kanye crying

the signs as shit my sister has said to me

Aries: The fuck did you just say to me? I’ll bust your kneecaps.

Taurus: Guess what? I don’t give a fuck because you ate all my marshmallows. Did you think I would feel sympathy for you? Because I don’t. I don’t give a flying fuck what you do. Just give me my marshmallows you gelatin stealing son of a bitch.

Gemini: I will burn your mother’s house down. I understand that means I’m burning my own house down, but I’m gonna burn your mother’s house down.

Cancer: I’m gonna go sit in the car and listen to Kanye and cry.

Leo: I wish the Greek gods were real so I could tell Zeus this storm is some pussy shit.

Virgo: Now that the mood lighting is here, let’s talk about politics.

Libra: I would be honored to be Batman’s little bitch.

Scorpio: *pulls out $20 from her back pocket* Look at this, Andrew Jackson all up in my pussy.

Sagittarius: Do you remember in Kung Fu Panda 2 when Tigress and Po hugged? Was that purely platonic or what? I need to know. Because like, they’re two different species.

Capricorn: Are you suggesting I appropriate lizard culture?

Aqaurius: I don’t like goats. I used to, but I decided that they weren’t worth my time.

Pisces: Those waves slapped me so hard I’m about to call them daddy.