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There’s no such thing as the Dark Ages, but OK

As a very serious adult, with a respectable career and life, and a healthy ability to let petty shit slide, I spent much too much time last week arguing with strangers on the internet who believe in the myth of the Dark Ages.

The arguments in question focused on a massively inaccurate meme, which some observers of the group pointed out was originally supposed to be about knowledge loss after the burning of the Library of Alexandria, but which some very cool EDGE LORD had changed to be about ‘The Christian Dark Ages’. Please feast your eyes on it in all it’s massive wrongness:

This is, pretty obviously, a bunch of honkey bullshit and also massively incorrect, as many important scholars have noted. As a result, I spent hours of my life – which I will never get back -  pointing out repeatedly that the ‘graph’ in question has nothing to do with reality, and arguing with non-experts about the medieval period.

For the most part – these people were well-meaning. Many pointed out that this was a very Euro-centric world view, and that Asia, Africa, and the Arab world were all making huge advancements in scientific and medical theory at this time. That is absolutely true. White people have never been the entire world. The Chinese had a massively advanced scientific culture by this time, for example, and had been holding it down with hermetically sealed research laboratories since the third century BCE. The Arab world, meanwhile was compiling treatises on eye surgery. Scientific advancement was something that was happening in this period. Europe is not the centre of the world.

Having said that, while it is important to acknowledge that the-rest-of-the-world was making huge strides in scientific advancement during this time, and that Europe and white people are not the entire world, nor responsible for all of human advancement, there was no such thing as the Dark Ages in Europe either.

While everything about the idea of the Dark Ages is incorrect, lets start off with the way the term was meant to be used. The totally ignorant graph above, unsurprisingly, is completely fucking off. Hilariously, the idea of the ‘Dark Ages’ actually originated in the medieval period itself. Petrarch – the poet laureate of fourteenth-century Rome - was actually the originator of the idea that there was a period of stagnation that Europe was moving out of. Petrarch had a political axe to grind. He considered that any point at which Rome – where he lived and worked and had considerable sway – did not completely dominate the world was a BAD TIME. This is not an unbiased assessment of world history.

The actual phrase ‘Dark Ages’ itself derives from the Latin saeculum obscurum, which Caesar Baronius – a cardinal and Church historian - came up with around 1602. He applied the term exclusively to the tenth and eleventh centuries.  However, and very significantly in his use of the term, Baronius was not decrying a state of scientific malaise, or a particularly turbulent political period – he’s talking about a lack of sources surviving from that time.  Indeed, Baronius sees the cut off point for the dark ages to be the Gregorian reforms of 1046, following which we see a massive increase in surviving documentation. Witness an actual useful chart:

When we move into a period where there are more texts to be considered, Baronius argues, Europe moved out of the period of darkness and into a ‘new age’.*

Now this is some real talk. As you can tell from that graph, during the Carolingian Renaissance of the ninth century, we see a flurry of Latin writers emerge, and a lot of text copying. This drops off again until what we term the Twelfth-Century Renaissance – home to this blog’s favourite philosopher/proto-Kanye –  Abelard. (Shout out to my boy.) However, when people use the term ‘Dark Ages’ now, they usually use it to talk about the entire millennium of the Medieval period, and they aren’t talking about source survival.  They aren’t thinking ‘dark’ as in ‘occluded’, they are thinking ‘dark’ as in pejorative.

We can thank the Enlightenment historiography for the expansion of the idea that the medieval period was a bad dark time. Kant and Voltaire in particular liked to see themselves as a part of an ‘Age of Reason’ as opposed to what they saw as the ‘Age of Faith’ of the medieval period. To their way of thinking, any time that the Church was in power was a time of regressive thinking. The Middle Ages, then, was a dark time because it was so dominated by religion. 

The first push back against the term dark ages began with the Romantics. After the, um, unpleasantness of the Reign of Terror, and the major cultural and environmental upheavals of the Industrial Revolution it became fashionable to look at the medieval period as a time of spiritual focus, and environmental purity. Obviously this is a super-biased way of looking at the period – just like it was biased for Enlightenment thinkers to take one look at the primacy of the Church and declare an entire millennium to be bad. I mean, really what the Romantics were doing was just casting shade on the Enlightenment historiography because they felt like it inevitably led to the guillotine. But what can you do?

