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Pairings: Tony x f!Reader

Request: Can you make a readerxtony, they are dating and they prank people? :D

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Clint, Sam, Pietro.

Thor: Confess now, pranksters! Which one of you – I can’t even bare to speak of the villainous act!

Thor: We are brethren! I did not expect this from any of you. How could you do this to me? Monsters!

Sam: … Chill.

Pietro: As much as I would love to take credit for whatever happened, I can’t.

Thor: That leaves you, Barton!

Clint: Wait, you can’t just assume I did whatever it is!

Clint: Which is what, by the way?

Thor: You know full well what! You will pay for this.

Pietro: R.I.P in peace, old man.

Clint: It’s R.I.P or just rest in peace!

Pietro: I said that?

Sam: Oh my god.

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The Signs As Important Videos

Rust Signs

Aries - The Color Red
Arsces - GoPro Test / Welcome To My Channel
Arrius - Reporter Knocked Over By A Goat
Ariborn - halloween finger
Arittarius - warm it up exe That’s a 10! [h3h3productions]
Arpia - Smells Like Teen Shovel Coub
Arza - The Baby Bullet
Arga - Goth knows what he’s doing
Aro - Kid Breaks Friends Camera With Airsoft Gun
Arcen - ajrojrojro
Armini - [SFM] Shrek gets spooked.
Arun - hungry chicken
Arist - it’s letter time
Arsci - Would Ben Carson kill baby Hitler?
Aricorn - ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Arittanius - How to pronounce ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Arpio - Wait… What???
Arra - EVA MAN
Argo - Heavy Rain Glitch
Arlo - Mattel’s New Baby Secret (Original)
Arcer - Tooth Tunes - A Rockin’ Way to Brush
Arus - Ba'noodle Dub

Bronze Signs

Taurus - Airbus A320 test flight gone wrong
Taurist - More Cowbell!
Taursci - Dog biting graphic on 3 News
Taurnius - Shhhh be quiet ginger
Tauricorn - Go ! Bwaaah !
Taurittanius - Yay! I did it!
Taurpio - Nates Firepole Fail
Taurra - Super Марио Brothers
Taurgo - Have you ever had a dream like this?
Taurlo - Eminem - “Mom’s Spaghetti” (Music Video)
Taurcer - School of Rock Hawaii 5-0 Drum Fill
Taurmino - Seth Rogen Laugh + Cantina Song = Nightmares
Taurun - test video please do not watch
Tauries - Paranormal Pugtivity
Taursces - animal calling
Taurrius - Yee
Tauriborn - It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Yee
Taurittarius - Yee busters
Taurpia - Dog of Wisdom
Taurza - You’re Correct Horse
Taurga -  I pre-ordered Overgrowth
Tauro - Great Job Pooping!
Taurcen - Singing Greeting Card from Hell
Taurmini -  Anon_Hate.avi

Gold Signs

Gemini - Flight of the Bumblebee on 101 Bottles!
Gemun - Matrix Nerds
Gemries - honey tasting
Gemsces - Guy tests his newly acquired high tech amphibian scooter
Gemrius - “11 minut” scena kaskaderska
Gemiborn - Bobby
Gemittarius - Artificial Intelligence Beach
Gempia - “I’m Going to Jail!”
Gemza -  RTE News: Award winning fake typing.
Gemga - “Oh, damn” LMAOOO
Gemo - Shrek: the Final Layer
Gemcen - Rebirth
Gemino - Annie, don’t fall!
Gemus - Grand Theft Auto IV Piano Car - A Thousand Miles
Gemrist - Car Crash During News Interview
Gemsci - Cry Me To The Moon
Gemnius -  Cool Guy has Chill Day
Gemittanius - Skrillex - The Official Gameplay Trailer [leaked] [AKA Skrillex the Game]
Gempio -  Apple Store Jumbotron
Gemra - name a yellow fruit
Gemgo - Moonbase Alpha provides a realistic simulation of life on a natural satellite
Gemlo - My Cover of the Universal Song [Original]
Gemcer - Hollaback Seinfeld

Lime Signs

Cancer - Jesus is the Bread
Camino - 드라마 레전드급 무리수ㅋㅋㅋ
Canus - damnanimals crunshers
Canrist - All Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Verses Played At Once
Cansci - [HD] Sandra Annenberg Cai Ao Vivo no Programa “Como Será?”
Cannius - Garfielf
Canicorn - Leafblower Volcano
Canittanius - Norm Macdonald
Canpio - Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour
Canra - The World’s Biggest “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” Fan
Cango - ♫ Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ♫
Canlo -  Jurassic Park Theme Song (Melodica Cover)
Cancen - How could this happen to me?
Camini - World’s Hottest Burrito
Canun - YTP: Spencer Launches a Bagel into Griffin’s Rectum
Canries - My Heart Will Go On - Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland
Cansces - I Just Found 12 Bricks
Caniborn -  When will you learn
Canittarius - Biggie Smalls feat. Thomas the Tank Engine
Canpia - Evangelion in a Nutshell
Canza - this guy moaned at least this loud
Cano - SomeBODY Once Told Me

