kanye being kanye

why aren’t more people talking about the fact taylor swift is releasing her new album on the 10th anniversary of Kanyes moms death? like taylor is known for her meticulous planning where every little detail has meaning so there is no way that’s an accident (and even if it was someone definitely told her and she decided it was ok)

say what you will about Kanye but he adored his mom and it is beyond cruel to exploit her death in a petty feud

like it’s one thing to lie at the expense of his career it’s a whole other thing to use something so tragic as a twisted pawn in her game of revenge

Hamilton: *publishes the Reynolds Pamphlet*

Jefferson: *bursts through the door in a lovely evening gown, holding an award*


Jefferson: I’d like to thank not only God, but also Jesus. And of course, Kanye West for being the Kanye Best.




Nori is all of us just trying to get through the week…

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will you make ravenclaw, slytherin and hufflepuff fanmixes?

how would that go tho

  • gryffindor: we can’t stop
  • ravenclaw: why is it important to you that we stop?
  • slytherin: what will you give me if we stop
  • hufflepuff: we will stop immediately sorry for bothering you
I just can’t feel sorry for Kim K

My hate for Kim Kardashian is very strong, so if this story is real, I can honestly say I don’t really feel bad. She constantly brags on social media about how much money and wealth she has, so of course someone is gonna go after that wealth. Maybe next time she won’t brag so much about what she has. Kim Kardashian annoys the shit out me. She is a virus. No, in fact she and her family are a plague. You can’t avoid them no matter how hard you try. They don’t do shit and yet they are famous. They have no talent and I can not stand people who become famous for absolutely nothing. So, yes I am a mean person because I do not care if her life was in danger. 

I also don’t believe this shit actually happen. Kim Kardashian has to do some dramatic shit every couple of months, just to make sure her 15 minutes of fame are never up. This bitch would shoot herself just for the sympathy and to make her name a top trend. 

Why do I keep getting messages that start with “not to defend Kanye or anything but…” and then they LITERALLY go on to defend him like no stop there are no questions about this completely fucked up thing he did. I know “how rap works” but what he is saying on his song as not the same as any other rap song. And not just because he mentioned Taylor either because I know that’s something a lot of people on the outside looking in are thinking. “Oh they’re just gassed up because somebody had Taylor’s name in their mouth”. Tyler the Creator has managed to mention Taylor in his songs TWICE without degrading her and downplaying her career (of course his mentions of her were still a bit cringe-worthy, it was in due respect of his art) Kanye’s song, however, is based on this entire idea that his being is the only reason behind the success of a few women he has come in contact with over the last few years. This madness with Amber Rose could’ve been seen from miles away after he claimed to “own” Wiz Khalifa’s son (something along those lines). He even tried to B-RATE HER FOR BEING A STRIPPER LIKE KANYE???????KAYNE?????????THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN IS THRIVING ON A SEX TAPE THAT EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDAD HAS SEEN??????????? Then he has the nerve to say the reference to Taylor in his song was her idea and she agreed with it THEN WHY IS HER LITTLE BROTHER THROWING AWAY $800 SHOES WHY ARE HER FRIENDS PISSED TF OFF WHY IS KARLIE KLOSS BREECHING HER CONTRACT WITH ADIDAS WHY IS RUBY ROSE SKINNING PEOPLE ALIVE ON TWITTER FOR QUESTIONING HER COMING TO TAYLOR’S DEFENSE. Then you just know there’s gonna be that population of people who are like “you’re Taylor Swift fans you don’t know shit about rap that’s how it goes people get called bitches all the time it’s what ever” THAT👏🏾IS👏🏾NOT👏🏾THE👏🏾POINT👏🏾Kanye has been waiting to suck Taylor’s name dry just like the rest of the shitty people the world left back in 2014 and 2015 waiting to get their 15 SECONDS of fame from the mention of her name. I’m so sick of it. Not the mentioning of Taylor but the acceptance of objectifying a woman in our culture. The acceptance of belittling another artist. This fucking girl FORGAVE YOUR SHITTY ASS. YOU THREW HER IN THE LAVA IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD ONCE AND SHE FORGAVE YOU. SHE SMILED AT YOU. SHE SPOKE TO YOUR WIFE. SHE WAS KIND. AND YOU SNATCHED HER BY THE HAIR AND THREW HER BACK IN THE LAVA AGAIN……….I may be too passionate about this but I’m speaking as an offended Taylor Swift fan….and unfortunately, an ex-Kanye West stan. So tired of defending you. All that shit talk about being a God and everything and I STILL bought your albums….STILL almost got kicked out of venues for jumping all over seats and getting hype the second you stepped on the stage. Now I can’t even THINK your name without wanting to throw up.