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I always loved the idea of Pokemon Centres as a central hub for all sorts of trainers, and how tranquil the pokemon regions feel at night. 

I’m going to try and get this as a print at some point! Stay tuned!

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Featuring the trainer OCs of @kell0x , @xfangheartx-pmdu and @an-amethyst-moon

Weekly progress #16

It feels like it’s been forever since I made these, but apparently it’s only been like a week and a half at most?? It was a busy week.

Bidoof - Pachirisu - Butterfree - Swirlix - Blissey - Xatu - Natu - Haunter - Gengar - Zoroark

Weekly progress #13!

It hasn’t been a consistent few weeks on this project but it’s been approximately 12 13 weeks worth of Pokemon so that’s where I’m starting the count! :D

Audino - Charizard - Plusle - Minun - Popplio - Primarina - Brionne

Your Cup of Tea [Gladion x Moon]

Chapter 14 ↞ | Chapter 15 | ↠ Soon

Chapter 15: Chai and Chai Again

Pairings: Gladion x Moon

Notes: Chapter 16 will be the last one instead :)

“Champion Moon it’s been two years since you’ve ended your Trial and became the first Champion of Alola. How are you feeling?”

Moon scratches the back of her neck nervously.  “Honestly, I just feel blessed.”

“Champion, it is the people of Alola who should feel blessed.”

The reporter brings up a hand, three digits being held up.

“Within these past years you have defended your title from people in your trial year, the previous year, and 4 years prior to that! You threw a gala that raised money for Pokemon habitat protection! And of course, in collaboration with Aether, you’ve revamped the early trainer summer camp by exposing children to proper Pokemon care and adoption.” The reporter throws a knowing look towards Moon.

“You can’t deny that your efforts haven’t been impactful.”

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