Olive Signs

Leo - Riding cat
Lecen - Scared my deaf cat when I got home
Lemini - Flutterbye fairy toy flies into fire O'Fortuna
Leun - kazoot
Leries - Mary being Mary
Lesces - i was my paint
Lerius - Pico De Gato
Leiborn - Video Tutorial - Picture Frame Installment
Leittarius - Worlds Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion… And my thoroughly unimpressed cat
Lepia - The Cat the curtain and the laser light
Leza - Wife Scare
Lega - Wizard Cat
Lelo - Conga
Lecer - Fox news accurately recreates a bear encounter.
Lemino - Kaito Cat Hates the Vet
Leus - Brett
Lerist - 息ピッタリ!息子と猫さん
Lesci - Staying Alive
Lenius - Asian Reporter Hillarious Scream Going Down Slide! 美女記者的悲慘遭遇 (字幕版)
Leicorn - Terrible Mall Commercial
Leittanius - Wendy’s Defining Moment
Lepio - My Cat from Hell - You don’t like cats?!
Lera - Bear and Man Spook Each Other
Lego - The Lion King Random Death

Jade Signs

Virgo - Kissing in Front of Crazy Christians
Virlo - Congratulations!!!!
Vircer - Gordon Gives Feedback
Virmino - Nickelstats
Virus - Watch your profanity
Virist - Dic Logo - What Were You Really Thinking?
Virsci - Wow a Yard Sale!
Virnius - Parents Suck
Virittanius - Get Mario Karted
Virpio - The Sound of Silence
Virra - The moment an old lady questions her own sanity
Virga - Let’s go Shopping
Viro - Penis Bagels
Vircen - best stock footage
Virmini - Chris Rock Catches a Foul Ball
Virun -  Dr. Deuce
Viries - The Beard Cage
Virsces - KXVO “Pumpkin Dance”
Virrius - Monster’s Inc, (Fan Film) [~IF I DIDN’T HAVE YOU~]
Virittarius - I just stole a kiss (RE-MAKE)
Virpia - Girl look how orange you fucking look girl
Virza -  Mad Tea Party (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

Teal Signs

Libra - Never Illegally Download
Ligo - Obama on 911
Liblo -  Rogue Trumpeter
Licer - Superhuman tape measure skills (original)
Limino - Birthday Surprise: Gone Wrong
Libus - Hard-hitting analysis
Librist - thomas kinkade PREVIEW.MOV
Libsci - guacamole
Libnius - Flying nut high five
Libicorn -  Shia Surprise
Libittanius -  Filling in, due to…WHAT?
Lipio - What are Frogs, Mulder?
Libza - World’s Worst Police Sketch
Liga - News presenter gets annoyed
Libo - Woop
Licen - L.A. Noire requires you to read subtle facial cues to tell if someone is lying
Limini - Who was flickering the lights?
Libun - Two shots of vodka
Libries - Awkward News Moment
Libsces -  Gay Mount Everest
Librius - There’s a d**k on my back!
Libiborn - Nicolas Cage Driving
Libittarius - Plastic Bag Bored Of News Interview
Lipia - real killer of jfk found [uncovered]

Blue Signs

Scorpio - Spiderman 
Scorra - Trick Shot
Scorgo - Chroma Key test
Scorlo - The Proper Way to End Your Film
Scorcer - the ice-cream van
Scormino - How to light a firecracker
Scorus - Ellen Best Troll Eu
Scorist - Bird learns how life works
Scornius - Baby tries mate for the first time with shocking results
Scoricorn - How It Feels To Chew 5 Gum
Scorittanius - Pallet jack fail. Faceplant
Scorza - Webb Simpson US Open Interview Bird Man Photobomb
Scorga - Godzilla - It Can’t Be Tooted
Scoro - Selling is Service, Service is Selling - A Musical Training Video (Original)
Scorcen - Sticky Buddy Dub
Scormini - IAAPA Animatronic 1
Scorun - Thug Life (nerf gun review)
Scories - 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Listening To Macklemore If You Aren’t Already
Scorsces - Disney’s Blam - Up
Scorrius - Tight Pants / Body Rolls
Scoriborn - We’re Not Aiming For The Truck (Original Video)
Scorittarius - onion rings

