kanye is my favourite

Did anyone else actually read this.I can’t decide which one is my favourite.

Kanye West… Vladimir Putin… Miley Cyrus… Lisney Lohan… Charlie Sheen… Bill Cosby… Mike Tyson… Amanda Bynes… TJ Miller … Ryan Reynolds…

anonymous asked:

What kind of music are you into?

i am into a lot of a lot pal. my favourite band is radiohead, but usually i listen to like. more proper electronic music i guess? autechre and aphex twin for example. i listen to a lot of synthwave, i enjoy vaporwave, i have an irritating weakness for dubstep sometimes. i also like grunge, so nirvana etc… shoegaze… i like rap (tyler the creator, kanye and kendrick are my favourites)… alt-rock like tame impala and classical! my favourite composer is chopin. raindrops is the best thing in the world. hope that helps buddy, what do you like? lots of love from conor xo

BTS slam book quiz pt.4 (Suga): The BTS boys took our slam book quiz… see how they all answered the different questions we threw at them.

1. I can’t live without [music].

2. I don’t like [seaweed].

3. If I could date anyone it would be [someone who loves music].

4. My favourite song to perform is [the Cypher series].

5. When I’m on stage I’m thinking about [myself performing stage].

6. You can get my attention in the crowd at a BTS concert by [just enjoying the concert]

7. If I could give my younger self any advice it would be [“Keep it together”].

8. The other BTS members don’t know that I [am kind].

9. When I hear “Australia” the first thing I think is [fresh air].

10. My favourite Western artist is [Kanye West].

11. If I wasn’t as Asian pop star I would like to be [a construction designer].

12. I have a secret love for [A.R.M.Y].

1. Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Look, life is unfair. Nietzsche died alone and forgotten in an insane asylum. Khloe Kardashian is still on television. I get why you wish the gods had given Kanye’s talent to somebody smarter than Kanye, humbler than Kanye, or maybe even just somebody who doesn’t get his feelings bruised every time he sees a DON’T WALK sign. He probably wishes the same thing. Kanye’s struggle with his own douchebaggery, a struggle he loses most of the time, is part of his artistry. (Just part. Less than half. Fifteen per cent? Twelve?) But note that even in “Monster,” where he exorcises his supposedly monstrous ego, he’s at his most generous, giving Nicki Minaj the cameo of the year, not to mention giving the world a pretty incredible song. You’ll meet bigger douchebags than Kanye every day of your life. Only one of them is going to make this album.

—  Rob Sheffield “Top Ten Albums of 2010” | Rolling Stone
And also there’s another famous one, when Harry Styles said the wrong radio station when he won an award. (Nick: Yes! He thanked us for an award that was sponsored for a rivalry radio station) Yeah… That was my favourite one.
—  Forget about Kanye interrupting Taylor, Fifi has her own personal favourite when it comes to the most memorable moments at the awards shows