I found THE REAL KANKRI giving his opinions on Mituna while tumblring and had to do something to commemorate this joyous occasion.

Note: I wholly agree with people who hate the inaccurate and offensive portrayal of Mituna as an ‘innocent babbu’. And I don’t actually think that Kankri adorns his hive with creepshots of Latula and blogs about how shit Mituna is while crying, even if that would be funny.

I’m not looking for a hero, but a girlfriend would be nice.

I love music based games, mostly because they help me find sum lit ass trax xDDDD
KanTula fics make me sad
Here’s Always by Neo Cartoon Lover. It’s an awesome song, really brings up my mood. Give it an ear or two, yeah?

No but think about Kankri considering masturbation part of his celibacy vow and when he finally has his first orgasm, it’s with his partner, and when he experiences he’s like “holy shit what the fuck was that" and he ends up tackling his partner whenever possible for the next few weeks because because oh my god that was so freaking amazing i have sweeps upon sweeps of celibacy to make up for.


I kind of have this headcanon that around the time Mituna had his accident, Latula was close to becoming (or already was) his matesprit while still having red feelings for Kankri.

But after the incident, she felt guilty and couldn’t bear to leave Mituna alone to cope in his current state and in doing so, she decided to let go of her feelings for Kankri as well. She helps Mituna back up and eventually he picks up on her interests like video games and skateboarding as well as her typing quirk.

This might also lead to Kankri becoming crestfallen and eventually practicing celibacy like he does.