Indigo Signs

Sagittarius - [ORIGINAL] Turkish man yelling “meow” at an egg
Sagipia -  Crushing up boxes
Sagiza - Penn Says I LOVE YOU DOG
Sagiga - Kanye Scoreboard
Sagio - Doortal Kombat
Sagicen - Treadmill FAIL!
Sagimini - LeBron James NEEDS to be stopped
Sagiun - Yo.
Sagiries - Cannoli murder
Sagisces - Doberman slide
Sagirius -  Wal-Murica’
Sagiborn - Professor Scott Steiner Typography
Sagittanius - Burn Marks
Sagipio - You’re not even a real journalism
Sagira - Jumping over a chair like a gangster (Bill Gates)
Sagigo - Kermit it’s not a Cookie
Sagilo - BAIL! BAIL! BAIL!
Sagicer - Evangelion - A Cruel Angel’s Thesis: Bike Horn Cover
Sagimino - Ah fuck. I can’t believe you’ve done this.
Sagius - The Dark Side of Ring Pop! (Starring Aubrey Plaza)
Sagirist - ARMY OF DRINK
Sagisci - moshfit
Saginius -  Robert It Goes Down
Sagicorn - I’m from Winnipeg You Idiot! Jericho Owns the World !!

Purple Signs

Capricorn - You Stoned??
Caprittanius - Turn that Poop into Wine
Capripio - wowww
Caprira - If I’m not a bush, I’m not no one
Caprigo - Adweedure time with Snoop & Dogg
Caprilo -  Rappin’ for Jesus
Capricer - Most Brutal Metal Scream 2012
Caprimino - Oh God Dammit
Caprius - Nichijoint - My Ordinary Weed
Caprist - swangin.mp4
Caprisci - It’s that time
Caprinius - BEEER
Capriborn - Barney Meets His Maker
Caprittarius - Boy with taco FAIL
Capripia - fun and creative way of pouring a beer
Capriza - Have you ever had a dream like this? (Metal Remix)
Capriga - Drunk Escalator Fall
Caprio - cooking by the book remix ft lil jon
Capricen - most brutal metal scream
Caprimini -  Sad Full House: “Michelle’s Mom Is Dead”
Capriun - Sad Full House: “Stephanie’s Mistake”
Capries - dog grips 2
Caprisces - Alcohol - Liquor - Booze
Capririus - Oh Shit

Violet Signs

Aquarius - Insane card trick
Aquiborn - Unfriended Hey Guys It’s Nicole
Aquittarius - David Blaine Street Magic Part 2
Aquapia - Monroe Shock Absorbers Gay Commercial
Aquaza - Baby Scared Of Party Toy Baby Scared Of Party Toy
Aquaga - Stepping on the M83
Aquo - Not to be racist or anything (vine)
Aquacen - Kristine Acielo - Mayoral: Candidate Soapbox - CTV Edmonton
Aquamini - Scott Bradford
Aquiun - Maaaaaagisk!
Aquaries - Max Falling Out Of Kayak
Aquasces - Kiss
Aquanius - Oh….SHIT!
Aquicorn -  I lost 3,000,000 turtles in the blink of an eye, and the world just Fuarkin watched.
Aquittanius - Render unto Obama
Aquapio - I think I would buy an island!
Aquara - You’re a Wizard Harry
Aquago - boulevard of broken dreams
Aqualo - Ariel Needs Legs
Aquacer - Explosive Water
Aquius - Cool guy does a vape trick
Aquarist - The original Demonic Fish *Seen On TV*
Aquasci - Guy takes video instead of picture.

Fuchsia Signs

Pisces - Helicopter takes off from top of dog’s head
Pirius - Surprised My Dad With a New Puppy
Piborn - Dat Bass
Pittarius - When Your Friends Shooting For His First Eagle…
Pipia - Mr Postman Vine
Piza -  too turnt
Piga - He Isn’t One With The Force
Picen - Disney’s “Lion King” - in 3D!
Pimini - burp helium (so funny)
Piun - aroo.avi
Piries - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf [The Epilogue]
Pisci - When your jam comes on, but you go to a catholic school
Pinius -  Miracles Do Happen
Picorn - Half-Life: Wounded
Pittanius - Babies Seeing Chickens For First Time
Pipio - itgoesitgoesitgoesitgoesitgoesitgoes
Pira - Vine 1395: Moving on up in Birmingham by K_Swang
Pigo - Darth Vader v. Hoverboard
Pilo - Canola Oil + Kitchen Floor = fail
Picer - back at it again at krispy kreme
Pius - KDOC’s New Years Eve Show of FAIL JAMIE KENNEDY
Pirist - Uptown Funk You Up