♥ I finally managed to draw something to celebrate 20 years of Pokémon! A little tribute to the games that started it all :) and their gym leaders <3 but expect more Kanto trainers (or NPCs) soon! :D I hope so at least *cough*


Gym Leaders Kanto

カントー地方】初代ジムリーダー&四天王 +おまけ by かふん on Pixiv

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Lt. Surge the lighting american. ‘MERIKA!!!

I love how america is canon in pokemon universe, thought I guess he would be from unova now, huh?



As I’ve already written in the original post (x), I drew the first eight gym leaders to celebrate Pokémon 20th anniversary and I did that with the colours of their cities. Anyway, my first pokémon game ever was yellow, and so- here’s Kanto Gym Leaders with pokémon yellow version (and also standard) color scheme :)