By the twentieth century historians had moved on from the idea pretty much completely. If you take the time to actually, you know, study the medieval period, it becomes very apparent very quickly that there was a tremendous amount of intensive thought happening. This is the era of Thomas Aquinas – a bad ass philosopher who will think you under the fucking table. Of Hildegard of Bingen – who basically founded scientific natural history in the German speaking lands. Hell, like we talked about last week Rogerius and Giles of Corbeil were throwing it down for major medical advancement. There was a lot going on. On the real, without the contributions of medieval thinkers you would not get Galileo, Newton, or the Scientific Revolution. The medieval period was not a period of stagnation, it was a time of progress.

But it’s not just that the idea of a ‘Dark Ages’ makes no sense when you look at what incredible advancement was happening at the time, it also makes no sense because it implies that stuff was going really well under the Romans. We estimate that somewhere between thirty to forty percent of the population of Italian Rome were slaves. The Romans had total bans on human dissection, meaning that there was no real way for medicine to progress any further than it had by the time of collapse – a problem that medieval people didn’t have. I mean even if you just want to make it about religion - the Roman Empire was Christian at the time of its collapse and had its heads of state worshipped as LITERAL GODS during the pagan era. Somehow every edgy motherfucker with a fedora is totally cool with this and thinks it is super reasonable though. Because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The Romans were not a bunch of really awesome people living a life of idealised rationality any more than medieval people were all ignorant savages living in fear of God.

Is there a time that historians use the term ‘Dark Ages’? Yeah, we do use it to talk about source survival rates. It’s not a term we use as a value judgment, however. We just mean that we don’t have a lot of evidence to go off of. By the same token – if we somehow move on to another electronic format without converting the way things are stored now, we could be moving into a theoretical Digital Dark Age, where historians in the future won’t be able to study what we are writing now. (And that would be a tragedy, because legit, I would kill to be a historian working on Donald Trump’s tweets in the year 2717.)

We’re now moving away from using the term Dark Ages at all, however, because of the frequency with which it is misinterpreted. I mean, if every basic motherfucker out there who never bothered to read God’s Philosophers (hat tip to James Hamman – this book is amazing) will insist on willfully misinterpreting us, we just ain’t gonna give them the ammo.

What it comes down to is that the medieval period was as vibrant as any other period of history. If you’re going to player hate, go ahead, but please don’t act like you know anything about either medieval or ancient history when you do. There is no period of rational supermen followed by ignorant monsters. There are just people doing their best in the circumstances.

* Caesar Baronius, Annales Ecclesiastici Vol. X. (Rome, 1602), p. 647. “Novum incohatur saeculum quod, sua asperitate ac boni sterilitate ferreum, malique exudantis deformitate plumbeum, atque inopia scriptorum, appellari consuevit obscurum.”

Runaway (ft. Pusha T)
Kanye West
Runaway (ft. Pusha T)

favourite songs- 11 / ?

And I always find, yeah, I always find something wrong
You been putting up with my shit just way too long
I’m so gifted at finding what I don’t like the most
So I think it’s time for us to have a toast
Let’s have a toast for the douchebags
Let’s have a toast for the assholes
Let’s have a toast for the scumbags
Every one of them that I know
Let’s have a toast for the jerkoffs
That’ll never take work off
Baby, I got a plan
Runaway fast as you can

BTS slam book quiz pt.4 (Suga): The BTS boys took our slam book quiz… see how they all answered the different questions we threw at them.

1. I can’t live without [music].

2. I don’t like [seaweed].

3. If I could date anyone it would be [someone who loves music].

4. My favourite song to perform is [the Cypher series].

5. When I’m on stage I’m thinking about [myself performing stage].

6. You can get my attention in the crowd at a BTS concert by [just enjoying the concert]

7. If I could give my younger self any advice it would be [“Keep it together”].

8. The other BTS members don’t know that I [am kind].

9. When I hear “Australia” the first thing I think is [fresh air].

10. My favourite Western artist is [Kanye West].

11. If I wasn’t as Asian pop star I would like to be [a construction designer].

12. I have a secret love for [A.R.M.Y].

Did anyone else actually read this.I can’t decide which one is my favourite.

