Gender: Male
Pod: N/A (Mother was Kiska)
Place of Capture: Captive born
Date of Capture: Born August 28, 1994
Age at Capture: Captive born

On August 28, 1994, Icelandic female Kiska gave birth to her second calf at Marineland Ontario. The male, later known as Kanuck, seemed healthy and was the first of Kiska’s calves to survive his first year.

He spent some time with Kiska until he was moved to the “warehouse” - an indoor pool devoid of natural sunlight and fresh air. Here, he met his half-sister Neocia, Later on, he met his other half-sister Malik, along with his full brother Nova.

Sometime in 1998, Kanuck died due to traumatic shock.

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Masturbating Laundromat Man Jumps Fences

While I haven’t used a laundromat in awhile, I think most people fall into two camps while there: 1. They see it as a great time to catch up on some reading or 2. They want to stab out their eyeballs from boredom.

Honestly, I was the guy who would put clothes in there and cross my fingers that they were still there when I came back in an hour. I wasn’t going to sit around in there.

Do you know what people do at laundromats with a few screws loose and all that free time?

Tosheen Karon Shawell was arrested because he allegedly exposed himself to a woman and then masturbated in front of her at a Lancaster Laundromat Wednesday morning.

Police responded to the report of a man exposing himself at Charles Laundromat, 425 E. Orange St., at 8:26 a.m.

Officer Derek Kanuck spotted Shawell, 32, who matched the description of the suspect, in the 100 block of Sherman Street. When Kanuck tried to stop Shawell, he took off on foot, jumping fences and running through backyards, police said. SOURCE: Pennlive.com

That guy must have been super bored.

Thankfully, we all now have smartphones so we can spend our downtime catching up on how badly our friend’s moms are misusing memes on Facebook.

Seriously, what did they do at laundromats in the 1980s? Read newspapers? Read travel magazines?

Puhllease. You obviously just would masturbate until your socks were dry.

Those were the days.