didn’t want him to get hurt.

I walk over to Louis and place my hand on his chest before he could lunge at the other guy. It was some prick I had never even seen before. “Hey, hey. Calm down. He’s not worth it, yeah?”

“I know. I’m trying to, but you-“ I heard the guy say something disgusting in reference to me, but I ignored it. Louis didn’t however and picked me up just to place me behind him. “Wanna say that again, asshole?”

That’s when I knew it was too late to hold him back. It wasn’t until he and I landed ourselves in a full on brawl with the guy that I realized we both were one of a kind. Neither of knew better, and neither of us cared to know better. Nights like these were the ones where memories thrived on dreams and even drunken fights. Nights like these were made for the AM.


“You know I’m always coming back to this place. You know and I’ll say you know I’m always gonna look for your face. You know.”

Destiny was a hard thing to grasp at times. I did things and have met people all for one single, undetermined purpose which was chosen specially for me. No one else has the exact same fate that I do. Destiny is what’s meant to be, and that’s what I have always believed. So was it destiny that brought me here? Brought us here? Together?

I gripped the sheet of paper in my hand, the words running through my head as I looked at him. He smiled at me and took a step closer. “I thought I would meet the love of my life here… It never occurred to me that it would be you.”

I felt shocked, but I wasn’t totally stunned into silence. “It’s you… the letters, the gifts on my doorstep, and the scavenger hunts. You did all of this.” It was more of a realization than a question.

For months, I had been telling my pen pal all about me. Every little detail he had known, from my favorite movie to the way I like my cake hot instead of normal temperature. I had even told him about the man I thought I had come to love. I told him how he left and promised to return but never did… when in reality, it was him all along.

He spoke softly. “I didn’t know how to tell you, Y/N. I wanted you to know even though I wasn’t physically here… I would always be with you. I would always come back to you.”

“And you decided this would be the way to do that?” I ask, my voice strained as I clutched the papers.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you-“ He sighs. “You never left my mind, not even for a second.”

I remembered staying up until the sun came out, writing papers upon papers about nothing yet everything. Each one was made in the AM. “I’m not angry with you. You came back for me, and I think this-“ I hold up his most recent letter. “This was one of the best things anyone has ever done for me.”

The way his brown eyes light up make a smile slowly stretch onto my lips. He wastes no more time in explaining, rushing to me to pull me into his warm embrace.