Kanye West… Vladimir Putin… Miley Cyrus… Lisney Lohan… Charlie Sheen… Bill Cosby… Mike Tyson… Amanda Bynes… TJ Miller … Ryan Reynolds…


Happy birthday Yeezy. I hope you have a beautiful day and spend it with your loved ones. I respect you so much, your attitude, fashion sense, music, ideas, dreams, passion and everything else! Thank you for teaching many people to speak their minds and not be afraid to be passionate. You will forever be one of my favourite people in the industry. 

Patrick Stump/Fall Out Boy Covering Songs Masterpost

So I have attempted to gather as many instances of Patrick Stump/Fall Out Boy covering other people’s songs.

Some of the live ones are a little dodgy, but I didn’t include anything that had unbearable audio quality.

If you plan on using this for something - PLEASE credit me. This took me a long time to do, please don’t discount the effort that I made.

If you guys have found anything to add to this, please let me know!


Patrick Stump Covers:

Let’s Get It On“ (Marvin Gaye)

Life On Mars” (David Bowie)

Kanye West Medley

A Cappella Grammy Medley

My Favourite Dress“ (The Wedding Present)

A Cappella “Green Light

Michael Jackson Tribute Medley

Love Lockdown” (Kanye West)

Don’t Matter/Ignition“ (Akon/R. Kelly)

So Sick” (Ne-yo)

Everybody Here Wants You“ (Jeff Buckley)

Shutterbugg” (Big Boi)

Everyday“ (Buddy Holly)

New Jack Swing A Cappella Medley

Tom Traubert’s Blues” (Tom Waits)

Live Patrick Covers (There are a shitload of the same song so I just posted one of each that I could find):

Me and Mrs. Jones” (Billy Paul)

Billie Jean“ (Michael Jackson)

In The Air Tonight” (Phil Collins)

Nothing Compares To You“ (Prince)

If You Think You’re Lonely Now” (Bobby Womack)

Love Will Tear Us Apart“ (Joy Division)

This Christmas” (Don Hathaway)

“If You Think You’re Lonely Now” & “Me and Mrs Jones

City of New Orleans” (Steve Goodman)

Beat It“ (Michael Jackson)

Let’s Get It On” (Marvin Gaye)

Kiss My Sass“ (Cobra Starship)

Random Medley (Swing, Every Little Step I Take, That Girl Is Poison etc)

"Let’s Dance” (David Bowie)

Move On Up“ (Curtis Mayfield)


What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” (With Daryl Hall)

Billionaire“ (With Gym Class Heroes)

"Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden Cover With Robert Glasper Experiment)

Karaoke Covers:

This is How We Do It“ (Montell Jordan)

I Believe I Can Fly” (R. Kelly)

Trouble“ (Taylor Swift)

Fall Out Boy Cover Songs:

What’s This?

Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Joy Division)

Roxanne“ (The Police)

Live Covers:

Mr Brightside” (The Killers)

American Boy“ 

I Write Sins Not Tragedies” (Panic! At the Disco)

Basketcase“ (Green Day)


Don’t Stop Believing” (Journey) feat. Brendon Urie


I know I’ve already spoke about Kanye West before so I’m not gonna discuss what I’ve already spoke about. Instead I thought i’d focus on the Yeezus album. Only Yeezus, I’m not gonna talk about anything else. Now I thought I’d focus on music tonight because I’ve just watched a documentary about Kanye West and it’s inspiring as fuck. Such motivation and confidence in his own ability is contagious. Also, my recent blog about sexuality was a bit heavy so tonight’s is easier.

