kanyar maryam

So I drew a genderbent!Kanaya, or Kanyar, as I like to put it. I guess it’s one of those things where people draw characters in fashionable clothes they want to own except in this case the clothes are not very fashionable and I actually bought these clothes…

Also when I was doing genderbends instead of greatly changing their fashion sense like most people seemed to do, I liked to change their strife specibus. Kanyar would use an axe. Joan also used an axe, as opposed to a hammer. They’re more graceful than hammers, I think. Only not really. perhaps they are only messier.

Genderbent Kanaya is also interesting in a way because Kayana’s character is built so much on her being female, and she’s one of the very few characters in Homestuck like that. With that, it can be hard to imagine what a male Kanaya would be like.