So Yeezus is Kanye’s latest album and it dropped June 18th last year. I actually can’t believe this album is a year old. Lasting just over 40 minutes, Yeezus contains 10 tracks, starting with On Sight (a hard-hitting intro) and ending with Bound 2 (a shoutout to the old Kanye). The overall feeling of Yeezus is that it’s an artist saying “fuck you” to anyone who thinks they know him. Just as the rest of hip-hop are catching up with MBDTF (His previous album) he reinvents hip-hop. He reinvents pop music.

Kind of sounding like a sci-fi industrial factory, Kanye opens with On Sight, a track with amazing lyrics and a shoutout to Johnny Cochrane (OJs lawyer). About 1/3 into the track he adds a slow interlude before swerving that and switching back to the original beat. I swear he is the king of beats man.
The second track, Black Skinhead (BLKKK SKKKN HEAD), is a fucking beastly track. The beat hits you hard from the beginning and I guarantee the anger in his voice will inspire you do whatever it is that you’re doing. If you’re listening to this track while making a sandwich that sandwich is gonna be one fucking inspired sandwich. I dare you to not feel badass listening to it. He even reinvents history to suit his lyrical needs the crazy psycho genius. In case, after these 2 tracks, you’re still wondering what it is that Kanye thinks he is, he’s about to fucking tell you. 
I Am A God follows, confirming that he is a fucking God, and you’re his fucking disciple and you better “hurry up with” his “damn croissants”. Maybe that is why he can reinvent the Battle of Thermopylae, because he’s a God. Tbf to Kanye though he gives credit to Jesus, admitting he’s the “most high” but Kanye knows he’s pretty fucking close.
Kanye gets political, New Slaves, with an appearance from Frank Ocean, talks about society. No, slaves aren’t literally picking cotton anymore, but they’re all slaves to industries spending all their money on what’s hot. The irony of course is that Kanye is the guy who decides what’s hot. But we’ll let that slide cause he goes in fucking hard on this track. Just so you know, you can’t fuck with ‘Ye.
I’ve mentioned Chief Keef before (the legend) and he features on Hold My Liquor, a slower track with a slightly different feel. It feels different until the drop where it feels similar to On Sight; a simplistic beat with focus on the lyrics. Tupac gets a mention and so do the Red Octobers. This track is definitely one of my favourites because of the ending. Cool as shit. 
I’m In It comes next and it’s dope as fuck. 'Ye is rhyming all kinds of words and dominating. The best lyric on the album is on this track (“Eating Asian pussy all I need is sweet and sour sauce” - tell me that’s not amazing). The middle eight is sound, and I bet once you know the lyrics you’ll sing along in the same high pitched voice. Listening to it now this track is the most sexual, but fuck you it’s great. Seriously, every time Kanye goes back in it’s anticipated. The word “finna” makes an appearance too which is sick. This song has the best lyrics on the album, fo sho.
My favourite song to play on guitar, Blood on the Leaves comes next. I don’t know if he reads my blog but shoutout to Aaron for showing me this song. Anyway, Kanye samples Strange Fruit, originally a poem written about lynching. This is my favourite poem because it’s powerful as fuck, and therefore this track is BOUND 2 be good (Kanye West pun, hail me HAHAHAHA).
Guilt Trip is my least fave song on the album but it’s still good, that’s how good this album is. The beat sounds a bit like Heartless (808s & Heartbreaks) with a Yeezus twist. Not much to say really, the song isn’t a filler it’s just not my fave. However, Chewbacca gets a mention so I’m glad Kanye and I both like Star Wars.
Send It Up is kind of like I’m In It. It’s got a cool hook and some clever lyrics. Yeah actually that’s a great shout, it’s kind of like a sequel, it’s about how fucking dominant Kanye is and he’ll show you by making you leave your friends outside the club. THEY AIN’T RALPH THO’. 
The closing track, Bound 2, is definitely my favourite overall. Not only is it reminiscent of Kanye’s earlier work AKA soul samples, it’s also a love song. I mean, it is technically I suppose. It’s like a rapper’s sonnet. Think of Shakespeare if he was a gang member and into rap. I also like it because I can kind of play it on keyboard. However, Sigma thought they’d fucking ruin it didn’t they the little cunts with their shitty drum and bass, chase and status wannabe, annoying, cunty beat. Woah, Ryan, calm down. They did though. Anyway, back to Bound 2. The song is great, again, clever lyrics for days. The hook is catchy as fuck and the video is so painfully shit that it’s amazing. Also, Seth Rogen and James Franco recreated it which is an instant win. This song is kind of like Kanye saying “hey critics, i know you’re about to say I’ve lost it and can’t do the old me, well fuck you, yes I can and here’s evidence you dicks”. 

Guys, listen to the album, not on shuffle either. What happened to the days of listening to an entire album the whole way through before picking your favourite songs? The whole concept of the album is reducing the amount of information but keeping the same quality and integrity, which, I think he does masterfully. 

☆ I got range ☆// A collection of covers done by Patrick Stump [listen]

01. So Sick // 02. This Is How We Do It // 03. Let’s Get It On // 04. A Cappella Kanye West melody // 05. Don’t Matter // 06. Everyday // 07. My Favourite Dress// 08. A Cappella Michael Jackson Tribute // 09. Billionaire // 10. Everybody Here Wants You // 11. Green Light// 12. Billie Jean // 13. Life on Mars? // 14. Love Lockdown // 15. New Jack Swing // 

1. Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Look, life is unfair. Nietzsche died alone and forgotten in an insane asylum. Khloe Kardashian is still on television. I get why you wish the gods had given Kanye’s talent to somebody smarter than Kanye, humbler than Kanye, or maybe even just somebody who doesn’t get his feelings bruised every time he sees a DON’T WALK sign. He probably wishes the same thing. Kanye’s struggle with his own douchebaggery, a struggle he loses most of the time, is part of his artistry. (Just part. Less than half. Fifteen per cent? Twelve?) But note that even in “Monster,” where he exorcises his supposedly monstrous ego, he’s at his most generous, giving Nicki Minaj the cameo of the year, not to mention giving the world a pretty incredible song. You’ll meet bigger douchebags than Kanye every day of your life. Only one of them is going to make this album.

—  Rob Sheffield “Top Ten Albums of 2010” | Rolling Stone
And also there’s another famous one, when Harry Styles said the wrong radio station when he won an award. (Nick: Yes! He thanked us for an award that was sponsored for a rivalry radio station) Yeah… That was my favourite one.
—  Forget about Kanye interrupting Taylor, Fifi has her own personal favourite when it comes to the most memorable moments at the awards shows

I’m a music snob. Like, a really big music snob. 

I know I’m a bad person, but whenever someone says they love One Direction, Katy Perry or Rihanna etc, I’m going to assume that they don’t have a range in musical interest and I will judge them.

One of the reasons I think is because, for example Directioners, they claim that 1D have the best everything; songs, lyrics, music videos and overall the greatest artist ever. And as you guessed, it pisses me off a lot. Shit like that comes across as really ignorant as they don’t take any other artist in to account.

It isn’t just pop as well. Those who like only heavy metal or only pop-punk anger me as well. They think just because their favourite band plays their own instrument that they’re music gods, and all artists who don’t play instruments are inferior.  No your fave band is probably shit. 

Guns n’ Roses? Shit.

All Time Low? Shit.

Bring Me the Horizon? Shit.

This is where my music snobbery level goes even higher, I think I have one of the best music tastes ever, because I have a really wide variety in music taste. I listen to at least a couple of artists a genre, and I think I’m such a pro critique (My favourites include Kanye, Radiohead, Bjork, Nirvana so yeah, some call me a hipster douche).

I get the whole “respect peoples’ opinions” and “people can listen to whatever they want” but I seriously can’t come to terms with that. I feel like it’s my duty to save people who listen to boy-bands, pop princesses and other mainstream products of music. I will comment on a YouTube video by The Vamps or 1D or 5SOS and express my criticism for them groups.

In conclusion, I think everyone who listens to just one artist or just mainstream music, are ignorant and should listen to other genres. I know I’m wrong, but I don’t give a shit, I’m still gonna judge you on your music taste.